Meetup Eventful Volunteers March 11


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March 11th presentation at Denver/Boulder Startup and Founder Meetup

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Meetup Eventful Volunteers March 11

  1. 1. e entful! Volunteers Eventful! Volunteers Bringing Active People Together to Help Event-ful: Having great meaning or lasting effect, having important results or consequences, momentous
  2. 2. Jean McAuliffe - Founder Extensive experience with software start-ups  Active in running and bicycling events  Founder and past leader of Boulder High FIRST-  For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology Sometime community volunteer 
  3. 3. Barriers to Volunteering 79% didn't want a regular schedule  70% said they have no time  68% said they haven't been asked  Sept 8, 2008 AARP report
  4. 4. Eventful! Volunteers- Unique Idea Find a new source of volunteers that want to give  more, but are challenged to find the time Go to where the people are  − Personal Endurance activities – running, biking, triathlons − Professional business activities such as conferences − Bring people together in technology to help non-profits (GiveCamp, Agile Learn-athons, etc)
  5. 5. Be A Self-Supporting Nonprofit Don't take away from existing nonprofit donation  pool Apply for-profit model of generating revenue  − Registrations – additional $/person to sign up for endurance and conferences − Companies - small charge per employee - $10 (tax deductible) per year for Software-As-A-Service Count Me In Portal for tracking volunteer hours
  6. 6. Example – Moab Half-Marathon Endurance Event – March 20 Expo Sign up on a Facebook Event page  3 activities to choose from  − Moab Multicultural Center – office help − Youth Garden Project – help out with Pasta dinner − Help pick up trash/recyclables along creek Next year – sign up will be on race registration  form
  7. 7. Specific Needs for Business Need a partner who shares passion for  volunteerism and ability to help get this off the ground Need other people to help execute – web  application development, working with nonprofits to arrange projects, working with race and conference managers, and companies
  8. 8. Other Immediate Need- GiveCamp Event July 2nd 5pm – July 4th 4pm – Give-cation  − Weekend long event for software developers, designers, DBA's to donate their time to create custom software for non-profits − Need people to help organize − − eid=66483123872
  9. 9. Get More Information My Blog  LinkedIn: Eventful! Volunteers Group  Facebook: Eventful! Volunteers Group – 2 Events  currently (Moab and GiveCamp) Follow me on Twitter: @jmcauliffe  Email: 
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