Developing for Mobile: Tools, Tips, and Deployment Options
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Developing for Mobile: Tools, Tips, and Deployment Options



"Developing for Mobile: Tools, Tips, and Deployment Options" for Training Magazine Learning 3.0 Conference in Chicago October 3-5, 2011

"Developing for Mobile: Tools, Tips, and Deployment Options" for Training Magazine Learning 3.0 Conference in Chicago October 3-5, 2011



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Developing for Mobile: Tools, Tips, and Deployment Options Developing for Mobile: Tools, Tips, and Deployment Options Presentation Transcript

  • Developing for Mobile: Tools, Tips, and Deployment Options Jason Haag Mobile Learning Research Analyst The Tolliver Group, Inc.
  • Stages of Human Evolution… Are We Evolving ? 2  
  • Scientists Suggest… Our fingertips are changing! 3  
  • Or Is It A Sign? Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse! 4  
  • 5  
  • ADL Mobile Learning Team Judy Brown and Jason Haag 6  
  • Mobile Me… Since 2003 7  
  • 8  
  • ADL Mobile Learning DefinitionADL defines mobile learning as theuse of handheld or wearablecomputing devices to provide accessto learning content and informationresources. 9  
  • Five Moments of Learning Needs •  When learning for the first time •  When wanting to learn more •  When trying to remember •  When things change •  When something goes wrong Dr. Conrad Gottfredson Which One Is Most Appropriate for Mobile? 10  
  • Five Moments of Learning Needs •  When learning for the first time •  When wanting to learn more Learn   •  When trying to remember •  When things change Perform   •  When something goes wrong 11  
  • Much More Than Courses… EvaluaFon   rning   Contextualized  lea on   Field  guide   Quiz   Poll   Just-­‐in-­‐Fme  LocaF   c specifi   Review/remember   Micro  learning Feedback   Modules,     Video  recordings   Alerts   Survey   Geo-­‐blogging   Courses,     Note  taking   Fon   What  Else?   Tr anscrip Test   ings   Assdio  record d  acce u   n  On-­‐deman Geo-­‐exploraFo Reminders   Capture/share/document   ReporFng   Reference   Procedure s   Updates   Conferencing   Game-­‐based  learning   on   SimulaF toring OrganizaFon   Coaching/men list   Job  aid/check   Assignmen ts   TranslaFon Augmented  reality     Decision  support   PresentaFons   E-­‐books   Mobile Learning Opportunities! 12  
  • “Think Outside the Course” Judy Brown 13  
  • 14  
  • 15  
  • ADL’s Mobile Learning Handbook We are also working with TSWG Combating Terrorism on conductingMarket research on companies that offer mobile learning products. Want to participate? Want to be added? Contact Us: 16  
  • ADL Mobile Learning Guide: Mobile Web Deployment or (mirror) 17  
  • Native App Distribution iTunes  App  Store   Android Market & iPhone App Store 18  
  • App Store Deployment iTunes  App  Store 19  
  • ADL Mobile Learning Guide •  Graphics editor (Fireworks) •  HTML editor (Dreamweaver CS 5.5) –  jQuery Mobile Framework (for mobile content creation) •  PhoneGap Framework (open source - for native app packaging & deployment) •  Books –  Programming the Mobile Web , Maximiliano Firtman –  Mobile Design and Development , Brian Fling –  HTML5: Up and Running , Mark Pilgrim How Did We Do It? 20  
  • 21  
  • 22  
  • 23  
  • Mobile Apps Must Die! “Native Apps Are Becoming Too Much To Organize & Maintain” Is Value > Pain ? - Scott Jenson, @scottjenson 24  
  • I’m a PC…I’m a Mac Yeah…whatever  25   25
  • I’m a Native App…I’m a Web App What’s the Difference? 26   Source:    Global  Intelligence  Alliance   26
  • The Wrong QuestionThe question is no longer, “Which do we develop for, native or mobile web?” but... 27  
  • The Right Question“How do we develop solutions to handle both mobile web & native now as well as the devices of the future?” - Dave Olsen, @dmolsen 28  
  • You Need A… Dave Olsen, @dmolsen 29  
  • Native App SDKs = Develop for Many Platforms •  Symbian OS from the Symbian Foundation •  BlackBerry OS from RIM •  iOS from Apple •  Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft •  Android from Google •  WebOS from HP •  Bada from Samsung •  MeeGo from Nokia and Intel Must Support Several Platforms & No Browsers 30  
  • Emulators Anyone? 31  
  • Quick Alternatives…•  SwebApps •  TapLynx •  AppIncubator •  Appanda •  Kanchoo •  AppMakr •  AppBreeder • •  MyAppBuilder •  Appswell •  BuildAnApp •  UNITYMobile •  eBookApp •  And many others… •  GameSalad •  MobileRoadie •  MobBase Do-It-Yourself Toolkits32  
  • Do-It-Yourself Toolkits No Coding Required, BUT…33  
  • Why the Mobile Web? 1  out  of  every  5  people  by  2013   34  
  • Mobile App Development Balancing Views35  
  • Deployment Options Support Native Only… or Web & Native? 36  
  • Standards•  W3C Standards for Web Apps on Mobile (Feb 2011) – –  Current Status: The Web is an App Platform! 37  
  • “Not  every  mobile  device  will  have  your  app  on  it,  but  every  mobile  device  will  have  a  browser.”   -­‐  Jason  Grigsby,  @grigs   38  
  • Web App Stores…Mozilla’s Open Web App Store (2010) • Open App Market (2010) • Chrome Web Store (2010) • GetJar HTML5 Mobile Web App Store • Opera Mobile Web App Store (2011) • Open Space (Under Development) • On the Rise 39  
