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Sherlock holmes


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It describes about the character of Sherlock Holmes and how it got such vivid appreciation all over the world.

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Sherlock holmes

  1. 1. HOLMESSHERLOCKPrudent, Luminary, Sceptic,Cognoscenti but yet Chivalrous
  2. 2. Introduction to Mr. Sherlock HolmesA few things about Arthur Conan DoyleBohemian lifestyle of the detectiveJourney through the course of timePopular legends and novelsAdaptations in different forms worldwideWhat we get to learn from Sherlock HolmesCONTENTS
  3. 3. Introduction to Mr. Sherlock HolmesA fictional detective created by auther and physian Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Consulting detective famous for his logical reasoning and use of forensicscience and deception skills in solving cases.The famous detective appeared first in 1886 and has been featured in 56stories and 4 novels originally by Sir ACD.Most of the stories have been narrated by detective’s friend Dr. John HWatson except few narrated by Holmes himself.
  4. 4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Scotland to Irish parents on 22May 1859.He studied medicine from University of Edinburg, and later employedas an doctor, and as a surgeon after he completed his graduation.After few unsuccessful ventures in medicine and writing, it was 1886 inwhich his first appraised fiction work “A study in Scarlet” published, inwhich Sherlock Holmes and Watson appeared.He was also a very keen cricketer and golfer. ACD breathed for the lasttime on 7 July 1930.A few things about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  5. 5. Bohemian lifestyle of the detectiveHolmes had a different and off the beat personality, which hadalways attracted the readers. Few of them are:Addiction to cocaine, morphine and tobacco.Eccentric and no regards for contemporary standards of tidiness.No longing to have friends and social life.Starving himself at the time of intense intellectual activity.Breaking laws more frequently on behalf of his clients.
  6. 6. Journey through the course of timeFirst Sherlock Holmes novel “The study in scarlet” appeared in“Beeton’s Christmas Annual” and remained successful.It was followed by “The sign of four” and series of short stories instrands magazine. During this time the character gained muchpopularity.Later ACD tried to concentrate on hi historical novels and apparentlykilled Holmes in “The final problem” in 1893.But after heavy public outcry he had to bring him back in “The houndof Baskervilles”.
  7. 7. Jerremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes
  8. 8. Popular Legends and NovelsThere have been many breath stopper adventures of SherlockHolmes. Few of them are:The study in scarletA scandal in BohemiaThe adventure of dyieng detectiveThe hound of Baskervilles and many more
  9. 9. Adaptations in different forms worldwideWilliam Gillettes 1899 play Sherlock Holmes, or The StrangeCase of Miss FaulknerStoll Pictures produced a series of silent black-and-white filmson Sherlock HolmesThe first sound film to feature Sherlock Holmes was the sound-on-disk The Return of Sherlock Holmes, written by Basil DeanRadio show "The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" onthe Mutual Broadcasting System
  10. 10. Ronald Howard starred in 39 episodes of the Sherlock Holmes 1954American TV seriesIn 1959 Peter Cushing starred in Hammer Film Productions TheHound of the Baskervilles (1959)And many more occupy the list including the latest film series starringRobert Downy Jr.But among all those Jeremy Brett is considered by critic JulianWolfreys to be the definitive Holmes.
  11. 11. Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downy Jr.
  12. 12. What we get to learn from Sherlock Holmes ?Every character in literature is meant to perform some role and thus isresponsible for conveying us some message and teaching us somethingvaluable in our life.What we can learn from Sherlock Holmes is not running behind name andfame for something good which we have done.Secondly, he teaches us to be resistant in the most adverse conditions too.
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