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Blogs & Common Mistakes

  1. 1. Blog Checklist: Common Mistakes That Cost Marks 1. From your Homepage provide inks to your Planning, Construction and Evaluation blogs. 2. From your Planning, Construction and Evaluation blogs your must provide links to your Homepage & Research 3. Make sure you have not accidently linked your AS and A2 blogs (Yr13 Only) 4. Preliminary Film and Preliminary Evaluation – Homepage & Research. Should be the first post that you uploaded to your blog. (Yr12) 5. Get someone in your group to go through your blog as if they were the examiner checking that it was easy to navigate they way through all blogs, that the content was easy to read especially the contents of blog archive the drop down menu 6. All Blogs must show as many post as possible – (I will show you how do this) 7. That all evaluation questions are written in full and uploaded in the right order. 8. All post titles must be written in full and make sense to the examiner who is skimming your work. 9. All uploaded, embedded documents, movies and other links are working. 10. Font size, style and choice of font colour makes blog content easy to read. 11. The ordering of post makes sense. Also make sure every thing on your planning blog reads and looks like planning. So many students make the mistakes of taking screen grabs from their actual film. 12. The completed opening 2 minutes doesn’t have dead screen time i.e. unnecessary black screen. 13. Enough attention been paid to variation of font colour- i.e. is more or less variation of font colour needed? 14. All relevant research tasks grouped together – all planning task together
  2. 2. 15. Candidate’s name and number must appear at the top of each blog 16. Blog design appears clean and fresh looking - i.e. are there two many irrelevant random images that the examiner might think unnecessary and/or find distracting? 17. Check archive content is not disjointed 18. If all blogs are black and white…. Add a bit of colour by changing the background colour for each blog 19. There are no random or previously produced work which has not been contextualised (Yr13 analysis of music videos) 20. The examiner may only look at 1 group member’s blog to get an overview of the level of planning that went into the production. Please make sure your planning blog has a copy of the group’s: Scripts(s), treatment, synopsis, storyboard, and location shots, film schedules, timetable of free periods, moodboard and group member responsibilities – All group members will be marked down if any of the above is missing unless they clearly write on their blogs what is missing and who was responsible for completing it.