GWU Event Management Portfolio for Mr. and Miss Central State University Coronation
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GWU Event Management Portfolio for Mr. and Miss Central State University Coronation



This is my final Event Portfolio for the Mr. and Miss Central State University Coronation 2010 submitted as a part of my Event Management Certificate program at George Washington University.

This is my final Event Portfolio for the Mr. and Miss Central State University Coronation 2010 submitted as a part of my Event Management Certificate program at George Washington University.



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GWU Event Management Portfolio for Mr. and Miss Central State University Coronation GWU Event Management Portfolio for Mr. and Miss Central State University Coronation Presentation Transcript

  • Kellea Tibbs Portfolio ProjectGWU Event Management Certificate Program
  •   The Mr. and Miss Central State University Homecoming Coronation is a traditional event that takes place during the Annual CSU Homecoming/Alumni Weekend in October.  The purpose of the Mr. and Miss Central State University Homecoming Coronation is to showcase to CSU Faculty, Staff, Students, Families and the surrounding community, the King and Queen of the campus, elected by their peers.  Mr. and Miss CSU undergo a series of leadership development activities, events, and conferences and are expected to be the highlight of student leadership, school spirit, and the ultimate role models on campus.
  • Why? Who? When? Where? What? How?Traditional Central State Homecoming Central State 2010 Mr. and Student AffairsEvent, There University (Annually, University, Miss CSU Staff willhas been a Alumni October) main campus Coronation coordinateMiss CSU since event1946It’s an annual Royal Court Thursday of The Paul Homecomingevent that is a members Homecoming Robeson Committee willsignificant part Week Cultural & provide aof Performing portion of theHomecoming/ Arts Center budgetAlumniWeekend Additional Reception, CSU Coronation Ballroom, Court Norman E. participants Ward Student Center Faculty/Staff/ Students Parents/Family
  • Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats(pre-existing elements) (historical elements) (future predictable factors) (future predictable factors)Rich tradition of history Budget issues: Share Chance to make University Budget Cutsfor Miss CSU Homecoming Budget connections with with Student Alumni/Former Queens Government Association (especially with the and funding is not Queen’s Luncheon always enough for event) CoronationSupport from Faculty/ Risk of student Chance to showcase theStaff participants becoming positive aspects of “divas” or developing Student Leadership negative attitudes Staff/Helpers/ Chance to bring the Assistants may not entire campus always be on board community together with level of commitment and work
  •   Brainstorm/Ideas/Creative Process**   The new Mr. and Miss CSU are elected in April   Planning for Coronation Begins in May and takes place throughout the summer; Set the date for the Thursday of Homecoming Week (October 7, 2010), also set the date for the Queen’s Luncheon (October 8, 2010)   Mr/Miss CSU choose an Advisory Committee that consists of various faculty/staff across campus in addition to the Coordinator for Student Leadership and the Coordinator for Student Activities   We scheduled several meetings with Mr. and Miss CSU, much like a wedding consultation, in order to brainstorm and gather ideas about what they want for the Coronation   We discussed the budget; what was available, constraints, etc.   Created subcommittees and assigned tasks**(See the Miss CSU Advisor Planning Checklist in the Appendix)
  • Human Dimension Financial Political Dimension ConsiderationMr. and Miss CSU Advisory Board Budget (see copy in Appendix) Properly including the University(see copy in Appendix) President and CabinetProfessional Staff Mr. and Miss CSU requests vs. Balancing the needs/wants of Available Budget Mr. and Miss CSU vs. Advisor RecommendationsStudent Assistants Coronation Book Ads (see ad Including Former Miss CSU form in Appendix) QueensCoronation Court Participants(see copy in Appendix)
  • Organization* Staffing* Production* Budget* Accounts* Timeline* Vendors*Created Advisor Advisor Create Timeline $10,000 Homecoming Begin planning EntertainmentChecklist Kellea Tibbs (based on Committee April 2010 (post- Unlimited previous Account pageant) (Backdrop) year expenses)Set meeting dates Advisor Follow up on Planning Crown Designersfor Advisory Marc DeWitt assigned tasks meetings take and Anderson’sCommittee place May 2010- Events (Crowns, September 2010 Sceptre, Sashes)Begin weekly Administrative Collect Fast Fashionssummer meetings Coordinator, Coronation and Price Storeswith Miss CSU Sherri Boffman Participant Bios (clothing) and Ad Forms/ Money by 9/17Begin assigning tasks Student Finalize and Flower Stop and Assistants follow up on all Wicklines tasks by 9/25 (flowers/plants)Reserve Spaces CSU ROTC (Color Sodexo Guard) (catering) Enticing Melodies (Music)*See copy of above listed information in Appendix
