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We help individuals and organizations realize their potential and achieve their goals faster.

We offer powerful training programs with custom designed content and lasting impact.

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Training Profile & Programs Offered

  1. 1. No matter how good your technology, no matter how robust your systems, no matter how unique your products... Sooner or later competition will duplicate your accomplishments. The only sustainable resource that can not “The ultimate differencebetween good companies and be duplicated is thegreat companies is the quality QUALITY OF YOUR of people.” PEOPLE !!! ~ JACK WELCH
  2. 2. THE PEOPLE SIDE OF BUSINESSInvesting in employee training helpsorganizations... build effective teams increase employee engagement create a sense of fulfillment & belongingness equip their people with proven tools of human effectiveness improve employee retention optimize team productivity
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILEInfinity Learning Systems is a performance enhancementcompany specializing in training and development of individualsand organizations. OUR CORE PURPOSE:“Building competencies with fun.” OUR CORE VALUES:1. Customer delight2. Honoring commitment3. Continuous learning and innovation4. Growth for all stake holders OUR VISION:“ To become a partner of choice for people transformation.”
  4. 4. SERVICES
  5. 5. WHY PARTNER WITH US ???Competency based training interventionWell researched materialTraining methodology focuses on allthree kinds of learners: visual, auditoryand kinestheticFast moving, exciting and impactfuldeliveryProgram content is custom designed foreach training program based onLearning Objectives identifiedWorld class learning experience atreasonable costEducating, inspiring and entertainingmodules
  6. 6. TRAINING METHODOLOGY Interactive Lectures Experiential Activities Role Plays / Mock Drills Simulation Games Assessments & Questionnaires Workbook Activities Case Studies Training Videos
  7. 7. ABOUT HEMANT BHATTBHATT . . . Hemant is founder and CLO (Chief Learning Officer) of Infinity Learning Systems Academically a Science Graduate and MBA (HR), Hemant has over 12 years of work experience in varied sectors such as manufacturing, finance and training. Hemant is a sought after trainer and expert facilitator on all topics related to soft skills, behavioral skills, leadership and human effectiveness. He has trained over 6000 people from all walks of life. He has authored eight powerful audio programs on various personal effectiveness topics such as ‘Communicate with Power’, ‘Mastering Time’, ‘Conquering Goals’, ‘Interpersonal Skills’, ‘8 Pillars of Success’, ‘Stress Management’, ‘Assertive Skills’, ‘Mind Management’ etc. His fast moving and highly engaging sessions have been regarded as Inspiring, Educating and Entertaining.
  8. 8. TRAINING PROGRAMS OFFEREDWe offer an array of standard as well as customized programs to suit your trainingneeds. Standard programs have been designed keeping general organizational needs inmind while customized programs are designed based on learning objectives identified. Some PROGRAM TITLES are given below. Effective Business Conflict and Stress Communication Management LEAP - Leadership Excellence in Let’s get savvy - Grooming and Action Program Etiquettes PPP – Peak Performance Team building programs Program Time Management and Goal Interpersonal Skills Setting Workshop High Impact Presentation and Influencing and Negotiation Public Speaking Skills Skills Subconscious Mind Power and Accelerated Learning Success Techniques Assertiveness Skills Structured Selling Skills
  9. 9. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : Effective Business Communication Who should attend? Managers, supervisors, executives or anyone who wish to improve quality of their verbal, non verbal and written communication. Duration: A Two-Day Program PROGRAM CONTENT:DAY ONE: DAY TWO: Process of communication Improving Business Communication Personal Learning Style Impactful Written Communication Barriers to effective communication E-mail etiquettes Communicating Effectively Developing Assertive Behaviour  Golden Principles of 8 Assertiveness assessment Communication Three behavioural types: Transactional Analysis (TA) Submissive, Aggressive and Assertive  states Ego Assert and Win-Win Active Listening skills Assertive Communication Body Language – Non verbal PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER AND communication ACTION PLAN
  10. 10. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : LEAP – Leadership Excellence in Action Program Who should attend? Senior Managers, young supervisors, leaders or anyone who may be promoted to a managerial role in near future. Duration: A Three-Day Program PROGRAM CONTENT:DAY ONE: DAY TWO: Difference between Managing,  and science of Goal Setting Art Supervising and Leading Setting SMART Goals Power of paradigm shift SWOT analysis Locus of Control Assessment Seven steps to achieve any Goal  modern leadership functions 10 Effective Time Management Different Leadership Styles Understanding Time Wasters  of leading people Art Procrastination and Perfectionism Interpersonal Skills for leadership  Time Management Techniques to 12 JOHARI window model get more done in less time Action Exercises  of effective Delegation Art
