The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 - Full Slide Set


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The full set of slides from The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 -

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The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 - Full Slide Set

  1. 1. The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 18th March 2012 12:00 GMT
  2. 2. Introduction• Since 1887 – 125 years and going strong• Conan Doyle is ‘the father of crime fiction’• Sherlock Holmes is the most recognised fictional character of several generations• There has never been a better time to be a fan BBC, Warner Brothers, CBS, etc
  3. 3. The Holmes Audience is Global………• The first debate had fans from 23 countries• Over 10 million page impressions• The 2nd Great Debate is live from London – Dozens of Sherlock Holmes experts in person – More experts and fans live from around the worldHosted by MX Publishing, the world’s #1 Sherlock Holmes publishers
  4. 4. The Cause…..Save Undershawwww.saveundershaw.comThe Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2 has a goal to help SaveUndershaw reach 10,000 fans on Facebook. Do your bit and liketheir page. This is the most important piece of Sherlock Holmesheritage in the world – let’s preserve it for future generations.
  5. 5. Team 1 – BBC SherlockTeam Captain – The Baker Street Babes (Kristina and Ardy) [Podcast]Team MembersSherlockology (Jules and Emma) [fan site]Roger Johnson [Sherlock Holmes Society of London]Charlotte Walters [author, Barefoot on Baker Street]Dan Andriacco [author, No Police Like Holmes, Holmes Sweet Holmes, Baker Street Beat]Kate Workman [author, Rendezvous at The Populaire, I Will find The Answer]Tracy Revels [author, Shadowfall, Shadowblood]
  6. 6. Team 2 – Warner BrothersTeam Captain – I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere (Burt Wolder) [Podcast]Team MembersGerry O’Hara (film director/author, Sherlock Holmes and The Affair in Transylvania)Better Holmes and Gardens (Jamie Mahoney) (blog)Kieran McMullen (author, Watson’s Afghan Adventure, Sherlock Holmes and the Irish Rebels)Gerry Kelly (author, The Outstanding Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes)Tim Symonds (author, Sherlock Holmes and The Dead Boer at Scotney Castle)Matthew Elliott (Riff Trax, author Sherlock Holmes On The Air)Fred Thursfield (author, Sherlock Holmes and The Discarded Cigarette)
  7. 7. Team 3 – The TraditionalistsTeam Captain - Nick Briggs Big Finish, Voice of The Daleks.Team MembersMartin Montague (Big Finish, Writer/Producer/Presenter.)David Ruffle (author, Sherlock Holmes and The Lyme Regis Horror, Lyme Regis Legacy, Sherlock Holmes - Tales From The Strangers Room)Phil Growick (author, The Secret Journal of Dr Watson)Vida Starcevic (Historian)Paul R Spring (Historian, author Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle and Devon)Alistair Duncan (Historian, author, Eliminate The Impossible, Close To Holmes, The Norwood Author, An Entirely New Country)Marino Alvarez (Historian, author A Professor Reflects on Sherlock Holmes)
  8. 8. The FansMorgan Britt USAYui Manabe JapanHelene Colin FranceWie Ping Young SingaporeMike Hogan ThailandClaire Ellull MaltaChloe Smith UKCourtney Brown OhioPauline Ricablanca CanadaCarlina de la Cova USA
  9. 9. The Debate FormatPart 1 – BBC Sherlock vs Warner Bros Sherlock‘Which adaptation is contributing more to the Sherlock Holmes legacy?’2 x 10 minute presentations40 minutes open debatePre-Debate Fan VotingPart 2 – The Future‘The challenges facing all the adaptations in 2012’Short introduction from ‘The Traditionalists’Open debate until we run out of time…….
  10. 10. BBC vs WB – the final confrontation *A big thank you to all the fans that entered the poster competition
  11. 11. Team 1 - Summary• The 21st Century’s Sherlock Holmes• Sherlock Series 2 – A Scandal In Belgravia – The Hounds of Baskerville – The Reichenbach Fall• Sherlock: Love, Fear, & Death• BBC Sherlock’s Popularity• #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK• Series 3
  12. 12. BBC Sherlock: The 21st Century’s Sherlock Holmes Sherlock is the ultimate proof that as long as you treat classic characters with complete and total respect, it doesn’t matter where you place them in time. They will endure. So really, what better way to contribute to Holmes in the 21st century than an adaptation set in the present day that thus focuses on the characters, rather than the era in which it is set? What BBC Sherlock does is prove Sherlock Holmes is a character that translates to an audience no matter what time period he is presented in. Anyone who watched BBCSherlock knows, even though its set in 21st century London, its still Sherlock Holmes. The manwho sees things no one else can. Its the stories ACD wrote over a hundred years ago that peopleare enjoying. It doesnt matter where its set.
