Carefree   Introduction To Second Life
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Carefree Introduction To Second Life

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These are the slides used for the workshop on Introduction to Second Life at the Emerging Technologies Symposium, Carefree AZ, Held by Sloan-C. May 7, 2008

These are the slides used for the workshop on Introduction to Second Life at the Emerging Technologies Symposium, Carefree AZ, Held by Sloan-C. May 7, 2008

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  • 1. Introduction to Second Life John Bourne, David Cillay, Kathleen Ives, RT Brown and Gail Sullivan
  • 2. Today
    • Remarks about Second Life – Bourne/Cillay
    • Teaching courses in SL
      • Trying out at your table giving a presentation in SL
    • What SL can do for your institution
    • What you will hear at this conference about Second Life
    • The scavenger hunt
  • 3. Second Life
    • A virtual world
    • “ Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its Residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of over 10 Million people from around the globe.”
  • 4.  
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  • 11.  
  • 12.  
  • 13. Synchronous-Asynchronous From kemp and livingstone, 2007.
  • 14. Basic SL Constructs (group breakouts – 30 minutes)
    • Navigation
    • Communication
    • Organization
    • Search
    • Specific items:
      • Notecards
      • Fliptitle
  • 15. Teaching in Second Life Basic pointers and methods
  • 16. Minimalistic Requirements
    • Island for people to stand on
    • Voice
    • Slide show
    • Discussion
  • 17. Island
    • If you don’t have an island – use anyone else’s
      • Use Sloan-C, for example – on Teaching
    • Gather the avatars in an area approximating a class situation
  • 18. Voice Cntl-P ->
  • 19. The classroom
    • Buildings
    • Chairs
    • Buy – if you need
    • – holoemitter has most of what you need
    • Else, just gather on the field
    • Each student can be given a free TV viewer
    • Note: Mystitool
  • 20. Upload images
    • JPGs
    • PPT->
      • JPG
  • 21. Objects
    • You will be given objects:
      • Flatscreen TV
      • Sloodle gestures (thank to Jeremy Kemp)
      • The objects are in your inventory
      • Take the TV and drag TO GROUND and the TV will appear. You can then move it around.
  • 22. Editing the TV
    • Open
      • Lets you insert slides
    • Edit
      • Move TV and insert
  • 23. The TV
    • Put TV anywhere
    • Move TV
    • Click on Content
    • Drag jpg to content
    • When done – take
  • 24. Operate TV
  • 25. Adding a class gesture
    • Right click on Sloodle gestures – wear!
      • See previous picture
  • 26. Breakout session: Preparing a rocket pitch (30 minutes)
    • At each table, prepare 2 minute presentation about what institutions should do with SL.
      • Add NMC guest to your group membership
      • Go to NMC sandbox
      • Each table build 2 minute rocket pitch – 3 slides max – list important ideas for your institution.
      • Present after next short presentation.
  • 27. What should you do for your institution in SL?
  • 28. Example SL activities
    • Teaching a class; special focus on students who are far from campus
      • Virtual Blended is an interesting transition for those who are used to the classroom
    • Bringing in Speakers
    • Alumni
    • Simulations
    • Enhancing social presence
    • Combining asynchronous with synchronous
  • 29.  
  • 30. Risks and Threats
    • Technology may only be veneer – once students are used to it the novelty will wear off
    • Experiential learning isn’t the right way to go – we should pour knowledge into their heads
    • Cost is way too high for using technology
    • Faculty can’t learn to use it anyway
    • Others may adopt – and we are left in dust – stick to what we do well now…
  • 31. Why Second Life as an implementation method?
    • Free to users – low cost to implementers
    • Engages students
    • Provides on-ground teaching replication online thus reaching more traditional faculty
      • Voice, integration with other Web 2.0 tools
    • International and localness
    • SL is largest Virtual World.
      • Drawback: need internet connection and good graphics card and memory
      • Already heavy commitment to SL by vast number of educational institutions.
  • 32. Virtual Worlds for online education at your institution: Why Will or Won’t it Work? Team Domain Market Domain ( students ) Industry Domain (online education ) Macro-Level Micro-Level Market Attractiveness For VW programs Attractiveness of online education in general Focus on our Benefits and Attractiveness What is our Sustainable Advantage? Our Mission, Aspirations, Propensity for Risk Ability to supply “ seats” Connectedness Up, Down And Across Value Network Mullins, J., The New Business Road Test (London: FT Prentice Hall, 2003) p. 1
  • 33. Work on your rocket pitch 30 minutes
  • 34. Rocket pitches NMC Sandbox
  • 35. Second Life Presentations at this conference -I
    • Libraries and distance education opportunities in Second Life
    • Active and interactive learning –Secrets from the Second Life Teen Grid
    • Leveraging social network knowledge construction for powerful learning in Second Life
    • Development of a virtual model of the human testis using the Second Life platform
    • Teaching and learning in the Second Life virtual environment
    • The reality of virtual worlds in an undergraduate social work course
  • 36. Second Life Presentations at this conference -II
    • Lessons from the field: Teaching a virtual blended course in Second Life
    • Second Life: VLE access for building community and presenting research
    • Safe sex in Second Life: collaboration between the Illinois Department of Public Health, Chicago State University and University of Illinois Springfield
    • Second Life: A new model for online learning
    • Shared intellectual landscapes: Teaching science in Second Life
    • Using Second Life to enhance an online bachelor’s degree to BSN nursing program
    • Here be dragons: Second Life community building, interaction design and citizen engagement on the Isle of Wyrms
  • 37. Second Life Presentations at this conference -III
    • Are you serious? How can you use a virtual environment to teach about the legal environment of business?
    • The promise of “3D Immersive Education”: Mashing up LMS data with Second Life 3D metaphors
    • Education = Communication: Understanding how technology changes the ways we communicate and the ways we teach
    • Can real learning occur in a virtual world? Observations from teaching and learning in Second Life
  • 38. The Scavenger Hunt
    • Gail Sullivan
    • Practice session to prepare you for evening scavenger hunt with Jeremy Kemp (Kabumpco)
  • 39. Questions? Visit: