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Introductory slides from a workshop I held for Rowan students. Audio of the talk is available at: http://njgeo.org/presentations/portfolio-workshop/

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  • Portfolio Workshop

    1. 1. Portfolio workshop
    2. 2. So, What’s Next?
    3. 3. So, what’s Next?• Your diploma alone itself is not enough.• Unemployment is high, meaning you willbe competing for entry level jobs againstwith those with job experience.• Employers want to know that you areworth their investment.• How do you get the interview, and then thejob?
    4. 4. Feedback from Professionals• “If you white out the names, all theresumes end up looking the same.”• “I need someone that doesn’t need theirhand held the entire time.”• “We assume recent college grads aregoing to need training anyway.”• “I need someone with experience.”
    5. 5. Where do you stand?• Have you had an internship recently?• Have you worked on a project that couldbenefit the public?• Have you attended professionalorganizations or other meetings?• Can you speak for 5 uninterrupted minutesabout your professional passion?
    6. 6. What is a portfolio?
    7. 7. What is a portfolio?• A portfolio is your method of proving whatyou claim on your resume.• Shows competency in your specific set ofpractical or technical skills.• Proof of your presentation skills.• Proof of your writing skills.• Displays your growth as a professional.
    8. 8. What is a portfolio?• Include materials from your courses hereat Rowan.• You may need to write up your experienceto include in the portfolio.• Keep a digital copy as a PDF.• Develop a web page for yourself.• Keep it up to date, even after you get thejob.
    9. 9. Bringing it together.
    10. 10. Bringing it together.• Consider including major assignments,final presentations, reports and maps.• Have at least one strong writing sample.• Include a narrative statement to go witheach item in your portfolio.• Include the uncommon; volunteer work,unpaid or pet projects, etc.
    11. 11. Bringing it together.• Get organized.• Triage. No one is going to look at all ofyour material.• Keep the hard copy tidy and neat.• Have a digital copy for distribution andkeep your originals safe.
    12. 12. Bringing it together.• Get your materials into PDF form.– Acrobat.com, PDF Toolkit, Ghostscript, …• Video can be posted to YouTube, Vimeo.• Audio can be posted on SoundCloud.• Need to share those files? DropBox.• Plenty of free tools for developing anonline portfolio; just invest the time.
    13. 13. Your Presence.
    14. 14. Your online presence.
    15. 15. Your online presence.• Is your portfolio the first thing employersare going to find when searching yourname?• Keep your social media accounts in order.Have you changed your privacy settings?• Use social networking for professionals.– LinkedIn, About.me, and others.
    16. 16. Networking.
    17. 17. Networking.• Attend professional organization meetings.• Education doesn’t stop here: professionaldevelopment.• Opportunities to learn and to network.• You cannot afford to be unknown.
    18. 18. Networking.• Find meetings relevant to your field.• Bring your portfolio and resume.• Introduce yourself and don’t sit with peopleyou know.• Offer to show your resume, but don’t forceit upon people or walk around with it inhand.
    19. 19. you are part of thepackage.
    20. 20. You are part of the package.• Dress appropriately.• Be on time. Arrive early and wait.• Now is not the time to assert yourindividuality.• Ask a friend to hold a practice interview.• Have materials in hard copy and digital.• Remember, employers are looking at youas an investment. Invest in yourself.
    21. 21. For More Info• These slides and links to other resourceswill be available on my web page:http://njgeo.org/portfolio-workshop/