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  • 1. FAM CULTURE Worth Living For – Music Video Full Summary Young DeaconEverything needed to know in terms of Filming music video
  • 2. LYRICS
  • 3. I only started rapping That thy found in his drawer Swings one bang man down Closes his eyesAbout the gun clapping Quick slip it in his pocket This bruddas lying on the floor As his heart stops beatingCah I didnt know what would Jut to be sure And now the other dudehappen And now he feels safe Hes confused ******Intermission******If I acted myself Safe turns into bravery Like what the...I used to rap about Next thing you know Theres no telling what he An hour goes byLaying guys down Theirs pillows under duvets gunna does And the sun starts risingLeaving families frowning Hes roaming the streets He grabs the young brother Home phone ringsIn the cemetery drowning White fire in his eyes Draws for suttn in his coat And it breaks the silenceFrom their own tear Hood up, chin down Backs him up against the wall The mum wakes upFears of the little kids Somebodys dying tonight And puts the suttn to his From a restless sleepThinking I dont wanna go at As hes walking down the throat Puts the phone to her earnight road Time stops But she doesnt say a peepCah its dangerous He sees a couple guys As the suttn pops off Theres a woman on the otherSo they sit at home He stares them in the eyes He buss one shot endGetting sadder by the minute Bops over on a hype And left a shell in his With a soft voiceFeeling madder and badder Little does he know oesophagus Says Im sorry to wake...Not knowing how to conceal it Hes not the only one that He duss kilometres Please cut to the pointThey cant understand why holds And left the brudda bleeding Words are heardTheir big brother had to die A life taker, heart breaker Holding his neck That she doesnt wanna hearWhy did he have to go out Killer of the soul And his lung aint breathing She drops the phone downthat night Yet he confronts them Bodys gone cold And in panic and in fearSo they pick up a knife Without a second thought And hes lost all feeling She runs to his room
  • 4. Crashes through the door praying That you would never leave That you never sawTheres no one in the bed Looks upon the sky I died to the old me Im going back to the old meSo she scans around the floor And to God she started Cah you told me Id be free That I was beforeHer heart skips saying Know I tried to survive No moreAs she feels a frozen wind My Lord my Lord But you never wiped the tears Of your restrictionsblow Because you have forsaken from my eyes Its time for you to get out myTurns to her right me Lies lifeAnd she sees an open The devils taken me and You were never near when I Evictionwindow shaping me criedDrops to her knees Into a greater me And now your gunna see a ******** END********Better know she started You lied when you told me side of me
  • 6. Deacon: Ryan HenryBrother: Joe MbalaMother: Tanya MatthewsSister: Faith SewellBoy one: Sacha RichardsBoy Two: Stephen Orlando
  • 8. Day One:Brother bedroom scene: • Begin filming at 20:00 • Finish scene at 21:00Mother bedroom scene: • Begin filming at 21:30 • Finish filming at 22:00Road Scene: • Begin filming build up to climax at 23:10 • Finish build up at 00:00am • Begin confrontation at 00:20 • Finish confrontation at 00:40 • Begin climax at 01:00 • Finish filming 02:00Day Two:Graveyard scene: • Begin filming mother, son and sister at graveyard at 06:00 • Finish filming 07:30
  • 9. STORY
  • 10. BOARD
  • 11. Young brother and mum standing by grave Mum stands beside grave stone crying Young brother now in room crying
  • 12. Young brother picks up knife Focus on pillows under duvet Young brother with hood up, chin downYoung brother see’s boys on roadside Punches one in face and knocks him out Other boy puts gun to young brother Other boy shoots him and runs away Young brother left to die Sun begins to rise
  • 13. Mum awoken by phone call Mum answers phone and listens Mum runs along hallway to sons roomMum scans around bedroom – no son Drops to knees and prays Black out PROP LIST
  • 14. Prop List:Graveyard scene: • Bouquet of flowersBrother bedroom scene: • KnifeRoad Scene: • Gun • Fake bloodMother bedroom scene: • Home phone
  • 15. COSTUME
  • 16. Costume:Graveyard scene:Brother: Black suit, white shirtMother: Black dressSister: Black skirt, black leggings, white shirt, black cardiganDeacon: Black suitBrother bedroom scene:Brother: Suit trousers, white shirt, black hoodieDeacon: Suit trouser, shirtRoad Scene:Brother: Suit trousers, white shirt, black hoodieBoy one: Hoodie, body warmer, combats, hatBoy two: Puffa jacket, jeansDeacon: Jeans, hoodieMother bedroom scene:Mother: Pyjama’s, dressing gown, slippersDeacon: Pyjama trousers, vest
  • 17. Specific shots:Graveyard scene: • Flower • Gravestones • Family, grave, Deacon, tree • Extreme close up of individual family member facesBrother bedroom scene: • Knuckles • Facial muscles • Clock • Knife • Intimacy between sister and brother