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Ignite Night presentation
Using an ActivBoard in the Art Room.

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  • Hello, I’m Greg Patrenos, I’m an Art Teacher and tonight I tell you a little about \nThe ActivArt room...\nI know this is going to sound like an ad for Promethean, but that’s what I use so that’s the way it is.\n
  • No Art lesson or project is complete without the accompanying Social Studies.-\nMaps, supplemental images, and media are all easily incorporated into the lesson with the ActivBoard. I can also draw on the board or have students locate and highlight relative points.\n
  • When studying color the students come to the board and use the color palette to demonstrate how to mix custom colors. Their painted work shows a quicker mastery of color mixing and far less waste.\n \n \n
  • When studying lines the students love to come to the Board to pick their favorite color and show off their skill. By drawing careful lines instead of scribbling the students learn to create a Variety of patterns.\n
  • Working on such a large scale the Idea of “Lines Make Pattern” is easy to understand. Once the students understand pattern they can apply it anywhere, like this colorful pattern landscape.\n
  • Instead of asking students if they see the shapes and patterns in a Masterwork. I ask them if they can trace the elements being discussed. Take this Matisse painting-”The Purple Robe” the students can actually Draw on the painting with different colors emphasizing the pattern.\n
  • Here some of my students are doing just that. When they’ve traced all the patterns they can find- And they’d look the entire Art period if I let them, I can make the Matisse disappear, leaving their patterns instead of his. \n
  • Or we can also start with a simple line drawing and have the students fill it with their own Patterns and Colors. Sometimes I do both, I love Matisse’s use of color and pattern and so do lots of my students.\n
  • Understanding Matisse’s love of pattern comes out in the student’s work.\nElementary student’s also love the bold colors placed next to each other to produce a truly Vibrant work of Art.\n
  • In studying Picasso, I ask the students “who sees the musical instruments?” Do you see anything else? Before you know it, they ‘GET’ the painting. Go to the board pick your color and have go. Everyone wants to do it. Do you see the dog?\n
  • Let’s have a kindergardener show us how to make a pattern. \nGot your paper,paste and scissors ?\nThey stay on task as they keep coming up with more and more patterns.\nA ‘drag a copy’ page is easy to make.\n\n
  • Or let’s create a mosaic. How about we start with a Rainbow.\n“Who knows the first color in a real rainbow ? Would you please come up to the board and show us? who knows the second color ?\n
  • We’ve all got some very nice rainbows. Now what can add to our Mosaic ? Will you come to the board and show us. And you can bet every kid wants to do just that.\n
  • Mondrian is fun when you can use the fill tool.\nCreating variations of Mondrian’s compositions is something the whole class gets in on. Changing the colors and positions until it is just right.\n
  • Using my Mondrain Toolbar, which I keep handy, limits the students to just the colors Mondrian used. Once the fill it with with Primary colors they understand that some white would be a good thing.\n
  • Have your students photograph your school. Put the images on the board and trace the lines that the Walls, sidewalks and roofs create. Understanding Perspective is a snap with student photographers and your Activboard.\n
  • What kid doesn’t like to do Tie-Dye ? At my school it’s a tradition. But an Activboard to tie-dye... you better believe it. not only the process and techniques but the history.\n
  • Tie-dye goes back hundreds may even thousands of years. I trace the development on the world map up to when the Beatles went to India-of course I’ve embedded several songs and into the world of Hign Fashion.\n
  • And for those advanced students- self paced assessments.\n
  • I don’t if it shows but this is one Art Teacher who really loves his ActivBoard.\n
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