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Presentation at Norwegian Digital Travel Conference Kristiansand 22.10.2013

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  • Tretrinns-rakett.Grunnlaget for all senereutviklingererbedreproduktkvalitetg
  • God, bedre, enklere
  • Ny mobilversjon av kart og ruteplanlegger som blant annet viser hvor man befinner seg og POIer.
  •  The Nærøyfjord
  • New Structure For Destinations on

    1. 1. New structure for destinations Kristiansand - October 22 2013 Hans Petter Aalmo
    3. 3. 22,5 milions visits in 2013 • 14 editions • 22.5 million visits (of which 9.5 million from organic search) • 15.8 million unique visitors • 50 million page views • 83% international visits • 2.7 million clicks further to the travel industry Source: Google Analytics
    4. 4. “Worlds best national travel portal” •Zvezda Travel Award (.ru) •Travvies Website Awards (.nl) •Le trophee de l’e-tourisme (.fr) •Webby Awards
    5. 5. New Vision «Visitnorway makes it easy to choose Norway» (as a travel destination)
    6. 6. Main focus areas for - Ahead 1. Further develop content and services • Improved travel product description quality - in tellUs and CBIS • Create services that make travel planning easy and fun - across borders • Inspirational theme and segment planning tools 2. Improve platform for campaigns and partners • “New structure” for destinations • New template for campaigns 3. Fast track to booking offering bundled services 6
    7. 7. 1. Services builds on high standard travel products 2013 1. Product quality Improve product quality, in cooperation with the destinations and the industry 2. Services Develop services based on the individual products 3. Inspirational theme and segment planning tools
    8. 8. Further development of the service Visitnorway contributes to improved marketing of Norway Post journey • Feedback in the form of ratings and comments • Sharing of experiences • Consider new holiday Pre journey • Increased knowledge of and preference for Norway • Easier to find relevant offers • Easier to plan Focus areas for Visitnorway 1: Develop content and services further 1.1: Improved travel product descriptions 1.2: Make travel planning easy and fun 1.3 Inspirational theme and segment planning tools 2: Improved partner- and campaign platform During the journey • Easier to travel around in Norway • Better experience of the journey • Up-sell opportunities • Sharing the moments 3: Fast track to booking Booking • Easier to order the the holiday in Norway • Greater variety of products to book 8
    9. 9. System overview NSB AVINOR Autopost (Twitter) – benyttes av Petur ZX ZX Turist Turist Ads TripAdvisor Widgets Instagram Images Analyse/Statistikk: New Relic Google Analytics Visual Web Site Optimizer Mouseflow GeoData Cloud Kart tiles and javascript Distribusjonsenter Distribusjonsenter Redaktør Redaktør Redaksjonelt innhold Produkter Kataloger Kart og ruteplanlegging Søk 1 1 sd sd Emnekart/ TMCore service TMCore07 Catalogue Order Quiz Meetings Request for proposal EPiServer ImageVault Product Provider TMCore Stedsnavnsøk ruteplanner AreaService ESRI ArcGis Server v.10 Søk service Comperio Front Weather Service Area CacheService TripAdvisor XML feed Fast Geo Console Applications Produkt service Windows Services Episerver CMS6 R2 Presentasjonslag ASP.NET maler & CodeBehind Tjenestelag Site / Presentasjonslag NCache Product Import Service Tellus webservice BookNorway webservice SkiInfo Weather Loader Yr CBIS
    10. 10. The RnD budget 2013: 16.6 NOK million Vfocus areas Mill NOK Upgrading portal and the new structure 12,6 NOK mill The technical operation 4 NOK mill Total 16,6 NOK mill + editorial resources of about 10 NOK million 10
    11. 11. Planned development • Improve product descriptions in cooperation with the destinations and the industry • Deploy CBIS integration • Implement new banner ad system that supports Real Time Bidding • Redesign: mobile and content first • Upgrade to EPiServer 7 or other CMS • Change search engine (from FAST to SOLR)
    12. 12. New services on the platform Some of the services tourists and participants of the «New structure» benefits 12
    13. 13. Responsive design 21 % of the visitors uses tablets and phones 13
    14. 14. TripAdvisor integrated
    15. 15. TripAdvisor integrated
    16. 16. Go green! Eco-certified providers
    17. 17. Norwegian foodprints
    18. 18. Route planner from A – B
    19. 19. Route planner: Round trip
    20. 20. «Family and fun» along the route
    21. 21. Mobile friendly map and route planner 21
    22. 22. Search with auto suggestions
    23. 23. Video player
    24. 24. Embed it!
    25. 25. Weather and snow reports
    26. 26. Weather and snow reports
    27. 27. Need a booking service?
    29. 29. New structure for destinations |
    30. 30. New structure for DMOs and RTBs Background • For the tourist - information is spread on a high number of different home pages with various quality • For the tourist – region boarders can create islands of information • For DMOs - Hard to bundle services across borders • Visitnorway has got some local content but not very deep or rich
    31. 31. New structure for DMOs and RTBs Objectives : • Streamline Visitnorway towards governments restructuring program of consolidating DMOs • For the tourist: One place to look and book – to make is easy to choose Norway as a destination • For DMO’s • Higher visibility in search engines • More time for content • Join a marketing platform that keeps up with continuously changing platform demands within a fixed budget.
    32. 32. New structure for DMOs and RTBs Objectives : • To fill Visitnorway with fresh and local produced editorial content of high qualiity • Enable distributed publishing to those closest to the destination and the travel products • Share common hosting- and development cost
    33. 33. New structure for destinations Study phase Dec 2012 – March 2013 – Gathering information and requirements from DMOs and RTBs • Fjord Norge, Nord-Norge • Visit Sørlandet, Trøndelag Reiseliv • Visit Trondheim
    34. 34. New structure for destinations Deliveries Pre-project March 2013 – September 2013 – Pilot «Alfa» • Adapted menu, using existing templates, adjusting features and services, connection to Social Media platforms – Pilot «Beta» • • A/B testing search and menus, more local options, design sketches, tender for new banner ad system Business models and aggreements
    35. 35. Version Alfa: Visit Sørlandet
    36. 36. Version Alfa: profiling the DMO w logo
    37. 37. Version «Beta light» with local menu
    38. 38. Responsive design
    39. 39. Challenge from Bergen in June «Show how far you are able to stretch Visitnorway platform to profile the DMOs»
    40. 40. Version «Beta» with local menu (sketches)
    41. 41. Design choices As a means of strengthening the regions and the destination profililng, we have withdrawn Visit Norway's global menu and set the local menus in focus. In addition, there is now no competing links, which results in less confusion and enhance the user experience All in one place! Slide 45
    42. 42. Governance model Owner group Market group Dev group Eier Innovasjon Norge Innovasjon Norge Innovasjon Norge Hvem Ledergruppe IN REIS Visit Norway team Dir. Reiseliv og kultur KAM Innovasjon Norge Markedssjefer fra landsdelsselskap og byer Dir. Reiseliv og kultur Webredaktører i landsdelselskap og destinasjonsselskap/byer Mandat Strategi, økonomi, prosess- og teknologi Bestemmelse og sikring av styringsform Strategisk videreutvikling Rammebetingelser Redaksjonelle føringer Årlig evaluering Koordinering & prioritering av utviklingsønsker Prosjektledelse Halvårlig Kvartalsvis Frekvens Kvartalsvis Slide 46
    43. 43. New structure for destinations Deliveries Main project 2014 -> – – – – Local search Toggling between DMO & RTB menus (suggestions) Local branding Investigating local domain names