  13. 13. Sherlock Series 2 How The Bee Gees Saved London Ah! Ah! Ah!Ah!
  14. 14. The Woman
  15. 15. The Hound
  16. 16. The Fall
  17. 17. A Scandal In Belgravia For the first time we see the clients coming to Baker Street, seeking the aid of Sherlock Holmes. We also get "The Geek Interpreter" and "The Speckled Blonde," which are obvious nods to The Greek Interpreter and The Speckled Band."He disappeared into his bedroom, and returned in afew minutes in the character of an amiable andsimple-minded Nonconformist clergyman. … It wasnot merely that Holmes changed his costume. Hisexpression, his manner, his very soul seemed tocarry with every fresh part that he assumed. Thestage lost a fine actor, even as science lost an acutereasoner, when he became a specialist in crime." - A Scandal In Bohemia
  18. 18. The Woman "To Sherlock Holmes, she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex." - A Scandal In Bohemia"It was not that he felt any emotionakin to love for Irene Adler. ... Andyet there was but one woman tohim, and that woman was the lateIrene Adler, of dubious andquestionable memory. " - A Scandal In Bohemia
  19. 19. The Woman"And that was how a great scandal threatened to affect the kingdom of Bohemia, andhow the best plans of Mr. Sherlock Holmes were beaten by a womans wit."Regardless of the controversy over the episodes ending, Irene plays both Holmeses for fools and nearly brings down the British Government. Sherlocks arrogance ultimately leads to his own demise.
  20. 20. The Hounds of Baskerville"If you value your lives, keep away from the moor" is a reference to a note Holmes andWatson get in HOUN. It reads "As you value your life or your reason, keep away from themoor."The Great Grimpen Mine Field: In HOUN, the place of danger is the Grimpen Mire. Thevillain tries to flee across the moor and ends up sinking and dying there—at least, that’swhat’s implied.
  21. 21. The Hounds of Baskerville "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Probably Holmes’ most famous Canon quote. It appears in a couple of stories, though not always in the exact same wording."It may be that you are not yourselfluminous, but you are a conductor oflight. Some people without possessinggenius have a remarkable power ofstimulating it. I confess, my dear fellow,that I am very much in your debt." - The Hound of the Baskervilles
  22. 22. The Hounds of Baskerville The Devil’s Foot is all about a poisonous plant extract that "stimulates those brain centres which control the emotion of fear", exactly like the drug that H.O.U.N.D. created in The Hounds of Baskerville. "…we had no means of foreseeing the terrible and paralyzing spectacle which the beast presented, nor could we predict the fog which enabled him to burst upon us at such short notice." - The Hound of the BaskervillesFurther references can be found in Ardy’s phenomenal Annotated "The Hounds of Baskerville" found [HERE]
  23. 23. The Reichenbach Fall "He is the organiser of half that is evil and nearly all that goes undetected in this great city. He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker. He has a brain of the first order. He sits motionless, like a spider in the centre of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows well every quiver of each of them." - The Final Problem"I was sitting in my room thinking thematter over when the door opened andProfessor Moriarty stood before me.""If you are clever enough to bringdestruction upon me, rest assured I shalldo as much to you." - The Final Problem
  24. 24. The Reichenbach Fall While we do get the physical fall associated with The Final Problem (despite the fact Holmes didn’t actually go over), the “fall” in Sherlock’s case is the fall of his reputation, destroying his credibility and straining his relationships.As in the canon, Moriarty dies whileHolmes survives. Instead of aphysical struggle to the death,however, this time it was a mentalone.
  25. 25. The Reichenbach Fall "Believe me to be, my dear fellow, very sincerely yours…" - The Final Problem"…him whom I shall ever regardas the best and wisest man Ihave ever known." - The Final Problem
  26. 26. Sherlock: Love, Fear, & Death Series 2 sees Sherlock coming to terms with the emotional repercussions of his actions. Moriarty threatened to “burn the heart out of” Sherlock. He ends up doing exactly that in FALL, but not before Sherlock learns that he has a heart to burn.
