Presentation outlining City of Holland Energy Plan


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This presentation was given to the Holland City Council on June 9, 2010. The purpose of this was to present the work of the Holland Sustainability Committee and to provide a framework for a Community Energy Plan.

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Presentation outlining City of Holland Energy Plan

  1. 1. Holland Energy Plan Our Way Forward
  2. 2. What is a City Energy Plan? We studied 5 cities similar to Holland in these ways:   Traverse City, MI   Comparable size.   Guelph, Ontario   Municipally owned   Fort Collins, CO electric utility.   Riverside, CA   College towns.   Austin, TX
  3. 3. What is a City Energy Plan? City Energy Plans Set Goals.   Emphasize development, recruitment, and retention of clean energy business enterprises. (Austin)   Adopt pricing policies that reflect short and long term costs both direct and indirect. (Fort Collins)   Diversify electrical generation assets. (Traverse City)   Energy use per capita and resulting greenhouse gas emissions will be less than the current global average. (Guelph)   First seek renewable energy and conservation before resorting to traditional fossil fuels. (Austin & Guelph)
  4. 4. What is a City Energy Plan? City Energy Plans Set Metrics.   30% renewable energy by 2020. (Traverse City)   15% of energy supply from energy efficiency efforts by 2020. (Austin)   Increase power managed by load management, smart grid, & distributed generation to at least 10% of summer peak by 2020. (Fort Collins)   Reduce per capita base load energy consumption by 10% through energy efficiency and conservation programs by 2016. (Riverside)   Reduce summer peak electric demand by 40% by 2031 to meet city growth without new infrastructure. (Guelph)
  5. 5. What is a City Energy Plan? City Energy Plans Have Lifecycles.   Citizen groups like HCSC write them •  with community involvement, •  with input from utility companies, •  with advice from independent experts •  with discussion based on data and values.   City Councils enact them.   Everyone tracks them annually.
  6. 6. Holland Energy Plan Setting Our Bicentennial Goals, Measuring Our Progress.
  7. 7. Holland Needs Goals & Metrics. If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you tell if you’re making progress? We need bicentennial goals that express our values. We need quantitative metrics that measure our progress.
  8. 8. Possible Bicentennial Goals Expressing Our Values. •  Holland will be the place to invest because of its commitment to a sustainable energy future. •  Holland will develop, recruit, and retain clean energy business enterprises. •  Holland will diversify its sources of electricity so that it can continue its tradition of reliable electricity at competitive rates. •  Holland will favor investments in renewable energy and energy conservation over investments in energy generation from fossil fuels. •  Holland will encourage all of its energy consumers to make their own private investments in energy conservation, efficiency, and distributed generation.
  9. 9. Possible Bicentennial Goals Expressing Our Values (continued). •  Holland will adopt electricity pricing policies that reflect short and long term costs both direct and indirect. •  Holland will seek to reduce adverse health and environmental effects of energy generation and use. •  Holland will seek partnerships that promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. •  All public energy expenditures will visibly contribute to meeting these goals. •  All publicly funded energy expenditures will be cost-effective. “Cost effective” is not the same as “cheapest now.” Cost comparisons will consider likely electricity price increases over the lifetime of the equipment involved.
  10. 10. Possible Quantitative Metrics Measuring Our Progress •  Reliability statistics in electrical services. •  Total energy consumption. •  Total energy billings to consumers. •  Percent of total energy consumption generated from fossil fuels. •  Greenhouse gas emissions. •  Percent of electricity demand met by efficiency and conservation. •  Percent of electricity demand met by renewable energy sources. •  Peak demand for electricity. (normalized for population & GDP as appropriate)
  11. 11. Moving Forward… Writing Our Bicentennial Energy Plan.
  12. 12. Relationships to BV Report BV answered many technical questions, but also noted some important civic issues.   “A detailed specific DSM and EE study for Holland was beyond the scope of this study.”   All 3 JDY units are aging and “it would be prudent” to plan for retiring them in 20-30 years.   “Local control” offsets higher cost . Do other community values also?
  13. 13. Relationship to Community Forums Citizens showed high levels of interest in:   Setting long term policies and goals.   Diversifying central power generation.   Contributing individually through energy efficiency, distributed generation, smart grids.
  14. 14. Writing Our Bicentennial Energy Plan… Progress to Date.   October, 2009 – HCSC recommends to City Council that “someone” write it.   January, 2010 – City Council directs HCSC to do the job.   May, 2010 – HCSC begins putting pen to paper.
  15. 15. Writing Our Bicentennial Energy Plan… Finishing the Job.   Setting a timeline for completion in 2010.   Establishing a budget for the project.   Arranging for community input and independent expert advice.   Committing to be guided by the results.   Reviewing revising annually.
  16. 16. A Bicentennial Energy Plan… Moving Forward Together!
  17. 17. Why Write an Energy Plan?   The future requires it.   Our citizens expect it.   Forums and BV reports set the stage for it.   City Council commissioned it.   It will enrich City Council decision making.   For 2050 Bicentennial, a goal and a plan!
  18. 18. Holland Needs an Energy Plan? YES! It will unify a divided community, moving us from an “either... or” debate to “both... and” cooperation and unity.
  19. 19. Writing Our Bicentennial Energy Plan… Puts City Council in the Center. CITY ENERGY PLAN CITY COUNCIL Informed Accountable Decisions Black Holland’s Community Veatch Forums
  20. 20. References Specifically Cited Austin, TX us/newsroom/Reports/strategicPlan.pdf Fort Collins, CO Guelph, Canada Riverside, CA Traverse City, MI Others of Interest Cambridge, MA Chicago, IL Michigan Climate Action Plan Midwest Governors Energy Stewardship