  • Mobile Web App Frameworks •  Developed using Web Standards (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) –  Each framework usually consists of these file types and some additional images, templates •  Can be hosted on a web server – OR – packaged as Native App (using PhoneGap or other Solution) 40  
  • History Repeats Itself! Don’t Just Target Webkit Browsers!41  
  • Mobile Web App Frameworks •  HTML, CSS, JavaScript Only –  iWebkit –  JQTouch (JQuery Touch) –  iUI (iPhone User Interface) –  jQuery Mobile (Uses Progressive Enhancement) •  HTML, CSS, JavaScript + Native App Publishing –  Rhodes & RhoHub –  Sencha Touch JavaScript Framework –  Titanium Appcelerator •  Native App Packaging for HTML Content –  PhoneGap 42  
  • Mobile Web App Frameworks 43  
  • Mobile Web Frameworks in Higher Ed • • • • Support Both Native and Mobile Web 44  
  • Report from MOLE (March 2011) 45  
  • Device Detection•  WURFL -  Protects from transcoders -  Java & PHP APIs & XML focused on accurate detection of mobile device capabilities - •  Terra-WURFL -  PHP API & MySQL focused on high-performance detection of mobile devices -  Can detect over 45,000 UAs - •  Device Atlas – Mobile Device Database & API -  Developed by dotMobi in February 2008 -  Comprehensive data on over 6,000 devices - • – Detects Mobile Browser User Agents -  PHP-based (server-side) -  Supports: iPhone, iPad, Android, Opera Mini, Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobiles, Low End Mobiles, Desktop Redirect URL If You Can’t Create and Must Convert…46  
  • Content Adaptation aka “Device Detection”   Used for XHTML/ CSS for basic version   Used iWebkit HTML5 & CSS for advanced version   Used device detection h^p://   Maintenance Nightmare! 47  
  • Feature Detection Is A Better Approach JavaScript Library: 48  
  • The Peanut M&M AnalogyThe Chocolaty Layers of Progressive Enhancement Progressive Enhancement = Mobile First 49  
  • Mobile First Strategy Naturally Improves Information Achitecture 50  
  • HTML5 Responsive Design The Boston Globe (Desktop Browser) 51  
  • HTML5 Responsive Design The Boston Globe (Tablet Browser) 52  
  • HTML5 Responsive Design: CSS Media Queries The Boston Globe (Mobile Browser) 53  
  • jQuery Mobile 54  
  • Dreamweaver CS5.5 “Mobile Starters” Samples Included! 55  
  • EASY HTML!<body><!-- Start of first page --><div data-role="page" id="foo”><div data-role="header"><h1>Foo</h1></div><!-- /header --><div data-role="content"><p>Im first in the source order so Im shown as the page.</p><p>View internal page called <a href="#bar">bar</a></p></div><!-- /content --><div data-role="footer"><h4>Page Footer</h4> </div><!-- /footer --></div><!-- /page --> Header, Content Body, Footer 56  
  • 57  
  • Next StepsMaintenance & Updates –  Contextual updates –  Framework updates –  Search functionality –  More App Store Distribution •  Windows Phone •  BlackBerry •  Open Web App Stores Mobile Learning Guide (App) 58  
  • jQuery Mobile + PhoneGap = Write Once, Deploy to Multiple Platforms 59  
  • Where’s the Gap? To the Cloud! 60  
  • Mobile Lessons Learned•  An emulator is not always consistent with the actual device •  Limited support for Flash today (Adobe working HTML5) •  Poor / inconsistent support for pop-up windows and framesets •  Video Compatibility -  Varying formats supported -  Video fragmentation issues with Android 61  
  • Mobile Video Formats RIM Apple Microsoft Google Nokia Palm BBOS iPhone OS Win Mobile Android Symbian Palm OSMP4 / 3GP M4V / MP4 WMV / 3GP MP4 / SWF MP4 / WMV MP4 / H263files (wide) files files files files Credit: OnPoint Digital 62  
  • Mobile Lessons Learned•  Create. Don’t convert! •  Scope: You can support all device types. Narrow the scope and focus on consistent user experience •  Mobile first approach: potential for both a desktop and mobile deliverable from single code base •  SCORM on mobile browsers works, but provides a poor user experience –  What level of tracking is actually needed? Bookmarking, completion, assessment, etc. •  Mobile Apps can be developed using HTML5 and support multiple platforms (both native and web) 63  
  • Don’t Get Hung Up on Platforms!Think About: Requirements, Content, and User Experience I’m at Native App… I’m a Web App… I’m a Hybrid App…So What! Credit: OnPoint Digital 64  
  • Developing for Mobile Is Tough! a balancing act… 65  
  • Resources 66  
  • Resources 67  
  • Other Resources – What I’m Reading •  Beginning Building Mobile Application Development in the Cloud (November 2011) By Richard Rodger •  Head First Mobile Web (December 2011) By Lyza Danger Gardner and Jason Grigsby •  jQuery Mobile: Up and Running, 1st Edition (July 2011) By Maximiliano Firtman •  Programming HTML5 Applications (May 2011)By Zachary Kessin •  Designing mLearning (February 2011) By Clark Quinn New and Upcoming Books on Mobile! 68  
  • Homo Textus…Don’t Text and Drive! You Know Who You Are! 69  
  • Don’t Text and Fly! 2011! Happy Halloween  70  
  • More Photo Credits• • • • • 71  
  • Questions / Discussion Jason Haag Mobile Learning Research Analyst   Twi^er:  @J_Haag,  @ADLmobile   h^p://   Let’s Connect! 72