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Company Profile Free Beverage
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Company Profile Free Beverage


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 2. COMPANY FACTS History Strategies free enters market with dual strategy approach: Company free beverage GmbH started its operative PUSH - free focuses on acquiring strong information business in March 2008, based in Munich, distribution partners to achieve Germany presence in every significant market Product and thus assuring sustainable information free beverage GmbH, founded in January market penetration 2008, based in Munich, Germany free sales PULL – By applying a dedicated approach strategy free is currently available in more than to brand development by means 13 countries around the world: of trend setters and multipliers, International Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech & free at the same time creates marketing & Slovak Republic, U.A.E, Australia, Cypress, corresponding demand on the part communication Spain, Ghana, Ivory coast, Benin, Nigeria of customers and doing so the PUSH approach is intensified. our main objective is to establish free as global player in the worldwide energy drink market free product portfolio includes soft and energy drinks 2
  • 3. COMPANY FACTS Our mission Company establish our position on the worldwide information beverage drink market Product Our principles information • focus on professional partners • high international experiences free sales • young and flexible company, open strategy minded for new ideas/structures • international transferable concept International • strong shareholder background from marketing & Finance, Real Estate, Property and communication Law sector • high upscale potential • sophisticated market entry strategy Our key principles • outstanding high product quality • strong brand mark and design • advanced customer care 3
  • 4. PRODUCT INFORMATION Our brands Company free energy drink information Taurin and caffeine soft drink Product information free sales strategy free sports magnesium International for sportsmen in Fitness marketing & centers communication others in pipeline 4
  • 5. FREE ENERGY DRINK Product range – energy drink 1,5 l bottle Company pany free energy drink information tion Ingredients: 250 ml glass bottle Product duct • Caffeine information tion • Taurine • Vitamins free sales ales strategy tegy Available in different sizes: • 250 ml can International onal • 250 ml glass bottle marketing & ng • 500 ml can communication tion • 1,5 l bottle 250 ml can 5
  • 6. FREE ENERGY DRINK Product ingredients & effects Company The philosophy and vision behind free is to set a benchmark in taste and quality in the energy drinks market. information The unique freshness of free energy drink is achieved by the exclusive use of pure, Austrian spring water. Product The composition of this mineral water with caffeine*, taurine*, sugar, vitamins B6 and B12 information result in the outstanding taste of free and the instant revitalization of your senses. free sales INCREASES performance, concentration and reaction speed strategy IMPROVES vigilance and emotional status International marketing & STIMULATES metabolism, cardiovascular system communication and detoxification of the body free - energize your life! *Taurine is an amino acid created naturally in the body. It is concentrated in fl uids of body cells and is as such distributed throughout the entire body. Adding taurine supports the body’s productiveness in various different situations, such as for overcoming stress, osmoregulation, thermo regulation, increases performance of the heart, counteracts oxidative stress, detoxifying the body, etc. Taurine can be found in everyday food like mussels, tuna, beef and pork, yoghurt, etc. *Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance in plants (coffee, tea, cacao, guarana, etc.). Caffeine stimulates the brain, the cardiovascular system and fat burning. 6
  • 7. FREE ENERGY DRINK Product consumption ocassions Company free is a functional beverage. It has been specially developed for times of information increased mental and physical exertion and the effects for consumer are among other things: Product • an increase in the ability to perform by improving concentration and reaction speed information • stimulation of the cardiovascular system and metabolism free sales key consumption situations: strategy • at work (~ 24 %)* • while partying (~ 17 %)* International • while studying/at school (~ 15 %)* marketing & • working out (~13 %)* communication • during sports (~ 11 %)* • while driving (~ 8 %)* • other (~12 %)* …or whenever additional energy is needed! *Source national science foundation 2002 7
  • 8. FREE ENERGY DRINK free energy drink target group (socio-demographic profile) Company • primary target group between the age of 16 and 29 information • men, consume 2 x more energy drinks than women Product information • single or young couples without children free sales • 90% of consumers are active working or students strategy International marketing & communication 8
  • 9. FREE ENERGY DRINK Brand values Why to drink it ... Company AUTHENTICITY pure and fresh taste reason why… information the real, credible alternative Maximum indulgence! Product OPEN MINDED international • pleasant fruity sweetness information fresh • refreshing with soft carbonation flexible free sales Excellent value for the price! strategy AMBITION self-confident • attractive price • low purchase price for max. quality agressive International ambitious • high profit margins marketing & hungry for success communication dynamic Image • Music, Motor Sports/sports, Music, VARIETY adventurous Lifestyle & culture young stylish modern curious 9
  • 10. FREE ENERGY DRINK Packaging possibilities Company Different packaging possibilities, to fit information purchase occasion and customer needs: Product 250 ml can information • Duo packs – ideal for Petrol channel promo • 4 – packs suitable for retail HM & SM promo free sales to increase transaction size strategy • 6 packs – ideal as a penetration SKU to build distribution as well as for Metro/Makro customers (Horeca, Trader, Traditional trade) International • 24 can tray – regular package marketing & communication 250 ml bottle • pack of 20 1,5 l bottle • pack of 6 10
