Rough Draft


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Rough Draft

  1. 1. Rough Draft of Research Paper By M.J. Brestle BNMS
  2. 2. Rough Draft• The rough draft is your first attempt to write the entire research paper. Remember to use 12 font(one easy to read), double space and the length is 3-5 pages. In order for me to help you earn a good grade please include the following in your draft:• Parenthetic Citations - (click to see example)• Works Cited Page- (click to see example) ***Note if you don’t have the above in your paper, then you may be stealing other’s words which equals plagiarism and I may not critique/read it, and you may fail.*** WCP Citations Next
  3. 3. Rough Draft• If you do not choose to type your paper, you will need 9-10 sheets of hand written pages, skipping every other line and only writing on one side. (Include WCP, citations and parentheses)• No need for a title page or cover in Rough Draft however both are mandatory for Final Copy as well as some type of graphic- clipart, pictures, tables, etc.• A+B levels- be sure you argue both sides of issue with 2 citations each and present your opinion on the topic.• Be sure to save document. WCP Citations Next
  4. 4. Alpha. Orderby Authors’last name Single Space entriesIndent 2nd &3rd lines(Click) Double Space – between entries If no Author use 1st key word of title (Click) WCP Citations Next
  5. 5. Works Cited PageJones, Fred. “The Gun Control Issue” U.S. Gov. Bureau of Stats. 4 April 2005. 10 March 2009 <http//usgov/>“Pros and Cons of Gun Control” Guns Control Issues 5 May 2002. 10 March 2009 <http//>Smith, Fred. The Gun Control Issue Chicago: Random House,1998Williams, Fred. “The Gun Control Issue” World Book. 1992 ed. WCP Citations Next
  6. 6. Parenthetic Citations (Click for example)• Here is where you give credit to your sources for the citation(bit of information from source) you are using. Be sure to use your words to introduce citation, explain how citation is related to the topic (or side of issue- A&B only) and more of your words as transition to next paragraph. It’s easy -just after typing the citation put author’s last name in parentheses with page number if book, magazine or encyclopedia. If using website there’s probably no page number so just use last name, then period. (Brestle, 10). or (Brestle).• If no name of author- use the first key word(s) from title of article/webpage. (do not use The, A, An or other articles) (Gun Control). WCP Citations Next
  7. 7. My words to Citation form introduce source andcitation name of author to give credit (Jones) More of my words to explain & as transition ***Be sure names or key word(s) used in parentheses match the names or key word(s) on the WORKS CITED PAGE*** WCP Citations Next
  8. 8. Parenthetic Citations Example• There are many opinions on the gun control issue. One side of the issue is being ‘for’ gun control or against having so many guns in our country. The number of guns in America is alarming. According to 2002 government statistics, the number of registered guns in America is 33,458,727 (Jones). This equates to about 1 gun for every 10 Americans. It’s no wonder that there are so many violent crimes and deaths every day. WCP Citations Begin