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Sencha Space review


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Review of Sencha Space BYOD enterprise hybrid web app solution …

Review of Sencha Space BYOD enterprise hybrid web app solution
Includes tips and tricks, sencha space vs cordova, deployment info, source code

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  • 1. Grgur Grisogono @ggrgur
  • 2. B Y ODEnterprise Software Providedto Unmanaged devices
  • 3. HTML5 Phones + Tablets Secure Central (remote) Management Console Cross-platform Framework agnostic
  • 4. Sencha Space Mobile Client Components Management Console Enterprise Web App+ +
  • 5. Sencha Space Mobile Client Components Management Console Enterprise Web App+ +
  • 6. Management Console
  • 7. ! Phones Tablets Desktop Management Console √ √ √ Runs on
  • 8. Mobile Client HTML Application Host Any web app/site allowed API exposed
  • 9. Space Menu with refresh, back, forward buttons Application & Organization Switcher Application Name (from <title>) Application area Layout
  • 10. Applications available Account info Change Organizations Application Switcher
  • 11. Supported Platforms Beta Beta
  • 12. Application Requirements A valid HTML document ! ! Deployed on a server (public or private) 1. 2.
  • 13. Sencha Touch NOTrequired
  • 14. Locally hosted apps ALLOWED
  • 15. Security SecureFiles API SecureLocalStorage API Data encryption w/ secure key management Configurable security policies Immediate ACL propagation Remote data wipe
  • 16. Security Every app has it’s own isolated WebView
  • 17. Jailbreakers NOT Welcome NOW CONFIGURABLE
  • 18. Application URLs are never exposed
  • 19. Authentication SAML LDAP Email (classic)
  • 20. API Security Layer Device Layer Comm Layer SecureFiles SecureLocalStorage Camera Connectivity Notification Vibration Device info Orientation Promise Invoke Downloads
  • 21. Promise Land All asynchronous calls use Promises
  • 22. Promise Land Promises A+ spec
  • 23. Debugging Safari Remote Inspector x Chrome Remote Inspector x Weinre √ Tip: use a local weinre instance
  • 24. Space vs Cordova
  • 25. Space vs Cordova No libraries or building required Cordova and platform tools & libraries, building required
  • 26. Space vs Cordova No native plugins Plenty of plugins available
  • 27. Space vs Cordova Limited access to native components Virtually all native APIs accessible
  • 28. Space vs Cordova Good cross-application communication *Apps contained in Sencha Space N/A, but Cordova apps can communicate to other apps on device
  • 29. Space vs Cordova Remote server needed No remote server or services needed
  • 30. Space vs Cordova Built in user and group management ACLs N/A
  • 31. Space vs Cordova Automatic updates pushed without App store App store and app verification needed to push updates
  • 32. Space vs Cordova Timed offline lease available (security feature) 100% offline apps with custom refresh logic as needed
  • 33. Space vs Cordova Secure LocalStorage and File System No built in security options for files and data
  • 34. Space vs Cordova Remote user, device, and app management *for Space apps Remote management N/A
  • 35. Space vs Cordova WebView secured WebView exposed
  • 36. Space vs Cordova Can deny access to Jailbroken/Rooted devices No built-in Jailbreak/Root detection
  • 37. Space vs Cordova VPN support No built-in VPN support
  • 38. Space vs Cordova Free for 10 users and 10 apps in an organization. Paid plans available Free
  • 39. Real Life Experience
  • 40. Register Application ID in the Management Console if you need Invoke functionality !
  • 41. SecureLocalStorage is ASYNCHRONOUS ! (unlike LocalStorage) !
  • 42. You can use MULTIPLE SecureLocalStorage instances !
  • 43. SecureLocalStorage data is saved to an isolated SQLite database !!
  • 44. Each application has it’s own SQLite database !!
  • 45. Apps CANNOT share SecureLocalStorage or SecureFiles !
  • 46. Arbitrary SQLite adapter is currently not available !
  • 47. LocalStorage: storage.getItem(‘myKey’);   ! ! vs   ! SecureLocalStorage: storage.get(‘myKey’);!(ASYNCHRONOUS, RETURNS PROMISE) (SYNCHRONOUS, RETURNS VALUE)
  • 48. There is a 100-400 ms delay between document ready and Space ready !
  • 49. Space API is available to any HTML document, whether it uses a Sencha framework or not !
  • 50. Sencha Touch developers could benefit from using workspaces and packages through Sencha Cmd !
  • 51. While developing, set up your apps to run from a locally hosted environment instead of a publicly exposed server !
  • 52. Grgur Grisogono @ Read the review: Space Up Your Apps!