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Cape Breton 3rd Online Marketing Conference, March 7th. Presenter - Patrick Sullivan, CEO, NS Tourism Agency

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  • Another marketing priority in our five-year strategy is to develop a long-term, evidence-based plan to identify target markets and ensure we are making strategic investments in those areas. Most of our crucial repeat visitors come from the Atlantic region. We value the importance of their business, and industry will continue to work to welcome them back again and again. The NSTA will focus on the first-time visitor market and its potential. To do that we need to focus our efforts and spending outside Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. Towards that goal, we will reallocate marketing funds to focus on first-time visitors from markets outside the Atlantic region. Most of you know our key markets. They are based on careful evaluation of a number of factors, including population size, proximity and access, economic conditions and many more. This map shows our key markets. With a media budget of approximately $5 million, we need to make strategic choices about where we spend our money. We will invest in media that speaks directly to our target – the outdoor enthusiast who has never been to Nova Scotia. To capture this market, it ’s vital that we are in-market when people are in the ‘travel planning’ stage, which varies by market. And we need to consider strategic partnerships to leverage our budget and strengthen and amplify our brand. We know that partnerships are at the core of everything we do. As part of our strategy, we will also conduct a strategic review of the partnership funding model and budget to maximize efficiency and ensure alignment.
  • The message is the increase in website traffic in 2012 and this will continue to grow, also that mobile traffic growth is more then doubling each year.
  • Excellent engagement rates for facebook which means that we have a high number of fans liking, sharing and commenting on each post.
  • Features: Quicker load time Top 25 Attractions – which are a cross section of the iconic things to do in NS and can be changed regularly Road Trips – building on the brand idea of getting off the beaten path and discovering something new Greater social media integration Packages call out – packages will change weekly so get your packages entered into the online packages manager as this is the pool we choose our packages from.
  • New booking engine – looking to provide more value to industry by finding an engine that will expand the sales channel beyond industry’s website and novascotia.com.
  • NSTA digital marketing plan

    1. 1. Marketing Overview & 2013 PlanMarch 7, 2013
    2. 2. Agenda• Brand Positioning• Campaign Creative• 2013 Marketing Plan• Digital Plan• Questions
    3. 3. Brand Positioning
    4. 4. Long-term Visitation Trend Total Visits to Nova Scotia 2000-2012
    5. 5. Target Audience • Stay longer • Spend more Outdoor • More likely to be enthusiast first-timers Cultural Culinaryenthusiast enthusiast
    6. 6. Marketing Goal:Increase visitation from first-time, pleasure travellersmost likely to visit more of Nova Scotia.
    7. 7. Discovery Freedom EngagementIt’s not just about You put yourself I feel like aPeggy’s Cove and the in neutral, coast traveler, not aCabot Trail, it’s also along and tourist.everything in whatever ticklesbetween. your fancy, do it.
    8. 8. Brand Positioning:Nova Scotia is the spiritof the perfect road trip.
    9. 9. Creative Challenge• Use emotion to create desire• Convey a sense of vibrancy• Position Nova Scotia in a new light• Differentiate ourselves
    10. 10. Campaign Creative
    11. 11. Campaign Idea:Celebrate the place and state of mind thatallows you to travel on a whim, enjoyingthe journey as much as the destination.
    12. 12. Television• One :60 sec brand spot• Five :30 sec spotso Bike (Fr)o Splash (Fr)o Invited Aboard (Fr)o Climbo Leap• One :30 sec talent-free spot (scenic and b-roll)
    13. 13. Print
    14. 14. Web and Mobile
    15. 15. Online Advertising Highlights
    16. 16. Online
    17. 17. Online
    18. 18. Sample Site List – English
    19. 19. Sample French Site List
    20. 20. Billboard Static BillboardDigital Billboard
    21. 21. Literature
    22. 22. 2013 Marketing Plan
    23. 23. CanadaOur Markets • Ontario • Quebec • Maritimes United States • Mid-Atlantic • New England Europe • UK • Germany
    24. 24. Influence Travel Planning Maximize reach during the trip planning timeframeMarket   Feb Mar Arp May Jun Jul Aug Sep OctNational Trip Plan Media TravelToronto/Ottawa: Trip Plan Media TravelMontreal Trip Plan Media TravelAtlantic Trip Plan Media Travel
    25. 25. Media MixConnect and engage with the target via multiple touchpoints during their visitor decision journey Print Digital Ambient
    26. 26. Digital Plan
    27. 27. Goal:Become a leading DMO in digital marketing
    28. 28. Digital – novascotia.comYear Website Visits Measures 2012 Results Pages viewed/visit 6 pages2008 1,600,0002009 1,500,000 Avg. visit duration 4:08 minutes2010 1,654,000 Bounce rate 36.72%2011 1,647,000 % of traffic from 73.52% organic search2012 1,880,000 % of new visitors 67.21%Year Mobile Visits 2012 Top Visits % of total traffic2012 290,500 visits by Country(ns.com and •iPad (143,000)mobile site) •iPhone (80,800) Canada 64.07%2011 105,000 visits United States 26.55%(ns.com) •iPad (32,000) United Kingdom 2.35% •iPhone (27,000)2010 32,300 visits Germany 1.24%
    29. 29. Digital – Social Media Facebook 92,623Likes (Ongoing engagement rate is highest of all provincial FB pages) YouTube 371,008 video views Twitter 9,078 followers Instagram 3,166 photos (#visitnovascotia) Pinterest 448 followers Flickr 11,508 photos
    30. 30. 3-Year Digital PlanTo be completed for the Mar. 18th, 2013 campaignlaunch:•Rebrand digital platforms: o novascotia.com (English and French sites) o Top 25 and Recommended Road Trips o UK and German IP targeted landing pages o Mobile website o E-mail template o Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube•Launch mobile app for: o iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry
    31. 31. novascotia.com & mobile website
    32. 32. Mobile App (iPhone, HTML 5)
    33. 33. iPad App
    34. 34. 3-Year Digital PlanCompleted in 2013-14:•Website Marketing o New booking engine – October 2013 o Live chat outreach (novascotia.com) o novascotia.com redesign - launch March 2014 o Redesign of Travel Media and Travel Trade microsites•Social Media Marketing o Spring and Fall surge campaigns o Pinterest integration into Facebook o Content calendar and execution o “Places-in-between” video series
    35. 35. 3-Year Digital Plan (con’t)• Mobile Marketing o Mobile content optimization (2013) o Mobile marketing strategy development (2013) o Integration of QR codes into marketing touch points (2014) o Launch text message marketing (2014)• Blogger Initiatives o novascotiablogs.com content integration into redesigned website o Blogger outreach program (pilot program) o VIP blogger event/relationship management o VIP blogger reward program
    36. 36. 3-Year Digital Plan (con’t)• Search Engine Optimization o Optimizing French content, TV ads• Search Engine Marketing o UK and Germany campaigns o US and Quebec campaigns o Seasonal content campaigns• E-mail Program o Mobile optimization of e-mail template o Strategic list build tactics o Content plan and calendar o UK e-mail list• Performance Measures o Develop measurement plan aligned with tactics o Measurement reviews, results and actions
    37. 37. Campaign Summary What’s different about 2013? •New brand and campaign (English and French) •Increased spend in Ontario •Shift spending from region to re-enter Quebec •Double spend in online advertising •3-year digital marketing plan •Complete re-build of novascotia.com by spring 2014
    38. 38. Questions