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Lansare Xbox

  1. 1. Female warrior
  2. 2. Proposal bracelet (leaflet) –message and code on the back
  3. 3. Leaflets
  4. 4. Paper – has brand elements. is a 3d avatar.
  5. 5. Ripped Fabric –blood stains, logo written with phosphorescent ink.The leaflet can be used as a wrist protection in battle,so it has another purpose and makes it more fun.
  6. 6. Magic ink – the message on the back appearswhen the leaflet is heated.The promoter instructs the participant: “Youhave here a secret message, find out bytouching the back with your fingers.”
  7. 7. Viral – to create buzz around and appeal animportant part of our target. Its about a fightbetween two girls. Show men how attractive she is,although a warrior. Increase interactivity at booths.
  8. 8. Location – mall. Him and her, holding hands, walking by a store where we have an Xbox stand. Ourcharacter stops and informs the two about Xbox competition. Everything is very real. Promoter: Hello! Excuse me, have you heard about our new promotion?Man: No!P: well (subtle glance at man), if you play here at the Xbox booth and reach the highest score you win aconsole with Kinect. Also, you receive this bracelet with a code, enter it and you can win an Xbox console.M: Oh, that’s cool! So where do I enter the code?P: You register it on Facebook. Here, let me! (she puts the bracelet on the man’s wrist with soft gesturesand throwing him glances. After she finishes, she touches him few more times on the arm)Female: Ok, I think he got the point!P: Is something wrong? I was just explaining the mechanism.F: Ok, enough explaining, he’s not stupid.P: (looking at him sexy and gently touching him on the arm): Im sure he is not!!F: (slightly pushing her away): Ok, enough with the touching.M: It’s ok, she’s just a promoter.F: Don’t tell me what she is or not.P: (pulling his arm) So, do you want to give it a try in the store?F: He is not trying anything.P (touching again the man) Why is she so jealous? Don’t you want to have fun?F: (pushing the promoter harder): Its none of your business, stop touching him.P: (pushing back): Don’t you touch me again.F:(pushing again and harder) Oh, is that so? He is my boyfriend!Now starts a fight between the two of them. They push each other, pull their hair, slaps, kicks. The man atfirst wants to separate them, but he kind of begins to enjoy it and decides to watch them. He even takesout his phone and films them. People stop and stare.
  9. 9. Facebook App:1. First page presents the character, there will be an arrow and message “click like”2. The app - the screen plays our viral + 4 buttons: Enter code, Xbox Live petition, interesting links about xbox and the great things he can do and one about kinect.It would be interesting for the fans and be a good way to attract more of them if we choose 1-2 contestants (crazy that do funny, energetic moves) per weekend to film and post on facebook with comments. Increase the visibility and attract other people to the fun booth.
  10. 10. Banner – the logo moves chaotically inside the banner for a few seconds. At mouse-overor after a preset period of time, the logo “shoots” a laser that starts to reveal the strongcall to action message. The movement of the logo and its color will attract the eye ofthe user. Also, if the user doesn’t go over the banner, the logo will release the laser toappeal the user again and show the message.