Lncdc Presentation To City Govts


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Lncdc Presentation To City Govts

  1. 1. Lake Norman Community Development Council
  2. 2. Who We Are The Lake Norman Community Development Council (LNCDC) is: • A grassroots collaborative of 40+ human-services organizations from Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, and Mooresville o Non-profits, schools, governmental groups, libraries, o Concerned citizens and member of the faith community • Diverse groups with diverse areas of focus, all centered on improving their communities and the lives of the people in them • A powerful network of agencies and individuals
  3. 3. Who We Are - Membership A list of some of the member organizations:
  4. 4. Our Purpose • To spread awareness by bringing together service providers to share information and discuss issues • To advocate and build momentum for social change • To build collaboration and increase the effectiveness our member agencies in individual and joint efforts
  5. 5. What We Do • Monthly Joint Meeting of Members o Guest presentations on new agencies, programs, events, etc • Subcommittee Meetings Drive Projects o Four Committees – Housing, Health, Education, Social Issues o Overseen by Executive Committee • External Events o Example: Building Skills for Social Change Workshops
  6. 6. Benefits of our Collaboration • Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration o Keeps everyone current on what’s happening in other agencies, new services, etc. o Support/help with issues and questions o Promote each other’s services and events o Joint strategic planning o Training events
  7. 7. Benefits of our Collaboration • Advocacy o Multiple agencies focus on the same problem at the same time o Forum for public policy issues and community issues o Representation to local/state officials
  8. 8. Funding Sources • HAH! • Davidson College Community Services Office a key partner o Provides newsletter, website and other publication support o Coordinates Building Skills for Social Change workshops o Promotes student volunteerism via Volunteer Fairs, publicity on volunteer opportunities o Provides student volunteers to multiple agencies • UW provides some administrative support, liaison to the UW Public Policy Committee • Ada Jenkins provides meeting facility • No budget, no fundraising, no impact on community resources
  9. 9. Future Plans / Projects in Progress • Education Committee o Bring the Village Home parenting series in Cornelius/Davidson/Huntersville o After-school programs o Spanish language tutoring programs and computer classes o Under-age drinking task force
  10. 10. Future Plans / Projects in Progress • Social Issues Committee o Domestic Violence Community Response Team o Have a magistrate physically located in N. Mecklenburg area o Substance abuse / mental health education
  11. 11. Future Plans / Projects in Progress • Health Committee o Increase pre-natal care for low-income uninsured in N. Meck area o Address public transportation issue: clinics open until 9:00 PM, public transport stops at 7:00 o Collaboration in recruiting medical volunteers
  12. 12. Future Plans / Projects in Progress • Housing Committee o Primary focus for new projects: the homeless population in the Lake Norman region o Possible expansion foa processing center for the Room at the Inn program to this region o Implementation of Family Promise through faith community and LNCDC
  13. 13. Why We’re Talking to You • You need to know we’re here o Affects our community o Take advantage of the forum • We want you to “pump up” local participation o Awareness o Participation o Referrals
  14. 14. Contact Information • Marcia Webster o Chairperson, LNCDC o Exec Director, Davidson Housing Coalition o Phone: (704) 892-4486 o Email: marcia@davidsonhousing.org • Rory Crawford o Chairperson, LNCDC Health Committee o Exec Director, HealthReach Community Clinic o Phone: (704) 663-1992 o Email: roryc@healthreachclinic.org
  15. 15. Thank You For Your Time!!!