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Christian heilmann   an-open-web-for-all

Christian heilmann an-open-web-for-all



Christian Heilmann (Yahoo! Developer Network) - An open web for all

Christian Heilmann (Yahoo! Developer Network) - An open web for all



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    Christian heilmann   an-open-web-for-all Christian heilmann an-open-web-for-all Presentation Transcript

    • An open web for all Chris&an Heilmann How to Web, Bucharest, Romania, November 2010
    • I am Chris (@codepo8)
    • I make technology easy.
    • 6 Books,>120 slide decks,a few dozen videos,Blogger: wait-till-i.com ajaxian.com smashingmagazine.com sitepoint.com thinkvitamin.com Microsoft Scriptjunkie
    • People come to mefor advice how toget known on theweb.
    • Being a success onthe web as aproduct depends ona few things.
    • Having a1 creative idea.
    • Finding people2 to build it.
    • Getting found3 by people.
    • What if I can tellyou that none ofthese are a problemif you shift yourfocus?
    • If you build for the web use the web to build.http://www.flickr.com/photos/thisisbossi/3361593196/
    • Be technologyagnostic
    • If you do all byyourself you willburn out quickly.
    • Having a1 creative idea.
    • I can’t help you withthat - much.
    • The main trick is totake the old andmake the new bymixing andmatching.
    • A techniquefor producingideas. http://goo.gl/N8S7
    • This doesn’t evenhave to be creative! + =
    • Please be creative -even when creatingthe $local Facebookis tempting to do!
    • Finding people2 to build it.
    • Good developersare hard to find.
    • The main danger isthat you makeyourself dependent.
    • Your product shouldnot rely on one techperson.
    • You should not tellyour techies what todo.
    • But you should tellthem to documentwhat they did.
    • Separation ofconcerns should behigh on youragenda.
    • Data and interfaceare not the samething.
    • The interface willchange and has tochange - look atTwitter.
    • There is one trick tomake this work.
    • Go and build an API!
    • Reasons for APIs:You can change the backend or thefrontend when you need to.You build them in parallel.You can have various different interfacesto the same content (mobile, web, iPad...)You give third parties access to your dataand not to your system.You crowdsource innovation.
    • Success stories?
    • Using APIs is hardenough...
    • Providing oneshould not be takenlightly.
    • An API is forlife, not justfor the nextpress release.
    • So instead ofbuilding your owninfrastructure testthe waters with anexisting one.
    • YQL http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/
    • YQL turns webservices and dataon the web intodatabases.
    • YQL http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/ select {what} from {where} where {conditions}
    • Let’s have a quickexample.
    • http://winterolympicsmedals.com
    • http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/datablog/2010/feb/11/winter-olympics-medals-by-country
    • select * from csv whereurl="http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tpWDkIZMZleQaREf493v1Jw&output=csv"andcolumns="Year,City,Sport,Discipline,Country,Event, Gender,Type"and Year="1924"
    • http://isithackday.com/csv-to-webservice/
    • You can storeinformation in YQLand allow forwriting to your API.
    • All you need is adeveloper whoknows how toaccess data on theweb.
    • YQL helps you filterand convertinformation - evenfor mobileenvironments.
    • Using YQL has a lot ofbenefits: No time wasted reading API docs Using the console makes creating complex queries dead easy. Data filtering down to the least amount necessary. Fast pipes. Caching + converting Server-side JavaScript for complex conversions
    • YQL can be your“try before you buy”offer
    • And a real interfaceto play with is muchmore powerful thanmockups and alovely logo.
    • Getting found3 by people.
    • In order to getknown in developercircles, release freestuff.
    • This can start withadding your API toYQL as a new table.
    • All you need to dois write an XMLschema and put iton GitHub.
    • http://github.com/yql/yql-tables
    • But if I amopen, won’tpeople steal myideas and data?
    • Yes, but not beingopen makes peoplecreative in thewrong ways.
    • Offering free thingsis a wonderful wayto make people tellpeople about you.
    • Your biggest fearshould be beinginsignificant.
    • There are a lot oftricks you can do -but that is foranother time.
    • Where to find moretricks?
    • http://developer-evangelism.com
    • http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/
    • Christian Heilmannhttp://wait-till-i.com Cheershttp://developer-evangelism.com@codepo8