  27. 27. BBC Sherlock’s Popularity• Viewing Figures: UK (iPlayer + repeat viewings NOT included) – A Scandal in Belgravia: 8.8 million iPlayer figures won’t be ready for a few more – The Hounds of Baskerville: 8.2 million months. Projected figures will be around the 10 million mark. A Scandal In Belgravia broke – The Reichenbach Fall: 7.9 million iPlayer records after it first aired, and The Series 2 is currently airing worldwide and Reichenbach Fall has the RECORD for most repeat viewings on iPlayer. will continue to do so for the next year.• Fan Community – Sherlockbbc Community on livejournal: 8503 members (from 6,606) – Sherlock category on 11,998 stories (from 5,714) – Sherlock Facebook Pages: 347,656 collective members (from 247,422) – Sherlock fans on tumblr: Estimated between 8,000 and 13,000 – Sherlockology web traffic: Over 1 million website hits – Baker Street Babes podOmatic web traffic: Over 128,000 hits
  28. 28. BBC Sherlock’s Popularity: The Canon "The first series of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s modern-day reworking, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the great detective, aired in 2010. That year, sales of Sherlock Holmes books increased by 53 per cent – from around 57,000 copies to 88,000 – compared with 2009. 2011 saw a further increase as fans looked ahead to the second series…" – Radio Times [x] "This increased interest in Holmes and Watson has led to more people discovering the detectives origins it seems, with sales of Arthur Conan Doyle original Sherlock novels written at the turn of the 20th century doubling. Melanie Harris of Waterstone, said: The BBCs stunning adaptation has succeeded in making Holmes relevant to a new generation of readers." - Metro [x]
  29. 29. #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK"So… I guess you all haveheard/read/seen the news. It’s beenpretty hard to miss it - the death ofSherlock Holmes. I’m gutted but I’mdoing my best to keep it together. Idon’t know about you guys, but Irefuse to believe it. That he was afraud. He just can’t have been, can’thave! I saw him at a crime scene once,I had followed the sound of sirens inhope it’d be one of his cases, and thereis NO WAY he was a fake. You can’t Londonmake that sort of shit up, he was too The Believe In Sherlock movement has spread world wide, poppinggood! He was an inspiration for all ofus to be more observant in our every up in schools, places of work, and along the streets of cities andday lives, and I won’t accept the so towns. The campaign has gone completely viral and has beencalled truth about Sherlock that is all reported on numerous blogging sites and now even The Radioover the media. I know you feel like I Times. Fans are finding one another through the movement as well,do, and now it’s our turn to show thatwe haven’t lost faith in him. Sherlock going to tumblr to try and find original posters of the fliers andmight be gone, but I won’t sit silent!" artwork. It’s bringing the Sherlock community together, promoting - Original #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK the show, and including the fans into the universe of BBC Sherlock. post by earlfoolish And it’s all fan made.
  30. 30. New York City Melbourne USA Australia Malta Hong Kong
  31. 31. See you for Series 3… "My dear Watson," said the well- remembered voice, "I owe you a thousand apologies. I had no idea that you would be so affected." - The Empty House
  32. 32. Many thanks to The Baker Street Babes (Kristina, Ardy, Maria, Kafers), Sherlockology (Emma, Jules, & David), DanAndriacco, Charlotte Walters, Roger Johnson, Tracy Revels, and Kate Workman for their amazing help and arguments. - Sherlock screen caps from
  33. 33. The Warner Series: Extraordinary, Global Contributions to Sherlock Holmes• Films designed for a 21st century, global audience• Collectively grossed more than $1 billion USD• “Holmes-o-Vision” shows Holmes’ thought processes as flashes of vision and insight – unique creative accomplishment• Victorian London is a major character in the Canon and the films• Jude Law brings extraordinary depth to Watson, the friendship and the films• Made with reverent attention to the Canon• The connection among movies, awareness & popularity is well documented• Introduced Holmes to the largest global audience: more than 100 million people worldwide have seen these films
  34. 34. Holmes-o-Vision: That’s Entertainment! Worthy adversaries – Holmes’ powers shown… As they did in "Sherlock Holmes," Rousselot and Guy Ritchie utilized a high-speed digital camera called the Phantom, which enabled the director to change the pace of the action in varying ways. Ritchie used the Phantom to create what was dubbed "Holmes-o- vision," revealing Holmes split-second mental calculations of what are about to be physical altercations. Nevertheless, Ritchie clarifies, "I never want to repeat myself, so theres a variation to the Holmes-o-vision in this film. This time things dont necessarily play out exactly as Holmes envisions them, so he has to adjust his thinking.” The director adds that they put a twist on the technique in the climactic confrontation between the films central protagonist and antagonist, mirroring Holmes strategy with Moriartys counterstrategy. Ritchie comments, "It gave us the perfect opportunity to convey that both Holmes and Moriarty are operating on the same intellectual plane. But hes still a very physical Sherlock Holmes."
  35. 35. “Canonicity”Informed by the fabric of Conan Doyle…
  36. 36. CanonicityPeople we know well, in a re-imagined 19th century London….