  11. 11. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : LEAP – Leadership Excellence in Action ProgramDAY THREE: Three important Leadership Activities : Conflict Resolution, Decision Making and Managing Change Conflict Resolution Style Questionnaire Managing Conflicts Taking Effective Decisions Change Management Process Team Dynamics Business Simulation Exercise PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER AND ACTION PLAN
  12. 12. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : PPP – Peak Performance Program Who should attend? Managers, supervisors, executives and / or employees across different departments and at various levels who play an important role in the team . Duration: A Two-Da y ProgramDAY ONE: DAY TWO: Difference between ‘Effective’ and Six Components of Confidence ‘Efficient’ Mind Management Perception Management BARE cycle for Personal 90/10 Principle Effectiveness Locus of Control Conquering your biggest GOALS Circle of concern & circle of Managing Time and doubling your influence productivity. Mastering Interpersonal Skills 4 steps of Habit Formation. JOHARI window model PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER AND Assert and Win-Win ACTION PLAN
  13. 13. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : High Impact Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Who should attend? Those in Leadership roles, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors and / or anyone who wish to enhance and improve their speaking abilities and presentation skills. Duration: A Two-Day ProgramDAY ONE: DAY TWO: Essential components of Public How to handle unexpected Speaking. situations Overcoming stage fear and gaining Improving your performance on dais confidence Using audio - visual aids Preparing your presentation Art of closing a talk Body of your speech Handling Q & A session Content and style Tips on using MS-PowerPoint 5 proven methods to start your effectively presentation with Impact Participant Presentations on pre Gaining control over audience decided topics followed by tutor How to remember your talk led feedback Practice Exercises
  14. 14. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENTWho should attend?Managers, supervisors, salespeople, executives, customer service staff oranybody in the organization who feels there are not enough hours in the day.Duration: One-Day ProgramCharacteristics of TimeBenefits of Time ManagementDifferent approaches to time managementSelf Analysis – How well do you manage your time ?Time WastersMinor Time Wasters and Major Time WastersProcrastination and PerfectionismClassification of tasksMastering DelegationRock bucket method of prioritizingSwiss Cheeze method of addressing big tasksDr. Pareto’s 80 / 20 ruleProven methos for effective Time ManagementAction Exercises
  15. 15. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : STRESS MANAGEMENTWho should attend?Managers, supervisors, salespeople, executives, customer service staff or anybody inthe organization who wish to avoid burn out and increase productivity.Duration: A One-Day Program Mechanism of stress Classification of stress Eustress and Distress Holmes and Rahe’s life event scale for measuring your current stress level Stressors and their effect Brain wave patterns and stress Power of Alpha state of Mind Auto – Hypnosis Dynamic Relaxation Techniques Eight steps of managing stress to healthy level Action Exercises
  16. 16. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : ASSERTIVENESS SKILLSWho should attend?Managers, Supervisors, Salespeople, Executives, Customer Service Staff or anybody inthe organization who like to develop assertive behavior and take charge of their life.Duration: A One-Day Program Three behavior patterns. Analysis of Submissive, Aggressive and Assertive Behavior. Benefits of Assertive Behavior Assessing your assertiveness Fundamental Assertive Rights 90 / 10 rule : Reactive Vs Responsive behavior Importance of positive self image Classification of assertive problems Behavioral Techniques: Broken record technique / fogging / handling criticism / workable compromise / saying NO Action Exercises
  17. 17. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : STRUCTURED SELLING SKILLSWho should attend?Sales professionals of all levels including Sales Executives and Sales Supervisors .Duration: A Two-day Program DAY ONE : Understanding why people buy. Psychology of selling : Law of Cause and Effect AIDA model SPANCO and SPIN process of selling 3 secrets of Impactful Sales Presentation Setting SMART goals for your sales targets and step by step process of achieving it. Role Play and Action Exercises
  18. 18. ABOUT THE PROGRAM : STRUCTURED SELLING SKILLSDAY TWO : Seven disciplines of selling 5 steps to become a Sales Champion Step # 1 : Prospecting Techniques – Get more prospects everyday Step # 2 : Powerful telephone techniques – Get more appointments everyday Step # 3 : Effective Objection Handling Step # 4 : Closing Techniques - Close more sales and pick up more cheques Step # 5 : Lead generation techniques Great methods of selling more and faster even in tough markets Role Plays and Practical Exercises