2014 January OHIO YAB Quarterly Meeting


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2014 January OHIO YAB Quarterly Meeting

  1. 1. Ohio Youth Advisory Board Thursday, January 16, 2014 at Quest Business Center: 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus OH 43240
  2. 2. OHIO YAB Mission • We exist to be the knowledgeable statewide voice that influences policies and practices that effect all youth who have or will experience out of home care.
  3. 3. 2014 Ohio YAB Officers • Allissa Mitchell, President, Stark County • Dominique Jefferson, Vice President, Cuyahoga County • Charles Scott, Media Spokesperson, Franklin County • Destiny Hayes, Treasurer, Lucas County • Dorothy Dodson, Parliamentarian, Lorain County • Jessika Cowart, Co-Secretary, Allen County • Elisa Aguilar, Co-Secretary, Lucas County
  4. 4. OHIO YAB Officers Retreat
  5. 5. OYAB Moving Forward in 2014: Outreach and Policy Three Focus Areas: 1. Youth voice on discussions of Foster Care to 21 2. Outreach strategies for counties that don’t have a local Youth Advisory Board 3. YAB promotion and involvement in conferences this year.
  6. 6. OYAB Moving Forward in 2014: Housing Focus Areas: 1. Kick-off for youth taskforce on housing in Cincinnati 2. Exploring transitional housing partnerships 3. DC trip: Planning ahead for conversations with HUD 4. Reviewing outputs from JFS Housing taskforce: Is there an existing list of Housing Best Practices in Ohio? 5. If not, make one.
  7. 7. OYAB Moving Forward in 2014: Education Three Focus Areas: 1. Supporting Ohio Reach Campus Liaison training 2. Promoting Best Practices for Custodial Agencies to Support Youth’s Educational Success 3. Educational Mentoring Model: (a.) middle school mentee, (b.) high school/college advisor, (c.) adult mentor
  8. 8. OYAB Moving Forward in 2014: Youth Voice in Court Upcoming Opportunities: 1. Legal Symposium being planned for 2015 2. Multiple law school presentations in 2014 3. Ohio judges meet twice a year, in June and December 4. Expanding pilot of youth developed discharge form
  9. 9. OYAB Moving Forward in 2014: Independent Living Moving forward in 2014: 1. Compile and share youth input about IL challenges, Best Practices and recommendations for the future 2. Is ODJFS pursuing the creation of a statewide IL curriculum? If so, how can we ensure youth input?
  10. 10. OYAB Moving Forward in 2014:Workforce Inviting input: 1. Find out more about the Summit County Career Club. 2. Asking Lucas County for more details about how their IDA program, in the hopes that other counties will follow their example.
  11. 11. Morning Brainstorming Topics 1. Telling Our Story: How has being part of a youth advisory board benefitted you? What are your ideas for OHIO YAB Outreach in 2014? ~ facilitated by OHIO YAB Co-Secretary Jessika Cowart 2. Your Current /Future College Experience: What has been most helpful? What were your biggest challenges? What do you recommend to support current/former foster youth pursuing post-secondary education? ~ facilitated by OHIO YAB Media Spokesperson, Charles Scott 3. Foster Care to 21: Welcoming your thoughts, insights and suggestions ~ facilitated by OHIO YAB President Allissa Mitchell and Vice President Dominique Jefferson 4. Youth Voice in Court: What things do you wish their judge/CASA/GAL would have asked or done? ~ facilitated by OHIO YAB Parliamentarian Dorothy Dodson
  12. 12. New and Good: Because the challenge of the moment is the opportunity of the future
  13. 13. Upcoming Events and Opportunities Feb. 8, Kick-off for Foster Youth Advisory Committee on Ending Youth Homelessness in Cincinnati April 17, Ohio Youth Advisory Board Quarterly Meeting April 27 – May 1, Three Days On the Hill June 12, SW Connecting the Dots Conference Late June, Purple Project Conference July 17, Ohio Youth Advisory Board Quarterly Meeting July 25, Teening Up for Success Conference Oct. 16, Ohio Youth Advisory Board Quarterly Meeting Oct. 17, Connecting the Dots and Ohio Reach Conference