Updated: Social Media for Marketing and Branding


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This an updated and improved presentation that I used in a session at Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Social Media for Marketing and Branding. With some relavant

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  • Some interesting quotes from Steve Jobs. Will explain exactly what these mean in narrative.
  • Updated: Social Media for Marketing and Branding

    1. 1. Why Social Media is Essential forMarketing and Branding?Hammad Siddiquihttp://hammadsiddiquibloghammadlinks@gmail.com
    2. 2. • Your Name• Your field of expertise• Do you use a smartphone• Your preferred social media platform• Why do you use social media• How many followers do you have
    3. 3. What is Social Media?Social Media is aninternet basedinteractive medium ofcommunication
    4. 4. #1 activity on the Internet
    5. 5. Some Interesting Facts• Radio took 38 years to reach 50million users.• TV took 13 years• Internet took 4 years• Facebook took 9 months toreach 100 million
    6. 6. Do you Understand this?• CUL• Lol• BBIAB• BISLY• JTLYK• NVM• W/E• CYA• BFFClick for the next slide 
    7. 7. • BBIAB – Be Back in a Bit• BISLY - But I Still Love You• JTLYK - Just to Let You Know• NVM - Never Mind• W/E – Whatever• CYA - See Ya• BFF - Best Friends, Forever
    8. 8. Four Basics of Branding• Name Awareness• Outreach / recognition /Visibility• Creating Value for Customers• Striving to be at the top
    9. 9. Six Basics of Marketing• Defining product value• Identifying the target market• Fight the competition• USP• Build trust• Generate leads
    10. 10. Social Media MatrixInfluencing Engagement
    11. 11. Fact Sheet & Current Potential• Facebook: Over 1 Billion users• Twitter: over 500 million users• LinkedIn: 200 million members• Google Plus: 170 million “people who haveupgraded”
    12. 12. Fact Sheet• 80% companies are using LinkedIn as their primary toolto find new employees• 45% companies screen out candidates by spying onprofiles on social media.*• 80% Twitter usage is on mobile device.• The biggest source of Breaking News is Twitter.*Technology.inc.com
    13. 13. Fact Sheet• 100,000, 000 videos are watched daily on YouTube.• 300,000,000 active blogs• 54% bloggers post content & tweet daily• 34% of bloggers post opinion about brands/products
    14. 14. 5 most liked brands on Facebook:• Coca-Cola - 47.6 Million Likes• Disney - 37.8 Million Likes• Converse - 32.7 Million Likes• Starbucks - 31.3 Million Likes• Red Bull - 29.6 Million Likes
    15. 15. Top Facebook Pages from Pakistan• OLX 1.8million• Nokia 1.3million• Pizza Hut 0.9million• Pepsi 0.6million• Djuice 0.6million• Pantene 0.59 million• Head & Shoulder0.52million• KFC 0.45million• Nandos 0.42million• Maggi 0.41million
    16. 16. Fastest Growing Pages Last Month• Atif Aslam 372384• Ali Zafar 107885• Bohemia Rapper 51511
    17. 17. Fastest Growing Twitter Accounts• Kamran Khan 35752• Mubashr Luchman 34785• Veena Malik 25025• Ali Zafar 20720• Nasim Zehra 16684
    18. 18. Habitual Change!Customers are now more responsive toengaging – They like to talk to you!
    19. 19. How do you think you can use SocialMedia• Customer Feedback• Build brand loyalty• User Generated Content instead of typical PR and newsreleases• Re-purpose existing content to enlarge your audience• Manage your reputation• Conduct crisis communications• Hold contests• Crowdsource your challenges• Avail free advertising opportunities• Showcase your brand / products• Recruit employees
    20. 20. What is NEXT?
    21. 21. Social Media Policy– Why are we using social media (what are our objectives, whatare we going to achieve)– What resources will be deploy• Financial resources• Human resources• How will internal buy-in be created• How will manage social media accounts• What information is not for public consumption• Redressing• Role of employees in using social media for official purpose• Social media code of conduct• Disclaimers
    22. 22. Social Media Strategy– Who are the Target audience– Which social media channels will be used• Specific use of– Facebook– Microblogging such as Twitter– Social bookmarking services– Blogs– Linkedin– YouTube– Flicker– What message will be pushed– Who will be followed– Who will be blocked• Engaging in debate– What kind of debate– If yes, who will moderate– Damage control strategy• What must not be done (restrictions)
    23. 23. Basic Analysis Of Social Media Success• Number of fans• Frequency of updates• Quality of information• Customer engagement
    24. 24. Be Careful not to hurt feelings!• Kenneth Cole: Millions are in uproar in #Cairo.Rumor is they heard our new sprint collection isnow available online.• MSN: Bee Gees Co-founder Robin Gibbs dies at62. Click “Like” to pay your respect.• Kmart: Our thoughts and prayers are with thevictims of this terrible #Shooting tragedy#PrayersforNewtown #CTCshooting #Feb15Toys• UrbanOutfitters: This storm blows (but freeshopping does not – Today only! #Frankenstrom
    25. 25. Recognize theReality &Embrace theChange!
    26. 26. Open Social Media Channels
    27. 27. Integrate Your Social Media
    28. 28. Build Your Community
    29. 29. Engage Your Community
    30. 30. Four Lessons from Steve JobsExperts are generally cluelessValue is not equal to PriceA-players hire A+ PlayersJump to the next curve
    31. 31. Why Social Media is Essential forMarketing and Branding?Hammad Siddiquihttp://hammadsiddiquibloghammadlinks@gmail.com