Social media trends 2013


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Social media trends 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Trends 2013 Created By Cygnis Media
  2. 2. Marketing Trends For Social Media Media Fragmentation Smartphone Device Adoption Has Reached Half of U.S. Population Content Marketing Is Still King Facebook Is Still Dominant Users Notice More Branded Content on Their News Feed Twitter Getting More Popular
  3. 3. Media Fragmentation • Customers are everywhere, all at the same time. According to the Thomas edison review, there are 256 thousand U.S. customers on TV, 243 thousand on stereo, 232 thousand on the Online, 182 thousand linked at house via high speed internet, 177 thousand linked at house via wi-fi, and 139 thousand smart phone customers. • In this age of multi-media intake, customers are using more gadgets across a typical set of systems to do more things than ever. That indicates promoters have to perform catch-up and move away from techniques of the last. These days, the “e” in ecommerce indicates “everywh".
  4. 4. Smartphone Device Adoption Has Reached Half of U.S. Population • With 139 million (53%) of People in america owning mobile phones, cellular use has achieved critical mass in the United States. • Research by eMarketer shows how long people spend on a cellular phone is growing at 14 times the rate of desktop computer usage. The same analysis indicates that cellular is becoming a more popular route for commercial dealings. • In the second quarter of 2012, cellular revenue included 15.1% of total B2C retail e-commerce revenue, compared to only 1.9% for social ecommerce revenue.
  5. 5. Content Marketing Is Still King • There is no discussion that material is still master. A 2012 study performed by Outbrain and analysis company eConsultancy revealed that 91% of in-house promoters use material promotion to sell their goods and services. Additionally, 90% of all online promotion experts believe material promotion will become even more important over the next 12 months. • The same analysis indicated to the top 3 types of material that are working best for marketers: social content and up-dates (83%), emails (78%) and news or function articles (67%).
  6. 6. Facebook Is Still Dominant • Despite all of the changes that keep take position on Facebook or myspace such as Chart Look for and hashtags, the variety of customers on Facebook or myspace is increasing, providing promoters possibilities to communicate with viewers in impressive methods. • Brands that use hashtags in their content may have a little bit greater achieve than manufacturers that do not use them, according to Edgerank Checker. Hashtags will also start up new marketing possibilities for promoters, such as the capability to promote straight to customers who have used or visited on a particular hashtag.
  7. 7. Users Notice More Branded Content on Their News Feed • A majority of Facebook (62%) observed more labeled material on their information nourish. Most customers do not visit a brand’s Facebook or myspace Page. They communicate with manufacturers on their information nourish, which is where possibilities and difficulties lie for promoters. • On the good side, customers who want to communicate with product material will be more involved and open to product information. The other is true for customers who just want to hang out with their friends. They will simply cover up any product material they do not want to see (especially if those content are regular and intrusive).
  8. 8. Twitter Getting More Popular • Although Facebook is at the top of the public networking globe, the Thomas edison review reveals that Twitter posts is getting more wellknown. Observe that only 11% of People in america “Have not observed of Twitter posts,” which indicates 89% have! • You might say, “But only 15% of People in america actually use Twitter!” (See Fig. 4). Real. However 44% listen to about tweets on other press “Almost Every Day” and 84% have seen or observed of tweets in other press at some point (green, plus red, plus yellow-colored, plus violet pieces = 84%). This implies that an frustrating greater part of People in america have been revealed to Twitter posts via multi-media intake. • This figure warrants the summary that Twitter posts is a much larger system than most people give it credit for, and promoters should be the first to identify its invisible prospective.
  9. 9. Thank You Created By Cygnis Media Data Collect : Social Media Examiner