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CEO Capacity Building Workshop 2013 for Business Assocaitions


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CEO Capacity Building Workshop 2013 for Business Assocaitions

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CEO Capacity Building Workshop 2013 for Business Assocaitions

  1. 1. Secretary General’s Conference2103
  2. 2. Defining 21st Century Chambers and AssociationKey challenges faced by Secretary General in PakistanGeneric Roles of a Chamber/AssociationVision and Mission is this just a piece of documentWhy is it important to Think StrategicallyHow Secretary Generals Can build strong organizationsFinancial and Risk Management, and BudgetingLegal compliance under New DGTO Rules
  4. 4. Yes47%No53%0% 0%Do you have Financial Accounting Manual
  5. 5. Stable26%Increasing61%Decreasing13%0%Is your membership
  6. 6. Yes66%No34%0% 0%Do you prepare a formal budget for your tradeassociation
  7. 7. Yes47%No53%0% 0%Do you have HR & Employee Manual
  8. 8. Yes50%No50%0% 0%Do you have Code of Conduct for Office Bearer
  9. 9. Yes61%No39%0% 0%Do you have Code of Conduct for Staff
  10. 10. Yes61%No39%0% 0%Does your organization has a surplus Income
  11. 11. Define A Chamber – What it is
  12. 12. Chamber is a bridgebetween Governmentand BusinessCommunity
  13. 13. Understanding Chamber BusinessA chamber is a voluntary membershipbased business organization thatserves their member’s collectiveinterests
  14. 14. Generic Roles of a Chamber/Association• Work proactively to improve the sectors / region’s profitability andcompetitiveness (R&D)• Work effectively to represent the sectors interests at all levels ofthe legislative regulatory process (Policy Advocacy)• Supply sound information and advice for members (PR &Communications)• Promote exports and other market opportunities (Trade facilitation)• Promote training and education (Training)• Work to ensure practice of principals of good governance (Ethics)
  15. 15. Group Exercise #1Key Challenges as Secretary Generals
  16. 16. Your Challenges as Secretary Generals• Remain ethical• Improve Skills• Protect Staff• Hire quality HR• Be creative• Build a professional organizationHow many of you read your own emails?
  17. 17. Strategic Direction
  18. 18. SS• To be the best Chamber in SAARC Countries throughgrowth in business volumes, turnovers, exports andcontribution in tax revenues.• To promote trade commerce and industry of the region inparticular and of the whole nation in general• To be a forum of active exchange on matters relating toxxxxx. To promote, support and protect common interestsof member companies carrying on the business of xxxxx inPakistan and to endeavor to increase xxxx awareness andpenetration in the country.• To make XXX a leading trade organization in the countryadopting best international practices for the promotion oftrade and industry
  19. 19. Vision/MissionGoals, objectives and strategiesAction Plans and AccountabilityStrong and Vibrant Organization
  20. 20. 21st Century Business Associations1. Expectations - What our members expect from our association?2. Vision – is our mission is member driven or board driven?3. Mission – is our mission aligned with our vision?4. Communication with Board members – do we communicatevision/Mission with board members?5. Trustworthiness – do we do what we say?6. Communication – do we communicate effectively with ourstakeholders?7. Partners – are our partners are satisfied?8. Board members – Are our broad members credible?9. Committees – how many committees should we have?10. Performance – Do we have a performance review system?11. Monitoring – Do we have an effective monitoring system?12. Leadership Development – Do we have succession planning in place?13. Financial Management – ??14. Governance and Ethics – Do we have any codes and do we implement?15. Appreciation – Do we rejoice success?
  21. 21. Role of Office Bearers• Develop specific objectives and business plan.• Support and Execute business plan.• Proactively participate in policy advocacyinitiatives.• Promote Chamber’s image.
  22. 22. Role of StaffSupport and Implementation:• Operations• Staff and financial management• Strategic planning• Membership development• Program/service development and delivery• Policy recommendations to the MC/EC• Research and Development• Member communication
  23. 23. Breakout #1Key Issues with BusinessAssociations
  24. 24. Key Issues with Business Associations• Inability to run chamber as a Business• Lack of Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategic Plan• Poor financial management (budgeting, fundraising, expense projection)• Poor networking (no membership drive)• Lack of staff capacity (inability to attract and retainquality staff)• Inability to attract member attention / support• Inability to attract donor funds• No will to excel• Unethical practices• Founder’s syndrome
  25. 25. Typical Areas of Concern• Compensation (Hiring/Firing/promotion)• Conflict of Interest• Solicitation• Buying/Selling/travel• Financial Integrity (gifts/donations)• Investment Policies• Accountability• Strategic Management
  26. 26. How many business associationsare there in Pakistan?One Way to Increase Efficiency
  27. 27. ORGPresidentOfficeSecretariatMembershipFinanceR&DHR and AdminTechnologyMedia Publication& LibraryDepartment
  28. 28. Lunar Landing Challenge
