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This is a chamber management program for Business Associations. This program is focused at 2nd Tier Management.

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  • I will speak about the important of a practical and exciting idea.
  • Passion is the key for any entrepreneurs to keep surviving in challenging environment.
  • Every entrepreneur needs these four basic skills.
  • It is important to check these three points to ensure the validity of a BIG Idea
  • This concept was introduced by Seth Godin. It’s a way to tell that an entrepreneur should have remarkable and unique ideas.
  • I will talk about the importance of creativity here.
  • Two examples of how simple creativity could be.
  • How did wonder bread become worlds largest bread marketing company.
  • Some interesting quotes from Steve Jobs. Will explain exactly what these mean in narrative.
  • Chamber Management Program

    1. 1. Chamber ProfessionalDevelopment Program 2013
    2. 2. What are yourexpectations?
    3. 3. First thing First! How do you define a chamber?
    4. 4. Chamber is a bridgebetween Governmentand BusinessCommunity
    5. 5. Is this the right answer?
    6. 6. Lets debate!Chamber is a privately runmembership based non-profitcompany that represents interests ofits members. Its key role is toadvocate for business friendlypolicies.
    7. 7. Two Questions?• What is the role of the chamber or association?• How does your job fits within the overall objectives of your organization?
    8. 8. Generic Roles of a Chamber/Association• Work proactively to improve the sectors / region’s profitability and competitiveness (R&D)• Work effectively to represent the sectors interests at all levels of the legislative regulatory process (Policy Advocacy)• Supply sound information and advice for members (PR & Communications)• Promote exports and other market opportunities (Trade facilitation)• Promote training and education (Training)• Work to ensure practice of principals of good governance (Ethics)
    9. 9. Role of Office Bearers• Develop specific objectives and business plan.• Support and Execute business plan.• Proactively participate in policy advocacy initiatives.• Promote Chamber’s image
    10. 10. Role of Staff Support and Implementation:• Operations• Staff and financial management• Strategic planning• Membership development• Program/service development and delivery• Policy recommendations to the MC/EC• Research and Development• Member communication
    11. 11. Examples of successful tasks based on the above that yourchamber or association has done
    12. 12. Key Issues with Business Associations• Inability to run chamber as a Business• Lack of Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategic Plan• Poor financial management (budgeting, fund raising, expense projection)• Poor networking (no membership drive)• Lack of staff capacity (inability to attract and retain quality staff)• Inability to attract member attention / support• Inability to attract donor funds• No will to excel• Unethical practices• Founder’s syndrome
    13. 13. Visionemia Visionemia
    14. 14. Egolio
    15. 15. Blamearia
    16. 16. Jealousitis
    17. 17. You catch them too!
    18. 18. Confidemia
    19. 19. Indecitis
    20. 20. CanSir
    21. 21. Angeritis
    22. 22. Leadership
    23. 23. Key Departments• Membership• Public Relations• Research
    24. 24. Membership
    25. 25. • Why members subscribe?• They need services 
    26. 26. Why Focus on Members?• A member voluntarily invests money by payment of dues on a regular basis in exchange for a perceived value from the chamber.• Members are the first element of an organizational structure.• Members are both owners and customers.
    27. 27. What Services does your organization offer to members?
    28. 28. Chamber Services• Networking opportunities• Advocacy• Member to Member Discount Program• Learning opportunities• Community development through effective CSR• Trade leads• Referral services• Employment exchange• Subsidized consultancy services• Promotion and advertising
    29. 29. Are we offering services based on our member requirement?
    30. 30. Member Satisfaction Survey
    31. 31. Member Satisfaction Survey Provide feedback opportunity for all of your members Customized to fit your specific business objectives Details and ranks causes of dissatisfaction Benchmarks members satisfaction Identifies organizations strengths and weaknesses Provides management with information to make timely and critical improvements Reveals the keys to converting merely satisfied members into your biggest fans
    32. 32. Research & Development
    33. 33. You tell us please!• What is your understanding of R & D?• What role it plays in Business Associations?• Which research (i.e. Primary or Secondary) method is appropriate for BAs?
