Conductor C3 - 2012: Institutionalizing SEO


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Building a great in-House SEO program isn't rocket science, it is part strategy, part knowing how to move the needle and manage up.

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  • This is me: Jeremiah Andrick, SEO for more than 10 years, Some of the biggest brands. Bing webmaster tools and developer APIs. Designed a method for crawling code samples on the web. My team will tell you I just like to go to parties.
  • We have the best job because we can impact so much.So much more than what you think.Product strategyNomenclatureGo-to-marketITData and analytics
  • I am not going to focus on this… I just want to recognize that the world we live in as SEOs its what we live for.
  • This point here is that we can’t rely on this alone to be successful.Most of what it means to be an SEO has a lot more to do about the business.
  • SEO Programs often begin out of a bigger need than just ranking issues.
  • SEO was one of the solutions but to be effective we have had to recognize it is a part of a bigger change.
  • Why talk about this? We all have been one of these.We may need to be them again but there are dangers. Most of all for the in-house SEO
  • This is the sexy side of SEO but they get killed a lot.The same person who hires this person maybe the one who does them in.
  • When you are new there is now problem playing the role of the soldier, but if you are the only SEO or the head of a team this is not the best way to lead.
  • SEO was one of the solutions but to be effective we have had to recognize it is a part of a bigger change.
  • Notice how I didn’t put ranking in there. We must avoid rank as goal and focus on the outcome of what happens when we rank. When we improve our rank we should be moving the needle on the goal of our site.
  • Report early and often… but just because it matters to you as an SEO doesn’t mean that you want to should share it. Share data that means something. Share data that shows progress against your goal.
  • Conductor C3 - 2012: Institutionalizing SEO

    1. 1. Institutionalizing SEO Jeremiah Andrick #C3n y#C3ny | September 19-20 | New York City
    2. 2. Perhaps I should tell what I do here: #C3n y 2
    3. 3. #C3n y 3
    4. 4. #C3n y 4
    5. 5. The SEO process (The stuff we know): #C3n y 5
    6. 6. The SEO process (The stuff we know): NOT ENOUGH! This will get you the job… This won’t help you keep it! #C3n y 6
    8. 8. #C3n y 8
    9. 9. #C3n y
    10. 10. As marketing in “real life” is changingwe “digital marketers” need to changewith it.Making SEO matter means finding outwhat matters to those that don’tknow SEO. #C3n y 10
    11. 11. Three types of Search Engine Optimizers The Mercenary The Good Soldier The General #C3n y 11
    12. 12. The Mercenary + Gets results what ever the cost. + Is all about survival + Quickly moves from conflict to conflict + Makes an impact… + People may not miss you when you are gone #C3n y 12
    13. 13. The Good Soldier + Does what they are told + Gets results but is easy target when things go wrong + The job isn’t about strategy it’s about getting stuff done + Will always wonder why the paid search guys get paid more + May make an impact but not a lasting change #C3n y 13
    14. 14. The General + Is looking for the big picture + Responsible to bring people along + Doesn’t chase the algo, they build systems that weather the changes + Makes an impact, but understands the implications + Your legend will precede you! #C3n y 14
    15. 15. Think like a General and SEOwill always have a seat at thetable. #C3n y 15
    16. 16. 1. Set the Foundation for Long term SEO Success The problem is What was the role rarely in just the of SEO before? Do SERPS. you know who the Never stop real players are? Do your talking about it homework. Put numbers on it. Be the number 1 advocate. Find others willing to Don’t be afraid to put spread the good numbers down. Goals word. What don’t with out metrics are you know? meaningless. Define the problem. CLARIFY RESEARCH ARTICULATE EVANGELIZE #C3n y 16
    17. 17. 2. Think In Terms of Impact Traffic Leads Sales Brand Support #C3n y 17
    18. 18. 3. Become a Storyteller! (Part I) Share what matters weekly. Only what matters! Keep SEO front and center! #C3n y 18
    19. 19. 3. Become a Storyteller! (Part II) My three favorite words: Quarterly Business Review Initiatives Content Updates Infrastructure Link Building Top 3 Revenue = Traffic x Conversion x AOV What is the target What items that you Is there data you can What other levers can leverage to improve the DETAILS impact? Which of my work on will most you pull? What is the amount people spend? initiatives are most contribute to traffic role of AB testing in the Can you reduce friction? critical to my key goal? wins? Where are you in results. Can you learn striking distance? from paid? GOAL $1,234,567 10,000,000 1.25% $90 #C3n y
    20. 20. Things SEOs do:+ Centers of Excellence+ Vanity Metrics+ Tweet how much they hate/love Google+ Fight with Developers+ Write blog posts for SEL or SEOmoz #C3n y 20
    21. 21. Things an SEO General does:+ Centers of Excellence+ Buy Beer for Developers!+ Save your best posts for internal sharing+ Become a trusted advisor to anyone who will listen.+ Research, Research, Research #C3n y 21
    22. 22. Those who win will be those that trystuff (quickly), measure then trysomething else. watch whathappens…If you are going to do something makesure it matters. #C3n y 22
    23. 23. Thank You! #C3n y 23