Growth Hacking - hipages Group Friday talk


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hipages Group VP of Product gave a Friday talk to hipages Group staff on Growth Hacking.

The presentation covers:
- What is Growth Hacking
- Growth Hacking process
- The Growth marketing funnel
- Some Growth Hacking examples
- Distribution firehoses

hipages Group Friday talks are informal lunchtime presentations where members of our team share areas of expertise or passion with a cross functional group. Staff from all different departments attend to get an understanding of how other departments think.

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Growth Hacking - hipages Group Friday talk

  1. 1. Frida y Ta lk Growth Ha cking - Dino Ta lic
  2. 2. Outline •What is Growth Hacking •Growth Hacking process •The Growth marketing funnel •Some examples •Distribution firehoses
  3. 3. Dis cla ime r Growth hacking does not: • • • • • Walk your dog Babysit your kids Run your business for you Buy you an island in the Bahamas (most of the time) It does not blend!
  4. 4. Wha t is Growth Ha cking Concerned with acquisition of active users
  5. 5. Wha t doe s it re a lly me a n? Story for 99% of companies: 1. They perceive a user need or gap in the market 2. Assemble a team 3. Work non-stop for 3 months and release a product Result = nobody uses it Most companies at this point begin to build additional features hoping something will stick This further obfuscates what the real problem is
  6. 6. The Growth Ha cke r
  7. 7. The Growth Te a m • A Growth Team has something most other teams in the company don’t: FOCUS • A Growth Team’s sole focus is moving a single metric • Ability to break down and analyse a problem space
  8. 8. Growth Ha cking Ta ctics
  9. 9. Mos t compa nie s ’ a pproa ch to Growth They track 3 key metrics ? Traffic ? Users Revenue
  10. 10. The Growth Ha cking Approa ch Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral
  11. 11. The Growth Ha cking Approa ch Acquisition How users find you? Do users have a great first experience? Activation Retention Revenue Referral Do users come back? How do you make money? Do users tell others?
  12. 12. The Growth Ha cking Approa ch Acquisition SEO, SEM, Widgets, Email Newsletter, Blogs, Affiliates, PR, etc. Activation Product features Retention Revenue Referral Emails, alerts/notifications, blogs Subscriptions, lead gen, etc. Social integration, campaigns, emails, widgets, etc.
  13. 13. The Growth Ha cking Approa ch Source: Dave McClure – Startup Metrics for Pirates
  14. 14. The Growth Ha cking P roce s s Ri pea t d Re e an ns
  15. 15. The Ne w Re a lity of Online Ma rke ting “The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs“ - Andrew Chen Over time all marketing strategies result in low clickthrough rates.
  16. 16. The Ne w Re a lity of Online Ma rke ting The first banner ad: •Hotwired CTR, 1994: 78% Today: •Facebook CTR, 2012: 0.05%
  17. 17. The Ne w Re a lity of Online Ma rke ting
  18. 18. How ca n Growth Ha cking he lp? • Growth teams build distribution into the product • Leverage mass distribution platforms • Experiment to find creative marketing and distribution channels where the competitors haven’t yet arrive
  19. 19. Dis tribution P la tforms • For the first time ever, superplatforms like Facebook and Apple uniquely provide access to 10s of millions of customers • The discipline of marketing is shifting from people-centric to API-centric activities • Growth hackers embody the hybrid between marketer and coder needed to thrive in the age of platforms - Andrew Chen
  20. 20. A Ca s e S tudy - AirBnB • AirBnB was building a two-sided marketplace for a user need that already has a lot of entrenched competitors: – Hilton, Sheraton, etc – Expedia, Agoda, etc – Classifieds – Relatives, friends of friends, etc • AirBnb looked at an existing competitor and turned it into a distribution platform for its own service
  21. 21. A Ca s e S tudy - AirBnB
  22. 22. A Ca s e S tudy - AirBnB
  23. 23. Fa ce book • Point of leverage: – 7 friends – 1 photo uploaded • User engagement graph non-linear after this inflexion point • Facebook growth team spent a lot of time optimising their onboarding experience to ensure a maximum number of users reached the above goals
  24. 24. Dis tribution Fire hos e s Distribution is unprecedented
  25. 25. Te chnologica l a doption is a cce le ra ting % of US Households
  26. 26. Not s o long a go ➔ In 1900, <10% of families owned a stove, or had access to electricity or phones ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ ➔ In 1915, <10% In 1930, <10% In 1945, <10% In 1960, <10% In 1975, <10% In 1990, <10% ➔ Today.. more than 90% own all the above. owned a car owned a fridge or washer owned a dryer or air-conditioning owned a dishwasher or colour TV owned a microwave owned a cell phone or Internet
  27. 27. Wha t doe s a ll of this me a n? Desktops, Laptops Mobile Phones, Tablets
  28. 28. Adoption is a cce le ra ting
  29. 29. … a nd fa s te r
  30. 30. … a nd fa s te r!!!
  31. 31. Parabolic growth comes from harnessing distribution fire hoses
  32. 32. Apple Fire hos e
  33. 33. Google Fire hos e
  34. 34. Re ddit Fire hos e
  35. 35. Othe r unconve ntiona l Fire hos e s
  36. 36. Vira lity S ocia l Re vie ws . Frie nds . Invite rs
  37. 37. Furthe r Re a ding • Mattan Griffel • Andrew Chen blog • Quora
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