Freebase, RDF and the Semantic Web

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A presentation to the SF Semantic Web Meet-up (5/14/09) describing Freebase and its connection to RDF, Linked Data and the Semantic Web.

A presentation to the SF Semantic Web Meet-up (5/14/09) describing Freebase and its connection to RDF, Linked Data and the Semantic Web.

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  • 1. A socially managed semantic database SF Semantic Web Meet-up May 2009 Colin Evans + Jamie Taylor
  • 2. A Brief History of Data Modeling Photo CC-BY:
  • 3. Ugly Tabular Data
  • 4. A Simple Restaurant Schema
  • 5. A Simple Restaurant Schema
  • 6. A Big, Ugly Schema
  • 7. What Went Wrong? • Things change • Requirements change • User expectations change • Data structures change • Our data models aren’t keeping up
  • 8. Using Graphs to Model Data
  • 9. Metadata is Data • Relationships are represented explicitly • Schema can be represented as a graph • Data integration is the union of two graphs • This makes creating, extending, and combining data much easier than before
  • 10. Data Integration B B A A C C D E E F
  • 11. Why Does This Work? • Semantics facilitate shared meaning through • Subject Identity • Strong and Consistent Semantics • Open APIS + Open Data • These principles make it much easier to extend, combine, and integrate data
  • 12. What is Freebase? • Structured Database • Strong Collaboratively Edited Subjects • Strong Collaboratively Developed Semantics • Open API + Open Data
  • 13. Freebase is a database of things.
  • 14. 5,203,825 Topics 14,110,006 Named Entities
  • 15. Users can write to Freebase + add entities + add properties + create data models!
  • 16. All objects in Freebase have strong identifiers!
  • 17. NYSE: BA TYO: 7661 /en/boeing /guid/9202a8c04000641f8000000000009d0e /business/cik/0000012927 /wikipedia/en_id/3709 /wikipedia/en/Boeing
  • 18.
  • 19. Topics in Freebase are Unique (no two Topics represent the same thing)
  • 20. Once you access an object in Freebase you have access to all facets of information Po litic al s C ter on ar trib qu d de uti ad n ou on He SIC F ate s Co D de co me era ting In CIK Code Op Boeing Marke ol t Capit r Symb alizatio Ticke n CE ies O iar red ured sid b Su ctu t ufac ufa an Man ft M cra kets Air Roc
  • 21. What are people doing with the results?
  • 22. Microsoft Political Blog
  • 23. What else can you do with Freebase?
  • 24. Use Freebase to publish into the LOD Cloud
  • 25. <fb:people.sibling_relationship rdf:about=quot;;> <fb:people.sibling_relationship.sibling rdf:resource=quot;;/> <fb:people.sibling_relationship.sibling rdf:resource=quot;;/> </fb:people.sibling_relationship>
  • 26. RDFa
  • 27. An example of an RDFa Restaurant Review <span xmlns:v=quot;; typeof=quot;v:Reviewquot;> <span rel=quot;v:itemReviewedquot;> <span about=quot;http://komalavilas.comquot; property=quot;v:namequot; typeof=quot;v:Restaurantquot;>Komala Vilas</span> </span> <span rel=quot;v:reviewerquot;> <span about=quot;; property=quot;v:namequot;>Meenakshi Ammal</span> </span> <span property=quot;v:ratingquot; >3.7</span> <span property=quot;v:datequot;>1st April 2005</span> <span property=quot;v:summaryquot;> Best south Indian vegetarian food in the bay area</span> </span>
  • 28. 5,203,825 Topics 14,110,006 Named Entities
  • 29. Freebase Suggest
  • 30. ACRE: The Freebase Javascript Development Environment
  • 31. The Acre application environment
  • 32. A source of Vocabularies
  • 33. Freebase is a database of types. A source of Vocabularies
  • 34. public domain photo:
  • 35. photo by Jamie
  • 36. Can’t find a vocabulary you need? Write your own!
  • 37.
  • 38. GovTrack 0000051143 /en/ibm CIK
  • 39. MQL: Metaweb Query Language Query: { “id”:”/en/ibm”, “type”:”/business/company”, “founded”:null } July 15, 1916
  • 40. MQL Extensions + sameAs Map Query: { “id”:”/en/ibm”, “type”:”/business/company”, “lod”:[{ }] }