The Blue Planet Group


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A vision presentation designed to introduce The Blue Planet Group and the work they do.

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The Blue Planet Group

  1. 1. In 1990 a NASA spacecraft at the edge of our solar system: took this photograph:
  2. 2. See the one pixel shining brigh ter than the others?
  3. 3. That little pixel is the planet Earth. That’s here. That’s home.
  4. 4. That’s us.
  5. 5. Every person you have ever heard of lived their entire life on that little pixel.
  6. 6. In the greatest sense, we are all neighbors.
  7. 7. Lately times have been tough in the neighborhood.
  8. 8. Our climate is changing…
  9. 9. Plants and animals are being forced from their habitats…
  10. 10. The number of severe storms and droughts is increasing every year…
  11. 11. Even the economy has been in the gutter.
  12. 12. Thankfully, it’s time for some good news.
  13. 13. There’s a lot we are doing, and can do to keep our planet a place we enjoy.
  14. 14. The economy is beginning to heal.
  15. 15. As it does, a new approach to business is becoming necessary for success.
  16. 16. A sustainable approach that balances: People Planet Profit
  17. 17. Less resources Less energy Less waste
  18. 18. More innovation More technology More alternatives
  19. 19. It's the whole-planet approach and it's the future of success.
  20. 20. With a whole-planet approach you do more than sell a product.
  21. 21. You tell a story.
  22. 22. A story of a product that’s simple and inexpensive to buy, and also helps the world.
  23. 23. A story your customers can feel good about.
  24. 24. While 95% of shoppers are willing to buy sustainable products, less than 20% actually do. (Deloitte)
  25. 25. Why?
  26. 26. Because sustainable products are expensive and hard to find.
  27. 27. What if that could change?
  28. 28. Thousands of companies market “green” products to the 20% already buying them.
  29. 29. Who is reaching everyone else? 
  30. 30. The Market Research
  31. 31. The biggest market opportunity is with shoppers who aren’t locked into their behaviors yet. Greatest  Value Least  Green Most  Green
  32. 32. Shoppers say green characteristics matter most in products they need to buy on a regular basis.
  33. 33. The majority of shoppers would buy green products if they were priced more competitively.
  34. 34. Who will be the one to bridge the gap?
  35. 35. The Blue Planet Group is a team of professionals working to make sustainable attainable.
  36. 36. We started out as: • Merchants • Material scientists • Product engineers • Sales and marketing executives • General managers • International procurement experts
  37. 37. We've ended up concerned parents, neighbors, stewards, mentors wanting to make a real impact in the world.
  38. 38. Our model is to find and grow big ideas through our efficient, sustainable supply chain.
  39. 39. Think of us as the link between the innovative pioneers of sustainability and the ordinary consumer.
  40. 40. We search the world for partners who believe in our vision as much as we do.
  41. 41. Quality, sustainable products without higher costs.
  42. 42. The masses are waiting. (at least 95% of them)
  43. 43. Are you ready?
  44. 44. Presentation design by: