Farm Animals on Parade
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Farm Animals on Parade



second grade project

second grade project



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Farm Animals on Parade Farm Animals on Parade Presentation Transcript

  • Farm Animals on Parade
    Mrs. Hood’s
    Second Grade Class
    Woodward North
  • Cows
    Nick Adam Cameron N. Madeline
  • Adult Cows
    Cows can weigh 1,000-1,200lbs.
    A male is called a bull and a female is called a cow
    It lives for 25 years
    It eats corn, hay, grass, and wheat
    They eat 40lbs. a day
    They eat3 times a day
  • Cow’s Babies
    T he baby is born alive
    The name for the baby is a calf
    The mother gives birth to a calf one at a time
    The mother gives birth to a calf one time a year
    T he mother takes care of the calf 2-3 years
  • Other Interesting Facts
    Female cows can digest their nitrogen in their urine
    Cows have 4 stomachs
    Cows can chew their cud for 6-8 hrs.
  • Products
    Milk , hamburger meat ,rugs.
    Blankets to keep warm in the winter.
    Horns to sell.
  • Goats
    Michael, Cameron H., Sameer, and Emily
  • Adult Goats
    Does weigh between 125 to 200 Lbs
    Bucks weigh between 200 to 300 lbs
    Adult males are called bucks or Billy's
    Adult females are called does or a nanny's
    They live 10 to 12 years , but can live as long as 30 years
    They eat grass, herbs, tree leaves , grain, and other plant material
    An adult eats about 7 lbs of food each day
    Adult goats can be fed once or twice a day.
  • Baby Goats
    The baby goat is born alive
    It is called a kid
    1-2 babies born at a time
    1-2 babies are born a year
    The kid drinks milk
    Mother takes care by feeding it milk, protecting it, and it stays for with its mother for about 1 year
    Goats are closely related to sheep
    Goats can live on hills and in hot places.
    There are about 600 different kinds of goats.
    Both male and female wild goats have beards and pointed black horns.
    Goats have 4 stomachs
  • Products
    Cheese, meat, milk, and yogurt come from goats.
    People eat the products that goats produce.
  • Sheep
    Ananya, Harish, Robert, Siddu
  • Adult Animals
    Weigh 100-225 pounds 100-350 pounds male
    Ewe female, male Ram
    Average age for a sheep ten to twelve years of age
    Sheep eat grass, clover, forbs, and other pasture plants
    Sheep eat 6-8 pounds a day
    Sheep eat for 5-10 hours a day
  • Baby Sheep
    Baby born alive
    Name for baby is lamb
    Baby name ram male , ewe female
    Born each time -1.5
    Times born -1 year
    Eats milk and grass
    Mother takes care of lamb for 1.5 years and lambs follow their mother
  • Other interesting facts
    800 breeds
    Largest is the argali
    800 breeds
  • Product
    • Get milk
    • Get wool
    • Use clothes
    • Get cheese
  • Chickens
    Darius, Rahul, Shreya, Aanjan
  • Adult Chicken
    The weight of an adult chicken is 8 to 10 pounds
    A female chicken is called a Cluck-Cluck or Hen
    A male chicken is called a Rooster
    A chicken lives for 10 to 15 years
    They eat seeds, worms, insects, grains, and snails
  • Chicken Babies
    The baby chickens are called chicks
    Baby chickens hatch from eggs
    The mother chicken give birth to 250 eggs a year
    The mother chicken takes care of the chick for 1 to 3 months
    The chick eat whatever their mother gives them
    • Interesting facts
    Chickens enemies are hawks, bobcats, snakes , skunks, owls , raccoons , and foxes.
    The gizzard is the part that helps the chicken grind it’s food.
    The father (Rooster) makes a crowing sound that sounds like Cock-a-doodle-doo.
    There are 175 varieties of chickens.
    A hen lays a average of 300 eggs per year.
    A chick takes about 21 days to hatch.
  • Products
    Chicken fingers and chicken nuggets and eggs come from a chicken.
    People use the products for eating.
    Chicken feathers are used for pillows.