London Life BBC Report on London Chocolate Week


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London Life BBC Report on London Chocolate Week

  1. 1. BBC Learning EnglishLondon LifeLondon Chocolate WeekYvonne: Hello, Im Yvonne Archer and this is London Life from! Now dont get me wrong, chocolates great but I seem to be one of the few people who can live without it. Here are some of the reactions I got about the news of London Chocolate Week. It seems that chocolate may be magical – so try to catch the special chocolate term that one person uses to describe herself and her family!INSERTOh I think thats a great idea to have a chocolate week – ooh thats very nice! I mean I likechocolate, I dont absolutely adore it but I do, I have to say Im very fond of it.I do like chocolate, I could say I love chocolate.Oh I love chocolate, especially very, very dark chocolate – very expensive chocolate – I loveit. I come from a family of chocoholics.Yvonne: Caths from a family of chocoholics – a whole family of people who are addicted to chocolate! So they must have it – and they really can’t do without it. Cath enjoys very, very dark chocolate – so chocolate thats made with lots of cocoa and that reminded me how much I enjoy the odd bit of white chocolate… chocolate with just a little bit of cocoa. So whats Nualas reaction to that?NualaOoh no, oooh - I hate white chocolate. Ooh, it just gives me the creeps. No, I have to lick myteeth just to get the taste away.London Life © BBC Learning English Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Yvonne: No white chocolate for Nualas birthday then! She hates it so much that it gives her the creeps – it gives her a very unpleasant feeling when its in her mouth. Nuala says she has to ‘lick her teeth’ after eating white chocolate – rub her tongue over her teeth to take the taste away as quickly as possible. Oh well, more for me then! Mark du Market, a chocolatier – a chocolate maker – explains what he thinks are the best chocolates. Listen out for how theyre made and for a very special ingredient that cant be grown or bought…INSERT - Mark du MarketI would say its the hand-made chocolate using the best beans and ask your chocolatiers,where do you source your chocolates from? You dont just want to look at the percentage; youwant to see that the beans are of good quality and that theres passion behind it.Yvonne: Mark thinks that the best chocolates are made by hand rather than by a machine. He says we should ask our chocolatiers where the cocoa beans come from – as he put, where they source the beans – as well as how much is used in the chocolate. So, is there a high percentage of cocoa in the chocolate? But did you also notice that Mark says there should be passion behind making chocolates? So the best chocolates are made by people who love making them. The ancient Aztecs from South America discovered chocolate and thought of the cocoa tree as a source of wealth and strength. They used the beans like money but also crushed them and mixed them with spices to make a type of bitter- tasting hot chocolate drink. So it was very different to the sweet hot chocolate that we enjoy today.London Life © BBC Learning English Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. But thats history and London Chocolate Week is all about whats new in the world of chocolate. So have our friends made any recent discoveries? Try to catch the different types of chocolate they mention:INSERTMy favourites I think are orange dark chocolate and I also really like butterscotch chocolate.Pepper and chocolate – wonderful combination – delicious. Cadmium tastes really nice,lavender tastes very good, rosemary, thyme, oregano…I think organic chocolate is something thats quite new and that seems to be very delicious.Yvonne: Well, as delicious as organic, fruity or even herb flavoured chocolates are, people still feel as though they shouldnt eat it? Try to catch the three main reasons why…INSERT:Chocolate is not very good to me. Not only does it make me put on weight and is bad for myteeth but it also, and believe it or not and Im a man in my 50s - but I still get spots when I eatchocolate.Well I suppose because its fattening and I suppose people do say its quite good for you. Theysay its good for the heart and good for the blood but I suppose I do still have in the back ofmy mind that its a bit too indulgent and I shouldnt really be doing it.Yvonne: Do you also find chocolate too indulgent – its so enjoyable that you sometimes you eat more of it than is good for you? And did you catch the three main reasons why Kaz and Cath try not to eat too much chocolate? We heard how it makes them put on weight - its fattening. We also heard how its bad for our teeth – because chocolate is made with lots of sugar. And poor Kaz says that chocolate still gives him spots – something that mainly young people get! But somehow, I doubt that Kaz or Cath will ever stop eating their beloved chocolate.London Life © BBC Learning English Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. So heres some good news: there are scientific reports which say that eating chocolate is good for the heart and that the husk of the beans – that’s the shell that covers each bean - might be good for cleaning our teeth!London Life © BBC Learning English Page 4 of 4