  29. 29. In the following situation, your "life" and "death" depends upon how wellyou can prioritize items for survival in a relatively unfamiliar environment. Thisproblem is fictional, although the ranking to which you will compare yourresults was done by a number of space experts.The SituationYou are a member of a lunar exploration crew originally scheduled to jointhe mother ship on the lighted surface of the moon. Due to mechanicaldifficulties however, your ship was forced to land at a spot some 320 kilometersfrom the actual landing point. During the process, much of the equipmentaboard was damaged, and, since survival depends on reaching the mothership, the most critical items available must be chosen for the 320 km trip.Your TaskThere are 15 items left intact and undamaged after landing. Your task is torank these items according to their importance in aiding you to reach themother ship, starting with "1" the more important, to "15" the least important.You should assume that your crew is your group, you have agreed onpriority, and all 15 items are in good condition.
  30. 30. Lunar Survival Items• Compass, magnetic• First aid kit w/ hypodermic needles• Flares, signal• FM receiver/transmitter (solar-powered)• Food concentrate• Heating unit, portable• Map (stellar map, moon’s constellations)• Matches (1 box)• Milk (1 case dehydrated milk)• Oxygen (2 50kg tanks)• Parachute silk• Pistols (2 .45 caliber)• Raft, Life (automatic inflating)• Rope, Nylon (20 meters)• Water (25 liters)
  31. 31. Space SurvivalRanking of Items by ExpertsOxygen 1 Fills respiration requirementsWater 2 Replenishes loss by sweating, etcMap 3 One of principal means of finding directionsFood 4 Supply daily food requiredFM receiver 5 Distress signal transmitter, possiblecommunication with another shipRope 6 Useful in tying inured together, help inclimbingFirst aid kit 7 Oral pills or injection medicine availableParachute 8 Shelter against sun’s raysRaft 9 CO bottles for self propulsion across chasms,etc,Flares 10 Distress call when line of sight possiblePistols 11 Self propulsion devices could bemade from themMilk 12 Food mixed with water for drinkingHeating unit 13 Useful only if party landed on darksideCompass 14 Probably no magnetized poles, thereforeuselessMatches 15 Little or no use on moon
  32. 32. What is your daily routine?At work
  33. 33. Key Thing that Great Leadersdo!Build Great InstitutionsCreate Great TeamsMake things happen
  34. 34. Unaligned Vision and Mission
  35. 35. Measuring Performance• How do you prove that you are a successfulorganization?Setting Annual KPIs
  36. 36. Governance• What are Governing Documents?• Mission Statement: The mission statement --- or statement of purpose• Articles of Incorporation: The articles of incorporation (sometimes referred toas the charter or constitution) are the primary rules governing themanagement of a corporation, and are filed with a state or other regulatoryagency.• Bylaws: A bylaw is a rule governing the internal management of theorganization.• Policies: A policy interprets the governing documents and is usuallymaintained in the form of a policy manual; for example, a policy on investingthe organization’s savings. The policy development process includes theidentification of recurring issues and the best alternatives selected by theboard.
  37. 37. Key Policy Documents• Board of Directors• Bylaws• Calendar• Chapters (Regional Offices)• Committees• Human Resource (staffing)• Finances• Government Affairs and policy advocacy• Meetings & Conventions• Membership Development and retention• Communication, PR, Social Media and Publications• Reimbursements
  38. 38. Leadership – What does it mean?Leadership, is the ability to motivate agroup of people towards commonobjectives
  39. 39. “There is no such thing as a perfectleader, either in the past or present, in Chinaor elsewhere. If there is one, he is onlypretending, like a pig inverting spring onionsinto his nose in an effort to look like anelephant.” —Liu Shao-Chi — Which meanswe must consistently strive to improveourselves”.
  40. 40. Did you ever Ask yourself“Why am I unable to do what I want todo?
  41. 41. Stumbling BlocksYOULack of Skills Political FightsOuch!
  42. 42. How Many think they havebeen unlucky?
  43. 43. Its for YOU if you fallunder these categoriesOuch!StuckwithCan’t DoOuch!UnawareOuch!Ouch!FearsOuch!LethargicOuch!Yes BOSS!Ouch!Peer PressureOuch!Leg Puller
  44. 44. Choosing the Right Luggage
  45. 45. You’re going to get hit!The Problem With Dodging Bullets
  46. 46. Choice #2Wear Bulletproof Armor
  47. 47. How to become Bullet Proof?Start making decisionsStop leg pulling Start delegatingStart training staffStart training office bearersBut you can do all that only if……….You are Brave Enough to Say No!
  48. 48. Membership
  49. 49. • Why members subscribe?• They need services 
  50. 50. Why Focus on Members?• A member voluntarily invests money bypayment of dues on a regular basis inexchange for a perceived value from thechamber.• Members are the first element of anorganizational structure.• Members are both owners and customers.
  51. 51. What Services does yourorganization offer tomembers?
  52. 52. Chamber Services• Networking opportunities• Advocacy• Member to Member Discount Program• Learning opportunities• Community development through effective CSR• Trade leads• Referral services• Employment exchange• Subsidized consultancy services• Promotion and advertising
  53. 53. Are we offering servicesbased on our memberrequirement?
  54. 54. Membership Life Cycle55