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Published in Education , Travel
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  • 1. The incredible adventures of Cocofish
  • 2. Once upon a Cretaceous time, there was a strong Velociraptor who fell in love with a beautiful m e rmaid.
  • 3. Their love gave birth to this precious thing named Cocofish.
  • 4.
    • Soon after Coc ofish ’s second anniversary,
    • Earth was shacked by a stone.
    • A big one.
  • 5. Cocofish ’s father went to a museum. Coc ofish ’s mother went (in)to a stone.
  • 6. Coc ofish was on vacation, diving in Caribbean, when the disaster happened. Using the flippers to swim into de depths of the ocean, he managed to escape and survived the Apocalipse.
  • 7. For a long period of time, Cocofish thought he had some sort of musical talent, by wakening people in the morning.
  • 8. … everything changed in 250 BC, when Greeks invented the first alarm clock
  • 9. Cocofish was sad.
  • 10.
    • Miss piggy, all Paris dogs, Godzilla, and King Kong
    H e felt lost, tired and far away from his life purpose, even in the arms of Godzilla, all Paris dogs, Rolls Royce lady or King Kong.
  • 11. He drank a lot. Those were shitty days.
  • 12. He started to watch TV more often than before. He noticed the mediocrity of some commercials, and the stupidity of others. He felt he can do better.
  • 13. He went to see some friends. Not any friends. But before that , he ate the lady with the detergent. That ’ s how he got the soap bubbles.