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SGS Leadership and Management Solutions


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Innovative, cost effective and bespoke nationally accredited leadership and management solutions, delivered by the industry, for the industry.

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SGS Leadership and Management Solutions

  2. 2. NEW FOR 2012 – LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT CENTRE SGS recognise that excellent leaders and managers are at the heart of today’s economy. The continued diversification of the UK Training Business enables SGS to offer a range of services which can be specifically tailored to you and your organisations needs. The SGS Leadership and Management Centre is for individuals, teams and organisations wishing to further develop existing managers and senior executives or develop talent to prepare people for new positions of leadership and management. LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT We offer a range of bespoke in-house solutions as well as Topics can include negotiating and influencing, emotional programmes accredited with the Institute of Leadership and intelligence, risk management, decision making, problem Management at levels three, five and seven designed for solving and business continuity management as well as first line supervisors, senior managers and executive leaders: people, performance, change, project and financial management. These solutions equip you with the skills • Executive Leadership Programme you need to manage and lead prosperous high performing • Senior Management Programme teams and organisations. • First Line Supervisors Programme COACHING AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT Our team include highly qualified and experienced coaches, mentors and Neuro Linguistic Practitioners licensed to deliver psychometric instruments and 360 feedback realising potential, personal leadership styles, personality types and team dynamics. These invaluable sessions, which can be offered on a 1-2-1 or group basis, help identify strengths and improve areas for development, enable leaders and managers to adapt to situations, improving relationships, reducing conflicts and improving individual, team and organisational performance, thereby contributing to the bottom line. TRAIN THE TRAINER We can support you to become leadership, management and talent development trainers and coaches, delivering your own in-house programmes and gaining recognition in your sector. PUBLIC COURSE These courses are available on pre-determined dates and set locations. The material delivered on these courses is generic, but where appropriate examples will always be from both service and manufacturing industries. One advantage of this type of learning is gaining other organisations’ points of view. IN-HOUSE COURSE Running a course at your premises allows you to shape the message and style of the presentation to suit the individual culture of your organisation. It is often the most convenient and the most cost-effective solution if you wish to train a number of your staff, or when confidentiality is an issue.2 UKTRAINING@SGS.COM • SGS CERTIFIED COMPANIES RECEIVE 10% DISCOUNT OFF ALL OUR TRAINING SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. FIRST LINE SUPERVISORS PROGRAMME 1 WEEK TARGET AUDIENCE: Delivered from a variety of locations The First Line Supervisors Programme (FLSP) is designed for those operating at throughout the UK or can be delivered team leader level who may be new to management. in-house at your offices AIM: This programme aims to develop skills in people and performance management, problem solving, conflict management, grievance resolution, presentation and interviewing skills, as well as chairing effective meetings and working with budgets. OUTCOMES: By the end of this Programme, participants will be able to: 1. Develop and motivate teams, providing constructive feedback to maximise performance and continuous improvement 2. Apply decision making techniques to identify and solve problems, resolving conflicts and grievances 3. Conduct a risk assessment of the workplace, highlighting prevention and control measures and complying with environmental and legal managerial responsibilitiesFLSP 4. Chair and participate in effective succinct meetings 5. Work with costs and budgets, monitoring variance and using control mechanisms 6. Plan, manage and evaluate a project, setting key deliverables and milestones, monitoring and promoting benefits 7 Conduct a succinct, timely briefing or presentation, using innovative . techniques to engage the audience STRUCTURE: This Programme comprises distance learning prior to a workshop delivered with exercises, presentations and facilitated discussions, culminating in an action plan to apply in the workplace. ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION: Participants enrolled on the FLSP complete a work-based assignment of 2000 words, identifying and describing the nature, scope and impact of an issue, analysing options, evaluating, selecting, implementing and reflecting on the chosen solution. Participants use a learning log to reflect on their communication, direction and leadership style, outlining the importance of common sense, motivating, supporting and developing their team. Completion of this Programme can result in a level 3 certificate in leadership and management with the ILM. FREEPHONE: 0800 900 094 • FAX: +44 (0)1276 697 696 • WWW.TRAINING.UK.SGS.COM 3
