The Future Of Work

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An educational presentation that explores how technology is changing the way people work together. Learn more at …

An educational presentation that explores how technology is changing the way people work together. Learn more at

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  • 1. Consider this…
  • 2. Ten years ago there were no social networks.
  • 3. Ten years before that we didn't have the Web. 
  • 4. If you work in the web programming, online marketing, or mobile phone industries…
  • 5. xist te no . d id ago ob ars r j ye ou ty y n tw e
  • 6. Who knows what jobs will exist twenty years from now?
  • 7. The people out of work today will soon find jobs again.
  • 8. The people out of work today will soon find jobs again.
  • 9. What is the FUTURE OF WORK?
  • 10. The future of work is… TRANSPARENT
  • 11. No one is going to just take your word for it.
  • 12. In the past, productivity was di cult (if not impossible) to measure.
  • 13. Business wasted millions of dollars every year paying for employee downtime.
  • 14. Now, time and task tracking tools are revolutionizing productivity measurement.
  • 15. Each employee’s work can be directly tied to the bottom line.
  • 16. The more productively you work, the more money you’ll make.
  • 17. The future of work is… FLAT
  • 18. No one is going to complain about their commute.
  • 19. In real estate the mantra is “Location. Location. Location.”
  • 20. At work the mantra is “Communication. Communication. Communication.”
  • 21. “Work” used to be considered a place.
  • 22. The only options for communication were landline phones or snail mail.
  • 23. Today, project teams use amazing web tools to work together from anywhere in the world.
  • 24. Tools like Skype have made long-distance calling virtually free.
  • 25. The world is now flat.
  • 26. o rganization The world is now flat.
  • 27. Call centers used to be massive o ces built in rural areas or countries like India.
  • 28. In 2004 JetBlue started a revolution, allowing 700 customer service reps to work from home with no central o ce.
  • 29. In the future, location will not matter.
  • 30. The future of work is… COMPETITIVE
  • 31. No one is going to pay you just for having a degree. 
  • 32. rcentage of The pe icans w it h a 29% Amer g e degree is co lle GROWING. 13.1% 15.5% 1990 2000 2007 SOURCE
  • 33. College is the new high school.
  • 34. And informal education is more accessible than ever.
  • 35. posts courses online for FREE from top universities like Stanford & MIT.
  • 36. There’s no longer an excuse not to know how.
  • 37. Competition for jobs is no longer limited to where you live.
  • 38. It is commonplace to hire vendors and contractors from across the planet.
  • 39. One in four organizations plans to increase spending on outsourcing by 25% or more this year. SOURCE
  • 40. According to interviews with more than 500 executives, the key benefit of outsourcing isn’t saving money…
  • 41.’s innovation. SOURCE
  • 42. In some cases, your competition isn’t even limited to other individuals.
  • 43. “Crowdsource” To split a task into smaller pieces and unleash it to millions of people around the world.
  • 44. Wikipedia’s 13 million articles are all written and maintained by the crowd.
  • 45. Threadless™ finds t-shirt designs to sell from submission and voting by the crowd.
  • 46. Consider ReCAPTCHA™
  • 47. Multiple projects are currently digitizing physical books, but computers can’t always decipher the scanned text.
  • 48. ReCAPTCHA works by presenting people with two words to retype when they go to create a new account The first word verifies on a partner website. that you’re human. The second word is from a scanned book that a computer could not read.
  • 49. Roughly 200 million ReCAPTCHA puzzles are solved each day. 
  • 50. Each one takes about 10 seconds, but in total they amount to over 150,000 hours of work every day.
  • 51. ployed in the To stay em uture place of the f work you ne ed to s tand out.
  • 52. The future of work is… ON DEMAND
  • 53. No one is going to guarantee you a lifetime career.
  • 54. Many businesses are choosing contract relationships over hiring new employees.
  • 55. The word “career” is as outdated as the word “typewriter”.
  • 56. ork le at w emb tea ms res s. ct oje nning t o am Pr gi ion te are be du ct vie pro mo
  • 57. Independent individuals with unique talents get together to work on a company’s project.
  • 58. At the end, they all go their separate ways. They might work together again in the future. They might not.
  • 59. “Virtual Teams” A group of individuals who work across time, space, and organizational boundaries using collaboration technology.
  • 60. In 2006, more than 28 million Americans worked in a virtual team at least one day per month. SOURCE
  • 61. By 2010, that number will grow to over 100 Million. SOURCE
  • 62. Although home is still the most common location, millions of virtual team members work from just about anywhere.
  • 63. It’s a whole new paradigm.
  • 64. So why should you consider this?
  • 65. Because in the future of work… Transparent Flat Competitive On Demand
  • 66. Individuals will have more freedom and power than ever before.
  • 67. Your earning potential will be based on merit, not location.
  • 68. Employers will have access to a larger and more skilled workforce.
  • 69. Because, the future of work is… YOU
  • 70. Changing How the World Works.
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