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2014 OFCA Panel - updated PPT


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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2014 OFCA Panel - updated PPT

  1. 1. Panel Presentation: Foster Youth Resources and Perspectives
  2. 2. Transition to Young Adulthood for a young person growing up with their biological family
  3. 3. Challenges faced by a young person who “ages out” of foster care
  4. 4. Support during the transition
  5. 5. Panel of Experts
  6. 6. Conversations with foster parents to prepare you for the future
  7. 7. Conversations with foster parents that you wish you had
  8. 8. Mission Statement: Ohio Reach improves post-secondary outcomes for foster care youth and alumni through advocacy, leadership, networking and empowerment.
  9. 9. L.E.A.R.N: (Leadership, Empowerment, Advocacy, Research, and Networking) Campus Liaisons at several schools Emergency Fund for students Oct. 17 statewide youth conference
  10. 10. Did your foster parents help you to….
  11. 11. High school and post-secondary resources
  12. 12. The Ohio Benefit Bank is a program of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks, designed to assist Ohioans in accessing life-changing programs and resources such as: • Universal Youth Transition Plan • Food and Nutrition Programs • Taxes and Student Aid Programs (including the FAFSA) • Medicaid • Child Care • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) • Ohio Works First Cash Assistance (OWF)
  13. 13. The importance of knowing about resources
  14. 14. The Foster Youth Advocacy Center provides free legal help to current and former foster youth in Central Ohio, ages 16-25. This team of lawyers and law students can assist with: • Attaining an original birth certificate • Attaining an original social security card • Attaining a current state identification card • Understanding legal documents • Sealing or deleting criminal records • Getting healthcare, public benefits, housing or insurance
  15. 15. Resources that can make or break your future
  16. 16. Collective voices of current and former foster care youth
  17. 17. Being empowered to help MAKE a difference
  18. 18. Building a bright future
  19. 19. Circle of Support
  20. 20. Questions and Answers
  21. 21. Permanency Pact:
  22. 22. What exactly can I rely on you for? It is critical to the youth’s success to identify those adults who will continue to provide various supports through and beyond the transition from care. Clarifying exactly what the various supports will include can help to avoid gaps in the youth’s safety net and misunderstandings between the youth and the supportive adult(s). • A home for the holidays • A place to do laundry • An emergency place to stay • Care packages while in college • Storage • Someone to discuss problems with • A phone or computer to use