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Capacity building workshop for 2nd tier management upload


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Chambers and Association Capacity Building Program

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Capacity building workshop for 2nd tier management upload

  1. 1. Capacity Building Workshop for 2nd Tier Management 23 -24 October 2013
  2. 2. Congratulations! You all have been promoted as Secretary General
  3. 3. You are task is to make your Chamber a Vibrant and Strong Organization • What are 10 things that you will change immediately? • What rules will you break? • What rules will you make? • What will be the hurdles?
  4. 4. Your Challenges as Secretary General • • • • • • • Remain ethical Improve Skills Hire quality HR Train and Retain Be creative Make Profits Build a professional organization
  5. 5. Vision/Mission Goals, objectives & strategies Action Plans & Accountability Strong and Vibrant Organization
  6. 6. Understanding Chamber Business A chamber is a voluntary membership based business organization that serves their member’s collective interests
  7. 7. Generic Roles of a Chamber/Association • Work proactively to improve the sector's / region’s profitability and competitiveness (R&D) • Work effectively to represent the sector's interests at all levels of the legislative regulatory process (Policy Advocacy) • Supply sound information and advice for members (PR & Communications) • Promote exports and other market opportunities (Trade facilitation) • Promote training and education (Training) • Work to ensure practice of principals of good governance (Ethics)
  8. 8. 21st Century Business Associations 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Expectations - What our members expect from our association? Vision – is our mission is member driven or board driven? Mission – is our mission aligned with our vision? Communication with Board members – do we communicate vision/Mission with board members? Trustworthiness – do we do what we say? Communication – do we communicate effectively with our stakeholders? Partners – are our partners are satisfied? Board members – Are our broad members credible? Committees – how effective and empowered our committees are? Performance – Do we have a performance review system? Monitoring – Do we have an effective monitoring system? Leadership Development – Do we have succession planning in place? Financial Management – Do we have a financial management system? Governance and Ethics – Do we have any codes and do we implement? Appreciation – Do we rejoice success?
  9. 9. Role of Office Bearers • Develop specific objectives and business plan. • Support and Execute business plan. • Proactively participate in policy advocacy initiatives. • Promote Chamber’s image.
  10. 10. Role of Staff Support and Implementation: • • • • • • • • Operations Staff and financial management Strategic planning Membership development Program/service development and delivery Policy recommendations to the MC/EC Research and Development Member communication
  11. 11. Key Issues with Business Associations • Inability to run chamber as a Business • Lack of Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategic Plan • Poor financial management (budgeting, fund raising, expense projection) • Poor networking (no membership drive) • Lack of staff capacity (inability to attract and retain quality staff) • Inability to attract member attention / support • Inability to attract donor funds • Lukewarm efforts for organizational development