  4. 4. SENIOR MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME MODULE 1 - 3 DAYS TARGET AUDIENCE: EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS The Senior Management Programme (SMP) is designed for those operating Delivered from a variety of locations at middle to senior management level either as heads of departments or throughout the UK or can be delivered business functions. in-house at your offices AIM: The SMP aims to develop change, finance and people management skills as well as enhancing equality and diversity, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. OUTCOMES: MODULE 2 - 3 DAYS By the end of this Programme, participants will be able to: BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SKILLS 1. Assess and improve their own leadership capability, identifying strengths Delivered from a variety of locations and nurturing areas for improvement throughout the UK or can be delivered 2. Develop and build teams to achieve organisational goals, coaching, in-house at your offices mentoring and managing people to maximise their performance 3. Apply creativity and innovation to effectively manage change within the organisation SMP 4. Present a robust financial case with options to inform leadership decisions 5. Develop critical thinking skills, assessing and reflecting on the validity and impact of information STRUCTURE: This interactive Programme is delivered over two lots of three days using a mixture of workshops with exercises, presentations and facilitated discussions. ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION: Those enrolled on the SMP complete a 5000 word written work-based assignment, identifying, critically assessing and evaluating options for improvement and innovation in their organisation. This includes a change management plan together with a quotation. Additionally participants engage in action learning and write a 3000 word work-based assignment to analyse and reflect on their performance as a leader, developing an action plan to improve their leadership and management capabilities in the workplace. Completion of this Programme can result in a level 5 diploma in leadership and management accredited by the ILM.44 UKTRAINING@SGS.COM • SGS CERTIFIED COMPANIES RECEIVE 10% DISCOUNT OFF ALL OUR TRAINING SOLUTIONS
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME 6 x 1 DAY TARGET AUDIENCE: DEVELOPING THE EXECUTIVE LEADER The Executive Leadership Programme (ELP) is ideal for directors and vice presidents with responsibility for setting the strategic direction VISION, VALUES, STRATEGY AND of the organisation. STRATEGIC THINKING AIM: BUSINESS CONTINUITY, CORPORATE The ELP aims to enhance strategic thinking, build commitment to corporate RISK, DECISION MAKING vision and values, adapting leadership styles to lead in times of austerity and significant change, making informed and prosperous decisions. LEADING ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE OUTCOMES: CONFLICT MANAGEMENT, By the end of this Programme, participants will be able to: NEGOTIATING AND INFLUENCING 1. Negotiate, influence and secure stakeholders buy in to corporate vision and values FINANCE FOR NON-FINANCE DIRECTORS 2. Develop and implement a corporate strategy to achieve the organisations goals Delivered from a variety of locations throughout the UK or can be delivered 3. Lead the organisation through times of fluctuation and adversity, in-house at your offices applying effective leadership styles and using emotional intelligenceELP 4. Secure budgets for the organisation, evaluating the viability, costs, benefits and risks associated with capital projects 5. Employ effective business continuity strategies, making informed judgements for major corporate decisions STRUCTURE: This flexible programme is made up of 6 one day master classes on visioning and values, strategy and strategic thinking, politics, negotiating, influencing and persuading, emotional intelligence, business continuity, corporate risk and decision making. The workshops comprise of presentations, facilitated discussions and exercises. ASSESSMENT AND ACCREDITATION: Participants enrolled on the ELP complete two 2,000 word reflective reviews; one identifying the process and effectiveness of two major decisions reflecting on their own practice employing appropriate decision making strategies. The second reflective review is focussed on personal leadership and management performance, analysing and reflecting on feedback, using this to identify strengths and develop an action plan to address developmental areas. Completion of this Programme can result in a level 7 certificate in executive management accredited with the ILM. Please see page 2 for a description of course formats FREEPHONE: 0800 900 094 • FAX: +44 (0)1276 697 696 • WWW.TRAINING.UK.SGS.COM 5
  6. 6. 10 REASONS FOR CHOOSING SGS LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT CENTRE • BESPOKE – the SGS Leadership and Management solutions • DELIVERED BY THE INDUSTRY FOR THE INDUSTRY with are specifically tailored to the unique needs of our clients, trainers, who are leaders and managers themselves highly identified through a skilled and qualified in the clients business lines ensuring • COMPLIMENTARY NEEDS ANALYSIS – triangulating and • CONTEXTUALISATION and relevance to the workplace enabling understanding the key issues as well as the knowledge, skills, participants to easily embed their learning, tools and attitudes and behaviours required, designing and delivering techniques making significant business • INNOVATIVE leadership and management development • IMPACT realising GUARANTEED BENEFITS through improved programmes using blended solutions including web portals, leadership and management skills as a result of this e-learning, distance learning, immersive learning, presentations, group exercises and action learning sets • COST EFFECTIVE initiative, saving the organisation delivered at a approximately £3,000[1] per person in comparison with other providers, plus • CHOICE OF VENUES to suit our clients, delivered during working hours to maintain a healthy • MATCH FUNDING of up to £1,000 from the government for senior leaders of organisations based in the UK, which have • WORK/LIFE BALANCE and equal opportunities for everyone the potential for high and fast growth, and which have up to with no requirement for evening or weekend commitments, 249 employees. CONTACT US NOW TO FIND OUT MORE!66 UKTRAINING@SGS.COM • SGS CERTIFIED COMPANIES RECEIVE 10% DISCOUNT OFF ALL OUR TRAINING SOLUTIONS
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