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    Personal narrative rough draft Personal narrative rough draft Presentation Transcript

    • personal narrative rough draft
    • My example: My pet chicken, HarrietThe outside story: The inside story:1. Family got chickens. They were all 1. I was a lonely kid. The chickens twitchy and jittery, except Harriet. were good company for me; they Harriet warmed up to me; I gave me joy! earned her trust. 2. I really grew to love Harriet. We2. We were good friends, she would became attached. I looked find me and let me pick her up. forward to seeing her every day. 3. I was horrified. How could this be?3. Pulled up to driveway to see that My heart was sad, though I was Harriet was killed when my dogs also grateful for the times we got out and ate her! Soon had together. Having a pet enough, I made a new chicken chicken will be a fond memory friend, Chicken Little. forever.
    • My beloved Harriet… For many years growing up, my family had a thing with farmanimals. We spent many a weekend at the Saturday auction, traipsinghome with new chickens, ducks, or geese in toe. It was all pretty normaland unspecial, you could say…until Harriet came along. Most of the chickens we had were twitchy, startled little creatureswho resisted any sort of contact with us. But Harriet, Harriet wasdifferent. Unlike the others, she warmed up to me and would eat frommy hand. She even let me pet her and pick her up in my arms. For anoften-bored, only child like me, having a pet chicken greet me afterschool was like a dream come true. It didn’t take long for me and Harrietto grow a unique bond between us. Sadly though, our friendship couldn’t last long. Another animal myfamily took a liking to were dogs – and not just any dogs, hunting dogs.So you can imagine what happened when, every once in a while, our dogsescaped from their cages and found a bunch of little birds roaming fancy-free around the yard. Yep. Dinner. And that’s exactly what happened theday Harriet died. I didn’t blame our dogs; they didn’t know. But I vowedto always remember Harriet and the gift of friendship she gave. Otherchickens came along, but none quite like my little Rhode-Island Redhen, Harriet. And see? It’s been 16 years and yet, every once in a while, Istill find myself talking about her.
    • By Friday…• Rough drafts due• 2-3 paragraphs• Neatly typed or handwritten• Double-spaced (skip lines!)• Proofread