  37. 37. Masterful
  38. 38. Master of Disguise
  39. 39. Rebooting the CharactersEach generation rediscovers Holmes and Watson, and makes them their own…
  40. 40. Ultimate Moriarty
  41. 41. Watson Supreme
  42. 42. The Game of ShadowsA game of chess, chance and destiny – tarot, chessboard, the black and white squares of the dance floor …
  43. 43. For more than 100 years, films have boostedawareness and discussion of Sherlock Holmes Death of ‘39 Rathbone Hammer 7% Jeremy Brett Conan Doyle Hound 1942-1946 Hound (‘59) Solution 1984 - 1994
  44. 44. The Warner Series: Extraordinary, Global Contributions to Sherlock Holmes• Films designed for a 21st century, global audience• Collectively grossed more than $1 billion USD• “Holmes-o-Vision” shows Holmes’ thought processes as flashes of vision and insight – unique creative accomplishment• Victorian London is a major character in the Canon and the films• Jude Law brings extraordinary depth to Watson, the friendship and the films• Made with reverent attention to the Canon• The connection among movies, awareness & popularity is well documented• Introduced Holmes to the largest global audience: more than 100 million people worldwide have seen these films
  45. 45. Discussion Which adaptation is contributing most to the Sherlock Holmes Legacy?
  46. 46. Pre-Debate VotingGSHD2 FacebookWarner Bros Sherlock 40BBC Sherlock 820Radio TimesCBS Sherlock 30Warner Bros Sherlock 80BBC Sherlock 2,170 *End of day 17th March
  47. 47. The Future – More Holmes And then there were three (actually, 4, 5, 6,……..) But what challenges face the adaptations in 2012?
  48. 48. BBC Sherlock• A bar set very, very high – Great response to series 1 and 2 – Tough challenge to handle the ‘Empty House’• Are we worried? – Not with Gatiss and Moffat at the helm “Stephen and Mark have provided bewilderingly complex adaptations, because, arguably, our world is now far more bewilderingly complex than the world that Holmes originally inhabited” Paul Spiring – The downside is we will have to wait for quality………
  49. 49. Warner Brothers Sherlock• Marketing of ‘Bigger Better Funnier’ for Game of Shadows unfortunate– what’s next ‘Even Bigger Better and Funnier…….’ ?
  50. 50. Warner Brothers Sherlock• Game of Shadows played two new ‘Aces’ – Mycroft and Moriarty – can’t do that again• With limited cards left in the deck, what hand will Guy Ritchie play in the next film?
  51. 51. The Challenges For CBS• History shows us that at any one point, only one Holmes dominates in one medium• RDJ has the big screen sewn up, Cumberbatch the small screen“The biggest challenge for anyone wanting to adapt Holmes for the screenright now is patience. You are not going to unseat RDJ in the cinema orCumberbatch in our homes (excuse the pun). Until one of these hangs up thedeerstalker there simply isn’t, in my opinion, a vacancy.” Alistair Duncan
  52. 52. Displacement = Complexity“Displacing Holmes contextually, sort of robs him of his original‘remarkable-ness’, if you like. Which is why, I guess, Stephen andMark have really had to crank up the ‘odd-ball’ nature ofSherlock in their brilliant series.” Vida StarcevicGuy Ritchie minimises displacement and Victorian Englandendures. BBC Sherlock pull it off through meticulousness. CBSwill have a tough time doing it in their timescales….
  53. 53. The ‘other’ Challenge for CBSUS Legacy – to say that previous US attempts at Holmes were bad, is beingvery generous…… CBS faces being condemned before the crime is commited
  54. 54. Big Finish Case StudyFirst, a confession……….“I’m not an expert. I’m an actor, a writer and aproducer who’s had a passion for Holmes sinceI was a child... but a passion that came aboutbecause of Basil Rathbone... Peter Cushing...Christopher Plummer... Robert Stephens andyes, even Stewart Granger!”
  55. 55. Going Back To The CanonIn the case of the first releases of our second series - my dramatizations of The FinalProblem and The Empty House hardly qualify as adaptations at all. They are verynearly just the original text with the ‘said he’s’ removed. The main adapting involvedbreaking the text up into new paragraphs, to emphasize changes of thought for theactors, and audio stage directions which gave hints at the emotional content –especially of Watson’s decision finally to break the silence and speak out aboutMoriarty.
  56. 56. Cutting, without cuttingHound of the Baskervilles needed more work, butonly because it was over 60,000 words long and weknew our script had to be 20-odd thousand words tohappily fit onto two CDs of drama. As much as wepossibly could, we left Conan Doyle untouched.I found that when you go back to the originaltexts, you think, why have people ever felt the needto mess about with this? Probably because Watson’snarration is removed for the sake of dramaticvariety... but on audio, your audience welcomesnarration and you can keep Watson’s narration if notentirely, then almost entirely in tact!
  57. 57. DiscussionWhat challenges face the adaptations in 2012?