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  • 1. Research by Harrison Astley-Jones
  • 2.         CSI - American Hawaii 5-0 - American Sherlock - English The Bill - English Prison Break - American Silent Witness - English The Sweeny - English Murder, she wrote - English
  • 3.      Narrative – Usually in episodes and series like ‘Sherlock’ and ‘The Bill’. 3 part structure – The crime/Solving/The arrest Wide range of characters – Detectives, Assistants, Police officers, Witnesses, Crime teams etc. Often duos like In Sherlock. Often set in cities and occasionally rural. Many scenes in interview rooms, police stations, at night and in the streets. Crime dramas tend to be realistic and not blown out of proportion. Music is often added to create suspense and tension.
  • 4.  Sherlock Is a British crime drama set in the 21st century. The TV drama presents a contemporary adaptation of ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s’ Sherlock Holmes.
  • 5.     Stereotypes: Classic detective dress code – Trench coat, smart clothes like suits, leather gloves and scarf's, some characters with large glasses. Occasional detective style hat. Brains and Brawn – Sherlock is very intelligent and his partner/assistant covers more of the physical, labour work. Attitude – Sherlock is very confident and sure of himself and his assistant has some jealousy/hate towards him.
  • 6. Locations:  Set in London.  Many scenes shot in the streets of London.  Main scenes include:  221b Barker Street  St Barts Hospital  Speedys Café  Russel Square Gardens 
  • 7.       Patterns: Camera technique is very basic. No fancy shots are used. Lighting is never too bright. Verging on dull. This creates a moody atmosphere. Music is often used in some scenes to create tension and suspense. Plots of episodes stay the same; crime/solve/arrest. Some episodes may vary. Occasionally there is subtle humor.
  • 8.    Characters: Sherlock – Very intelligent, quick thinking, Thinks outside of the box, often quite rude, pushes people away, inconsiderate to others although this seems unintentional. Often get frustrated with himself which suggest high standards. Dr. Watson – Gets angry with Sherlock, very close relationship, forgiving and loyal.