Adjectives adjectives 1 and 2


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Adjectives adjectives 1 and 2

  1. 1. Foundation English - Adjectives I - Dr Pramela Krish pkrish
  2. 2. What Is An Adjective? An adjective modifies a noun or a pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words. An adjective usually precedes the noun or the pronoun which it modifies. pkrish
  3. 3. Adjectives  A describing word  Tell us something about a person, place or thing  It modify nouns – making meaning more specific  Adds information – size, colour, age, material and other attributes and qualities pkrish
  4. 4. Examples of adjectives The truck-shaped balloon floated over the treetops. Jen papered her kitchen walls with lovely wall paper. The hall was dark and dusty. Many stores have already begun to sell interesting Christmas gifts. The back room was filled with large yellow pails. pkrish
  5. 5. Adjectives are identified by their endings (suffixes)  - al, bridal  - able, debatable  - ible, flexible  -ic, heroic  - ical,  - ish, foolish  - ed, interested  - ing, interesting  - ive, attractive  - less, colourless  - ous, joyous  - y, cloudy  - ful, playful  - ese, Japanese pkrish
  6. 6. Types of adjectives Attributive adjectives come before the noun  A red scarf  An honest man  The bridal suite pkrish
  7. 7. Predicative adjectives come after the noun and a linking verb - be, become, get, seemed  The scarf is pink.  He is honest.  That patient seemed nervous. pkrish
  8. 8.  He said she was open to suggestions  I reckon he is capable of handling the project. *After a verb and never immediately after the noun pkrish
  9. 9. Postpositive adjectives come immediately after the modified noun  Attorney general  Governor General  Princess Royal *Sometimes classified as compound nouns pkrish
  10. 10. Identify - Attributive/Predicative/Postpositive  1. The green door opened slowly.  2. This stretch of water is dangerous.  3. The share-holders present voted against the Chairman. pkrish
  11. 11.  4. Jan feels ill.  5. A larger than normal pay increase was awarded to teachers. pkrish
  12. 12. Feedback  ATTRIBUTIVE adjectives come before the noun which they modify. In this exercise, there are two attributive adjectives - green (1) and larger (5). Sentence 5 is a bit difficult, because larger is separated from the noun by than normal. But it still comes before the noun, so it is an attributive adjective. pkrish
  13. 13. Qualitative adj - describes person or thing in terms of qualities comparative/superlative  Size, shape, character  Age  This adjective is gradable  E.g. Tall, taller, tallest  Beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful pkrish
  14. 14. pkrish Colour adjectives - specify colour of things  A yellow shirt with black stripes Qualitative adjectives – bright, dark, light, –to show strength and intensity of the colour  Bake the cake until it turns light brown  She is using a bright red scarf
  15. 15. Compound qualitative adjectives  Good-looking  Tongue-tied  Sun-tanned * Look up for more examples to discuss during your tutorial. You may include new ones in your online discussion. pkrish
  16. 16.  Qualitative adjectives also express speaker/writer’s opinion  Strong feelings - absolute rubbish  - total bliss  I think that dress is beautiful  It was an exciting trip pkrish
  17. 17. Interrogative adjective (which or what) is like an interrogative pronoun, except that it modifies a noun or noun phrase rather than standing on its own (see also demonstrative adjectives and possessive adjectives):  Which plants should be watered twice a week?  What book are you reading? pkrish
  18. 18. demonstrative adjectives this, these, that, those, and what are identical to the demonstrative pronouns, but are used as adjectives to modify nouns or noun phrases, as in the following sentences: pkrish
  19. 19. Examples When the librarian tripped over that cord, she dropped a pile of books. In this sentence, the demonstrative adjective that modifies the noun cord This apartment needs to be fumigated. Here this modifies apartment and the noun phrase pkrish
  20. 20. Demonstrative adjectives This/That/These/Those  SPACE  That picture on the wall is interesting.  This button on my shirt is loose.  I like these shoes that I am wearing.  Those men across the street are plumbers.  TIME  This afternoon I will sleep.  That afternoon last year was long.  Those years were fun when I was a kid.  These years right now are the best of my life. pkrish
  21. 21. Adjectives II pkrish
  22. 22. Adjectives look similar but have different meanings  -ing and -ed  The film was boring. Everyone in the cinema was bored.  Collecting autographs is interesting. Li Min is interested in collecting autographs from singers pkrish
  23. 23. Verbs of emotion can become Adjectives by adding -ed or -ing Sample verbs of emotion  Amuse  Irritate  Comfort  Fascinate  Puzzle  Amaze  Captivate  Confuse  Shock  Intrigue  Disappoint  Satisfy  Annoy  Surprise  Depress  Excite  Frustrate  Bore  Tire  Interest  exhaust  Aggravate pkrish
  24. 24.  Wendy was _______ in that book.  I was ______ by my old job.  My old job was ________. It was hard but fun.  He was _____ by the low turn-out.  My cat's behavior is often ______ to me.  The teacher was ______ with her students' work.  The little boy was _______ by the scary movie.  The movie was ______ because it had many horrible, evil monsters in it. pkrish
  25. 25. The -ed ending modifiers are often accompanied by prepositions (these are not the only choices):  We were amazed at all the circus animals.  We were amused by the clowns.  We were annoyed by the elephants.  We were bored by the ringmaster.  I was embarrassed by my brother. pkrish
  26. 26.  We were exhausted from all the excitement.  We were excited by the lion-tamer.  We were excited about the high-wire act, too.  We were frightened by the lions.  We were introduced to the ringmaster.  We were interested in the tent. pkrish
  27. 27.  We were confused by the noise.   We were disappointed by the motorcycle daredevils.  We were disappointed in their performance. pkrish
  28. 28.  My mother was irritated by the heat.  We were satisfied with the UKM choir during the recent convocation ceremony.  We were shocked at the level of noise in that shopping complex. pkrish
  29. 29.  We were surprised by the fans' response.  We were surprised at their indifference.  We were tired of all the lights after a while.  We were worried about the traffic leaving the parking lot. pkrish
  30. 30. pkrish Position of the adjectives opinion +age +colour +origin +purpos e +NOUN a talented young Malaysian footballer new red Italian racing car the playful black kitten a huge Japanese sumo wrestler our successful hiking trip
  31. 31. glishworks/grammar/partsofs peech.html#adjectives pkrish
  32. 32. Exercise  1. Those are probably the ___________ curtains in the store. fancyest fanciest most fanciest  2. Uncle Carl is really ______________________ man. an old sweet a sweet, old a sweet old  3. The Karmen-Ghia used to be _________________ sportscar. a fine German a German, fine a fine, German pkrish
  33. 33.  4. Everyone was home for the holidays. What could make for ___________ Christmas than that? a merryer the merriest a merrier  5. They grew up in ___________________ house in Mexico City. a comfortable, little a little, comfortable a comfortable little  6. Diehard is the ____________ movie I've ever seen. most excited most exciting most exciteable pkrish
  34. 34.  7. Tashonda wanted to take a course with _____________________ professor. that interesting new Japanese economics that Japanese interesting, new economics that interesting, new, Japanese, economics  8. Of all the mechanics in the shop, Jerzy is surely ______________ . the less competent. the least competent. the competentest. pkrish
  35. 35. pkrish  9. In the fall, the valleys tend to be ___________ than the hilltops. foggy more foggier foggier  10. My cold is definitely _________ this morning. worse worst worser
  36. 36.  Blue, brown, orange and pink soft-looking feathers pkrish
  37. 37.  Unique and exotic feather earrings pkrish
  38. 38.  Fun and scrumptious-looking candy covered apples pkrish
  39. 39. Thank You pkrish