    34. 34. Key Functions of R&D• Keep leadership informed : – about policy, economic, legislative and political development – Impact of these developments on business• Produce Material: – that is useful for their members • Sectoral Reports • Economic Reports • Business development guides
    35. 35. Public RelationsWhat is the role of PR department? To communicate chamber’s position to its target audience effectively
    36. 36. Process:• Define communication objectives – What and why• Identify target audience – Who and why• Prepare A key message – What needs to be communicated• Prepare communication strategy – How and when• Impact assessment – Changes or otherwise• Re-strategize – What are other options
    37. 37. Who many business associations are there in Pakistan?One reason for non-effectiveness
    38. 38. President Office Media Publication & Library Department SecretariatTechnology ORG Membership HR and Admin Finance R&D
    39. 39. Working Together means!• Video
    40. 40. Creative Thinking!
    41. 41. Scenario A team has been formed at the chamber to do three things:1. Increase membership (20% new members)2. Add a member services3. Increase chamber’s revenues You are part of the team. Prepare a bulleted report
    42. 42. Conclusion of Day 1 Sessions
    43. 43. • Which rules will you break• To change what• To change HOW
    44. 44. Define a leader?
    45. 45. Key Leadership Traits• Vision• Creativity• Knowledge• Ethics• Integrity• Communication• Assertiveness• Fairness• Decisiveness
    46. 46. Leadership – What does it mean?Leadership, is the ability to motivate a group of people towards common objectivesLeaders ask right questions at the right time to the right people
    47. 47. “There is no such thing as a perfect leader,either in the past or present, in China orelsewhere. If there is one, he is onlypretending, like a pig inverting spring onionsinto his nose in an effort to look like anelephant.” —Liu Shao-Chi — Which meanswe must consistently strive to improveourselves”.
    48. 48. What is your daily routine? At work and at home
    49. 49. Key Thing that Great Leaders do! Build Great Institutions Create Great Teams Make things happen
    50. 50. Success Re-Defined
    51. 51. How do you define success?
    52. 52. Persistence Serve implementation ideas push focus workpassion
    53. 53. Single Biggest Success Factor
    54. 54. Your Biggest Challenge is…
    55. 55. You Need 3 Key Skills Ability to Ability to Ability to Innovate Implement Outreach(or create) your Ideas
    56. 56. Is your idea big enoughis your idea not only unique but remarkable Is you outreach strategy cool enough Find out fast if an idea would work
    57. 57. There are More Choices – Less Time!Can you hit this point Choicesagain and again Time
    58. 58. Be Creative!
    59. 59. Creativity is not aboutCreating Somethingnew, its about giving a newexperience Richard Branson
    60. 60. Six Lessons from Steve JobsChanging you mind is truly a sign of intelligenceExperts are generally cluelessValue is not equal to PriceDesign CountsA-players hire A+ PlayersJump to the next curve
    61. 61. Your Ideas will Work if…. You enlighten yourself like this bulb! Persist Work Ask FocusImprove Push Listen Talk
    62. 62. Find Time to CreateSuccess for yourself – Only you can do it, other will only talk!
    63. 63. What is your dream job?where do you aim to be in the next two years
    64. 64. Major Issues in Searching your Dream Job
    65. 65. Write a Letter
    66. 66. A common working individual spends approximately a third of his life working at jobs and most of us get stuck at certain level, and breaking that level to move further seems impossible?
    67. 67. Are you are stuck in your career ladder You might be suffering from Career Stagnation Syndrome (CSS)
    68. 68. Lets do diagnosis before we start treatment
    69. 69. Did you ever Ask yourself“Why am I stuck at career ladder? Am Iunlucky hence cant progress ?
    70. 70. Stumbling BlocksLack of Tools Ouch! Lost YOU opportinities Experience & mindset
    71. 71. How Many think they havebeen unlucky?
    72. 72. Its for YOU if you fall Ouch! under these categories Lethargic Ouch! Fears References Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Under the cloudsOuch!Stuck Ouch! Ouch! Peer Pressure Time waster
    73. 73. Choosing the Right Luggage
    74. 74. The Problem With Dodging BulletsYou’re going to get hit!
    75. 75. Choice #2Wear Bulletproof Armor
    76. 76. What do you need to do to reach to the position that you have written a letter to?
    77. 77. Answer These Questions1. Who are my potential employers?2. How do I find job opportunities?3. Why would someone give me a job?4. What would I do if I do not get a job?