  • 11. FREE SPORTS MAGNESIUM Company free sports magnesium information This delicious drink with mango flavor covers the higher demand of minerals and is boosting your body Product before, during and after any sport activity. information Packaging possibilities free sales 1 l bottle strategy pack of 6 International marketing & communication 11
  • 12. SALES STRATEGY Cooperation We are looking for a long-term cooperation with our partners! Company information Product information PARTNERSHIP free sales strategy exchange of International information International marketing & support each other Distribution communication planning Partner controlling timing 12
  • 13. SALES STRATEGY Company information Product information FOCUS free sales HORECA Convenience Retailers & strategy Stores & Gas Wholesailers Station International marketing & •Hotel • e.g. Seven Eleven, • Metro/Makro Cash communication • Restaurant On the run & Carry Group • Cafe • e.g. Agip, Shell • Edeka • Bar • others • REWE • Nightlife, Disco • others 13
  • 14. SALES STRATEGY Strategies by channel horizontal growth 2009 - 2010 Company ON - TRADE information PETROL Product RETAIL information free sales strategy DISTRIBUTION LISTING DISTRIBUTION WHOLESALERS MAIN CHAINS (LISTING) International marketing & communication PRICING VS. PLANOGRAM PLANOGRAM COMPETITORS LEAFLET PROMO CHILLED PROMO AVAILABILITY MULTIPACKS 14
  • 15. SALES STRATEGY Consumer and shopper understanding Company BACKGROUND information There is often a difference between the person who BUYS energy drinks - the shopper, and the person who DRINKS energy drinks - the consumer. Product 42% of supermarket shoppers buy energy drinks for someone else information Therefore, shopper are not always consumers and it is important to understand both sets. free sales strategy KEY AREAS There a re 4 Key Channels for Consumer/Shopper understanding International • Petrol marketing & • On Trade communication • Retail • Cash & Carry and Wholesale 15
  • 16. SALES STRATEGY Petrol Company KEY FINDINGS: information There are 3 key shopping times in the day: Product • early morning information • early afternoon • early evening free sales strategy Many chilled multipacks are bought in the morning. There is a weekend peak for multipack sales International (parties and social consumption). marketing & communication OPPORTUNITIES: • avoid out of stock after the morning peak • avoid out of stock on thu/fri/sat due to party/social peak sales. • cans need to be chilled as well as ambient 16
  • 17. SALES STRATEGY On trade Company KEY FINDINGS: information There are 2 key shopping times in the day: Product • lunch time information • evening & night free sales Single Can sales mainly, with a big peak in the late strategy evening and night. International OPPORTUNITIES: marketing & • avoid out of stock during peak sales times communication on evening, esp. before weekends • cans need to be chilled • ideal for mixed drinks in bars – prepared special mixed drink concept 17
  • 18. SALES STRATEGY Retail Company KEY FINDINGS: information There are 3 key shopping times in the day: Product • early morning information • early afternoon • early evening free sales strategy Many multipacks are bought in the morning and in the evening. Single Can sales are steady all day, with a big International peak in the late afternoon and evening. marketing & communication OPPORTUNITIES: • avoid out of stock after the morning peak • avoid out of stock during peak sales times on evening and weekends. • cans need to be chilled as well as ambient 18
  • 19. SALES STRATEGY free - off trade sales strategy Company Sales Objectives: information The main overall objectives to achieve perfect free AVAILABILITY and VISIBILITY in each sales channel. Product Sales Fundamentals: information The 5 P’s are the free sales fundamentals. We use these fundamentals to achieve the objectives. • What is the right PACK range (single can, four pack, etc)? free sales • What is the right PRICE to the consumer? strategy • What should the PLANOGRAM, or main display look like (location, flow, space, etc)? • What is the ideal secondary PLACEMENT (cooler, multi-pack display, etc)? International • What is the right PROMOTION (driving message, multi-pack promotion, etc)? marketing & communication Sales Channels: The two main sales channels within off premise is IMPULSE and RETAIL. Impulse stores are classified as smaller outlets where most consumption is immediate (eg, a Kiosk, Petrol Station, Convenience store). Retail stores are generally larger outlets where most purchases of free are made for future consumption (eg, a Supermarket, Hypermarket, Cash & Carry). These sales channels cannot be treated the same. We should have different availability and visibility objectives for each channel and each store format. Therefore, the sales fundamentals must be adapted to each channel and store format. 19
  • 20. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT free countries Company information Product information free sales strategy International marketing & communication - 13 COUNTRIES WORLWIDE – AMERICA – EUROPE – AFRICA – MIDDLE EAST – ASIA – AUSTRALIA 20
  • 21. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Our retail distribution partners Company • Metro Group • C+C scharper information • Fegro Selgros • Jet Product information • Tengelmann • Allguth free sales • Müller • Nationales GFGH Verlegernetz strategy • Norma • Eppco Enoc International marketing & • Netto • Independent Wholesalers/Distributors communication • Citti (December 2008) 21
  • 22. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Communication strategy Company Slogans information free - we create power free - 100% energy Product free - taste good - feel good! information Claims free sales increases performance strategy increases concentration and reaction speed improves vigilance International improves the emotional status marketing & stimulates metabolism communication 22
  • 23. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Sponsoring Company SPORTS & EXTREMSPORTS e.g.Racing: Fia GT, Mini Challenge, Formula 3, CEE Champinship, Fieste information Cup, Ralley Dakar, Moto Cross Product MUSIC, FASHION & STYLE e.g. Lexington Park, Monrose, GQ, Philipp Plein, etc. information INTERNET Mailings to 500.000 addresses monthly free sales strategy RADIO Jingles for Party events in overcrowded areas International OUTDOOR Bill boarding in overcrowded areas marketing & communication POS- MARKETING Promotion in Retail 23
  • 24. free beverage GmbH Justus-von-Liebig-Ring 4-6 82152 Krailing - Munich Germany Tel: +49 89 800 65 64 0 Fax: +49 89 800 65 64 22