  • Vendor Item 2010 ExpensesFast Fashion Tuxedos for Men (8) $825.00Price Stores Dresses for Women (8) $329.99Anderson’s Events Tiaras (2), Crown (1) $119.65Flower Stop Flowers for presentation $150.00Wicklines Plants for Stage $548.75Entertainment Unlimited Backdrop for stage theme $1650.00Sodexo Reception Catering and Queen’s $1060.00 (reception) Luncheon $339.70 (luncheon)Enticing Melodies Band for Reception $350.00Bridal –N-Tux Coronation Gown $274.00CSU Printing Services Coronation Invitations/Programs N/A Queen’s Luncheon Invitations/ Programs Reception ProgramsTOTAL EXPENSES: $5647.09
  • Mr. and Miss CSU Administrative Advisory Committee Vendors Coordinator (Sodexo, Sherri Boffman Entertainment Coordinator For Student (Manages all Vendors, Unlimited, Leadership/Advisor and Reciepts, Budget) Banners Plus, Chair, Coronation Planning Wicklines) Commitee Kellea Tibbs Student Sodexo Student Activities Special Guests Assistants Coordinator/Co- Catering Advisor (Greeters, Staff (University President, Backstage Cabinet, ROTC, SGA, Marc DeWitt (Reception) Former Queens, etc.) Helpers, etc.) Sound Musicians, Royal Court Technician Entertainment ParticipantsStefon Lane
  •   Production Schedule   See Event Checklist and Production/Logistics Schedule in Appendix  Script   Script had to be provided for the Master and Mistress of Ceremony (see copy in Appendix)   Script had to be provided for the University President for his role in the ceremony (see copy in Appendix)  Vendor Agreement   See Vendor Contracts/Invoices in Appendix  Site and Floor Plan   The space used for this event is a stage/theatre   There is no floor plan available
  •   Unfortunately, there was no formal Evaluation prepared after this event, however, please see the feedback below:   Conclusions   The question of justifying the expenses for an event such as this for students always remains because it is very much like planning a wedding and the aftermath of student “egos”, etc. also become an issue; Is there a balance of student development vs. traditional extravagance?   Recommendations   There is always a question of whether or not we have enough staff assistance, not only for the Coronation event but for the whole Homecoming Week of Events that Student Affairs puts together for students on campus. (There are other events that also take place off campus for CSU Alumni)   Benchmarks – N/A   Key Factors – N/A   Areas for Improvement   Staffing and Funding/Budget should reflect the alumni need to see an extravagant event
  • Strategic Current Deficiency Action PlanObjective StandingBetter Staffing 2 Advisors and 1 We usually have to Propose that we add Administrative “solicit” assistance from some Graduate Coordinator others in our divisional Assistants from a local area, however, the same graduate program to level of commitment to assist with Homecoming the event is not always Week events. there, although the campus always expects a stellar, extravagant eventBigger Budget We currently share the Coronation needs it’s Suggest that SGA and Coronation Budget with own separate budget, as Royal Court do more the Student Government does SGA. fundraising prior to Homecoming Budget Homecoming Week; also that is set aside by the seek corporate Homecoming Committee sponsorship
  •   Throughout my thirteen year career in Student Affairs, I have always been a default Event Planner, and I enjoy this role. I have always been the person in a group to take the lead with planning both small intimate activities for friends as well as with planning larger scale events including: Family Reunions, Weddings, Alumni Events, etc. Also, here are examples of more recent events/activities I have planned and assisted in planning in my professional career:   Designed Student Leadership Development program that included conferences, trainings, workshops, and retreats at Central State University   Served as Event Coordinator for the Freshmen Academy, a week-long orientation for freshmen students at Central State University, Fall and Spring   Served as Event Coordinator for the African American Student Leadership Conference which included corresponding with presenters, setting up workshop locations, soliciting student participation and campus support   Re-launched the Lionel H. Newsom Student Leadership Institute for freshmen students at Central State University   Served as Chief Event Coordinator for two of the largest student events of the year; Homecoming Coronation and the Mr. and Miss Central State University Pageant   Served as an Event Coordinator for the annual Career Fair & Luncheon for two years at Central State   Manage the Student Ambassadors Program, recruiting and training student volunteers for New Student Orientation   Served on a 20+ member Homecoming Committee at Central State University for two years, playing an intricate part in planning the largest annual alumni event on campus   Served as an Event Liaison with the Enrollment Management (Admissions) Office at Central State University   Served as Volunteer Coordinator for the Urban Education Conference at Central State University   Currently serve as President of the Kent State University Black Alumni Chapter coordinating Chapter meetings, both in person and via conference call, and serve as Event Planner for annual alumni events
