5 Ways to Integrate Social Media in Your Marketing


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Social media isn't a solo act. It's part of a jazz combo. 5 ways to integrate your social media efforts into your traditional marketing programs. Social media Webinar conducted for MarketingProfs, showing how social media intersects with search marketing, email marketing, virtual events, live events, and market research.

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  • social media integrated
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  • Social media is not something we should fear, because it is the friend of consumers.
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  • All these social media networks and stuffs drives me crazy. LinkedIn seems really good for targeting the professional market, but facebook will still be more effective if targeting a younger audience.
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  • Well, theres a good insight. Though, lot of people here think that some info needs to be added.
    Well, I am Diksha sethi, a PR student. I hope links on my blog could help: http://sethidiksha.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/did-you-know-that-social-mediacould-help-you-make-money/
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5 Ways to Integrate Social Media in Your Marketing

  1. 5 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Traditional Marketing<br />
  2. Q&A<br />www.marketingprofs.com<br />@marketingprofs<br />Jay Baer<br />Blog: www.convinceandconvert.com<br />@jaybaer<br />www.gotomeeting.com/corp<br />gotomeeting@citrixonline.com<br />@gotowebinar<br />1-800-372-6207<br />
  3. I Will Tell You The Truth. Today’s Version.<br />Share of Search, 1999<br />
  4. The Social Media Shift is Fundamental<br />
  5. Conversation Marketing is Transformative, But Inefficient<br />
  6. Social Media Doesn’t Work Alone<br />
  7. Increase Social Media Success Through Cross-Media Synergy<br />
  8. Don’t Think of Social Media as a Tactic<br />
  9. Think of Social Media as an Ingredient<br />
  10. Strategy First. Social Ingredients Next. Then New Social Programs.<br />
  11. 5 Ways to Achieve Cross-Media Synergy with Social Media<br />
  12. 1. Social Media + Search<br />
  13. Consumers exposed to a brand in social media are 2.8x more likely to search for that brand’s products<br />http://bit.ly/12PyNL<br />
  14. Integrate Social and Search<br />Acknowledgement: Hubspot<br />
  15. Put Content Bait in the Water. Get Found.<br />
  16. Content = Traffic<br />
  17. Content Isn’t King. Optimized Content is King<br />Everything Can Be Optimized<br />hubspot.tv<br />
  18. Everything Can Be Optimized<br />
  19. Everything Can Be Optimized<br />
  20. 2. Social Media + Email<br />
  21. Promoting Social Presence in Email<br />Integrate Social and Email<br />
  22. Enabling Social Sharing in Email<br />Integrate Social and Email<br />
  23. Integrate Social and Email<br />Content Level Sharing<br />
  24. Subscriber Segmentation<br />www.mailboxiq.com<br />
  25. List Growth Through Social <br />
  26. List Growth Through Social <br />
  27. Social/Email Content Development<br />
  28. 3. Social Media + Virtual Events<br />
  29. More is More.<br />Atomize Your Content.<br />=<br />Acknowledgement: Todd Defren @tdefren<br />
  30. 50 Comments<br />34 tags on Delicious<br />49 Tweets<br />
  31. Twitter + Webinar = Twebinar<br />www.twebinar.com<br />
  32. Twitter + Interview = Twinterview<br />www.twitter20.com<br />
  33. Twitter + Group Chat<br />#blogchat<br />
  34. 4. Social Media + Live Events<br />
  35. Integrate Social and Live Events<br />www.fiskateers.com<br />
  36. Create Real Life Social Media<br />
  37. Make More of Your Conference<br />
  38. 5. Social Media + Market Research<br />
  39. Ask Your Fans for Feedback<br />
  40. Keep It Simple<br />Crowdcampaign.com<br />
  41. Twitter Research<br />Twtpoll.com<br />
  42. People Like to Tell You What They Think<br />54-7<br />
  43. Social Media Works Best When It’s Part of Something Bigger.<br />Are You Ready For Some Synergy?<br />
  44. Start Your Synergy Audit Today<br />