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An introduction To Brand Archetyping: harnessing the power of archetypes to create legendary brands
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An introduction To Brand Archetyping: harnessing the power of archetypes to create legendary brands

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How thinking in terms of archetypal characters and stories can help create potent brands which resonate deeply and form lasting emotional connections ...

How thinking in terms of archetypal characters and stories can help create potent brands which resonate deeply and form lasting emotional connections

(If you would like me to present this or similar to your organisation, please feel free to get in contact)

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  • 1. [ What is your story... An introduction to Brand Archetyping: harnessing the power of archetypes to create legendary brands [Jon Howard] …who is your brand? ]
  • 2. THE KEY QUESTION:Even with a great product, why aremany brands so dull and uninspiring? http://justglasssite.com/glass-pics/glass-bottles-10.jpg
  • 3. “It’s only words, but words are allI have to steal your heart away” (The Bee Gees) http://www.seebyseeing.net/s/1-by-the-bee-gees
  • 4. Tasty Versatile Healthy ConvenientOften uninspiring, always open to misinterpretation,easily interchangeable and generally taken from thesame dictionary as our competitors http://www.flickr.com/photos/alittlesparc/6110493314/
  • 5. But complex, emotive concepts are difficult to capture verbally The Grand Canyon: big, deep, brown, rocky http://www.edupics.com/photo-grand-canyon-i8982.html
  • 6. An alternative approachOr why there is power inthinking of brands as stories http://heartoftheschool.edublogs.org/files/2011/11/boy-reading-vxvaji.jpg
  • 7. From camp fire to water cooler, story hasalways been central to what makes us human It is how we understand the world, explain our place in it and communicate this to others http://www.daniel-wong.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/campfire.jpg
  • 8. Every conversation is both a story weare telling and a story we are part of http://www.flickr.com/photos/bourke/2825741887/
  • 9. The things we buy, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, what we eat and drink, our chosen career, are all vital components of the story we are telling about ourselveshttp://www.investorschronicle.co.uk/2011/09/21/shares/news-and-analysis/supermarkets-on-special-offer-IAm8aNIk7NttooFpgg0oAN/article.html
  • 10. A story we tell to give voice to theemotions which drive us: our hopesand fears, dreams and desires
  • 11. Freud and Jung saw humanity’s needs andmotivations as universal and eternal archetypes,transcending culture, geography and time http://historicalwallpapers.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/carl-jung-1875-1961.html
  • 12. Why some stories and charactersresonate so powerfully and repeat sofrequently: they are archetypalmanifestations of our common needs
  • 13. The Hero’s Journey is our own journey http://www.109.dk/nickchanger/uploads/images/original/the-hero-with-a-thousand-faces.jpg
  • 14. In 1893, nearly 400 differentversions of the Cinderellastory were identified fromaround the world (Marian Roalfe Cox)
  • 15. Connection at a primal level:it could be someone like you
  • 16. Explains our love ofstar-crossed lovers
  • 17. Fated but possibly doomed relationships have an emotional power that can be exploited…(a connection with someone we all want…but fear losing)
  • 18. So building potent brands is notjust about having good storytellers (though it always helps!) http://uniballblog.com/2011/10/steve-jobs-follow-your-heart/
  • 19. It’s about being a great story(ideally one built on archetypal foundations) http://www.flickr.com/photos/12905355@N05/6629255509/
  • 20. “A brand is a metaphorical story that connects with somethingvery deep – a fundamental human appreciation of mythology.Companies that manifest this sensibility…invoke somethingvery powerful” (Scott Bedbury, ex-head of marketing at Nike and Starbucks)
  • 21. Archetypal stories are a language On our side againstwe all instinctively understand the powers that be
  • 22. They help us tell our own story moreeffectively (to others and to ourselves) “What we sell is the ability for a 43 year old accountant to dress in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him” (Harley Davidson marketing exec - apocryphal) http://acontinuouslean.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/life_hells_angels_044.jpg
  • 23. They are a tonal and …and a blueprint for thestylistic palette… experience to be lived out
  • 24. They are an easy to follow roadmap for every aspectof the brand, how it behaves and what it does http://hedvigmurray.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/img_0010.jpg
  • 25. They help make sense of complexity and contradictionevolving over time without losing the plot http://www.carsbase.com/photo/Caterpillar-793_mp330_pic_60094.jpg
  • 26. They provide a narrative framework that frees your story to be retoldBrand management=direction, curationand orchestration http://murphyod.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/whisper.jpg
  • 27. And they create something uniquely yours,because only you can tell your story http://www.stylepark.com/db-images/cms/article/img/v283170_958_992_800-1.jpg
  • 28. Remembering that if you have a story, tell it:dont invent a new one (it will be less compelling) http://inside.nike.com/blogs/nikerunning_news-en_US/2009/06/01/who-was-bill-bowerman
  • 29. http://www.flickr.com/photos/manusarubbi/6831687227/
  • 30. So what are your stories andwho are your brands? There is now a way to find out…
  • 31. A MAP TO FOLLOW: Brand Mythology™Brand Archetyping™ Brand Composition™ Brand Ritualisaton™
  • 32. Helping you ‘author’ compelling, brand defining stories Stories that deliver genuine and lasting engagement because they are built on archetypal foundations which resonate powerfully with people’s emotions enabling them to tell their own story more effectively http://edgeoftheframe.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/oscar_final_predictions_2012.jpg
  • 33. Any story is only as good as its lead character, so at the heartof Brand Archetyping is the search to find out who you are Analysis suggests there are twelve character types and seven plots that consistently recur in stories: the basis for discussing and defining brand character http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/1/14/Got_A_Bad_feeling.jpg
  • 34. Ruler Caregiver Creator _ÉäxÜ InnocentJester GuideEveryman Explorer Outlaw Champion Magician
  • 35. What the process looks like Ruler Archetype Assessor™ Caregiver Creator (key brand stakeholders rate a brand’s promise to indicate its character) _ÉäxÜ Innocent Guide WORKS AS A STANDALONEJester EXERCISE OR AS INPUT INTO… Everyman Explorer Brand Archetyping™ Outlaw Champion (one day workshop deep dives into a Magician brand’s character and the story it is part of)
  • 36. TOP 10 PROMISE STATEMENT ARCHETYPEConcern for your happiness and wellbeing CaregiverAttention to the details that make something special RulerA more varied and fulfilling life ExplorerTo ensure you are comfortable and contented CaregiverA sense of community and rootedness EverymanTo look after your every need CaregiverA voyage of self discovery ExplorerTo make sure everything is just right for you CaregiverThe best available so it won’t let you down RulerTo make your dreams come true Magician (holiday brand)
  • 37. Archetype Map Ruler Caregiver Creator _ÉäxÜ Innocent 1.3 1.9 2.5 1.3 Jester 7.5 0.0 3.1 Guide 3.1 1.3 8.1 Everyman 5.0 Explorer 8.8 Outlaw Champion Magician (media brand)
  • 38. Archetype Spectrum0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 11 17 0 0 5 9 18 17 3 12 0 9 INNOCENT EVERYMAN CAREGIVER CHAMPION EXPLORER LOVER CREATOR OUTLAW MAGICIAN RULER GUIDE JESTER (spirit brand)
  • 39. Archetype Drivers Certainty Enlightenment 2.5 5.0 Responsibility 2.8 Power 3.4 Experience 4.1 Authenticity 7.5 (clothing brand)
  • 40. Archetype Need Hierarchy 100% Power & Enlightenment Experience & Authenticity Certainty & Responsibility 80% 31.7 60% 15.9 40% 52.4 20% 0% (petcare brand)
  • 41. Archetype Polarity ORDER 1.3 6.9 OUTER INNER 2.9 2.7 CHANGE (confectionary brand)
  • 42. An opportunity to explore the nuances of your character Some final thoughts on bringing the archetypes to life Magician
  • 43. …to embrace the texture and tension that define them Caregiver ChampionSage Jester Magician The most potent stories and characters have edges, margins and grey areas
  • 44. A story of authenticity in two dimensions (Creator & Outlaw):Hand crafted in Lynchburg to be drunk by hardcore rockers http://wallpaperswide.com/jack_daniels-wallpapers.html
  • 45. …to look for differentiation beyond the generics Miss Marple is the ‘archetypal’ granny detective (Innocent + Guide), but it’s the hint of Jester and even Outlaw that makes her distinctive http://interactive.wxxi.org/files/images/highlights/Marple_0.JPG
  • 46. Body Shop: a generic Lover but also a fighter(it’s the Champion which defines the brand)
  • 47. …to consider how brand and consumer stories interact ‘rags to riches’Harrison (the brand) uses The same story ‘promise’ as his power as Ruler and X Factor and the same role Magician to transform in it as Simon CowellHepburn (the consumer)
  • 48. Where the brand fits into the 7 archetypal storylines… Hero’s Journey people are on OrdinaryOvercoming the Monster WorldRags to Riches Call toThe Quest Mentors Adventure GuardiansVoyage & ReturnComedy Allies Enemies OrdealTragedyRebirth Reward…and we can experience thesame plots in our own lives Resurrection and Return
  • 49. …and how to integrate this within execution SITUATIONS Birth, death, rebirth SYMBOLS Circle, triangle NATURE Sun, moon, wind, fire, flood, lion, dove COLOURS Green, red, white PLACES Paradise, heaven, the cave (create an archetypal world for your brand to live in)
  • 50. BRANDING DEVICE METAPHOR OF “Put a tiger inFUNCTIONAL BENEFIT your tank”MEANING IN (CHINESE) Courage and MYTHOLOGY bravery Sometimes you are saying things without even realising it
  • 51. Archetype Wheel ARCHETYPE CORE: Magician SECONDARY: Enriching Innocent Transforming Solution-focused PERSONIFICATION Imaginative BEHAVIOUR Authoritative Practical Surprising Transforms the every day into something wonderful ROLE (condiment brand)
  • 52. And remember: like actual stories, the mostinteresting brands are in constant scriptdevelopment not carved in tablets of stone http://www.flickr.com/photos/manusarubbi/6831687227/
  • 53. (or a new beginning ?)