  • •  During the 5 Phases of Planning the Coronation, I learned the following: •  Research – Although this was my second year planning this event, there are always so many political and budgetary factors as play when you are planning an event at an HBCU (Historically Black College and University) and you have to learn to navigate all of this very carefully. •  Design – This is a very important aspect for an event of this scale and magnitude. The most important aspect is to be organized and for everyone to know that you are the lead planner and that you know what you are doing. When a new person enters the scene to take on a very traditional event, there are always people ready to put in their two cents, so you have to be prepared, friendly, and open to feedback/input. •  Planning – Because Homecoming is such a major event across the spectrum of traditions of the HBCU campus, it is important to pay attention to timelines for ordering from vendors as well as how to navigate the establishment of relationships on campus such as the maintenance and moving staff, catering, and other “high profile” faculty/staff. •  Coordination – As a coordinator, it is very important, with an event like Coronation, to make sure you allow yourself enough time to manage each aspect of the event, as well as to make sure you follow up, frequently, with those to whom you have assigned tasks to. •  Evaluation – Unfortunately, there was never any formal evaluation process in place for this event because the event had exchanged hands so many times. I will be sure to make a recommendation to add an evaluation for next year.
  •   Areas for Improvement:   Planning a Coronation is very much like planning a wedding and an area of improvement for me would be to make sure I have enough reliable staffing, especially during the planning stages and utilize more of the students who are interested in Hospitality and Event Management.   In my current position, I’m charged with managing several projects at once. In the future, I would make a request to my supervisor to allow me to only focus on Coronation for the months of August and September, and request that some of my other responsibilities be divided between myself and other colleagues in order for me to devote time to and plan the Coronation properly.  Future Plans:   Education: Once I complete my Event Management Certification, I plan to further my education by pursuing an MBA, an MFA (Mater of Fine Arts in Creative Writing), and Master’s in Art History. I believe that these degrees will assist me in making a better connection with the types of events that I like to plan (i.e., artistic, literary, networking events.)   Professional Connections: I also plan to join professional associations and organizations for event planners as well as to expand my presentation skills   Entrepreneurship/Business: I plan to re-enter the world of independent event planning to increase my experience in weddings, artistic events such as festivals, book/literary fairs, educational programs for students, etc.
  •   Appendix A: Planning Documents (emailed in a PDF Document titled: Appendix A)   Mr. and Miss CSU Advisor Planning Checklist   Mr. and Miss CSU Advisory Committee Roster   Coronation – Checklist/Task Assignments/Logistics/Timeline   Coronation Participant Biographical Information Form   Coronation Court Student Participant Excuse Letter (For Classes)   Coronation Program Book Advertisement Information/Guidelines Form   Ads Collected Spreadsheet   Mr. and Miss CSU Coronation 2010 Program   Coronation Reception Program   Miss CSU Queen’s Luncheon 2010 Planning Outline   Miss CSU Queen’s Luncheon 2010 Letter to Former Queens   Script for University President   Script for Master and Mistress of Ceremony  Appendix B: Vendor Documents (emailed in a PDF Document titled: Appendix B)   Vendors Contracts/Invoices  Appendix C:   Mr. and Miss CSU Coronation Invitation (see Powerpoint Slide #19)   Miss CSU Queen’s Luncheon Invitation (see Powerpoint Slide #20)  Appendix D:   Coronation Photos (see Powerpoint Slide #21)  Practicum Hours Forms (PDF Document titled: Practicum Forms KTibbs)
  •   Ihereby affirm that the work contained in this portfolio is my original work and that I had a significant role in the research, planning, design, coordination, and evaluation of this event. Sincerely, Kellea Tibbs April 30, 2011