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What did I learn from pokemon go as a product manager?


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As product manager, we always look for inspiration. Here is a review of Pokemon GO. From a product perspective, what makes it good and bad. Enjoy and tell me what you think about it. For product managers, marketers, startupers, gamers

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What did I learn from pokemon go as a product manager?

  1. 1. As a Product Manager - What can you learn from Pokemon Go?
  2. 2. Login Basic look-and-feel :/ It’s simple with a light green background colour. The design is simple and go straight to what you have to do. Really simple You have two choices here. Are you part of the trainer club or not. It gives you the right way from the beginning and you don’t have to think too much. It’s good that they bring their history with them. People who are playing the online card game can subscribe with the same account.
  3. 3. Login Google account only :( Forcing the users with only one option so does not create a good user experience. You can still create a fake account to play at Pokemon Go Where do I click if I already signed up?
  4. 4. Be more engaging from the first page! You are the Pokemon Company. You should know that everyone loves Pikachu.Connect with Every word is important By changing it, you don’t create confusion. Alternative login
  5. 5. Loading Screen From this point you start to realise that you’re going to be spending a lot of time playing the game Something I should pay attention for You have a warning from the first page. You want the user to be alert of something. Good design to capture the attention of the user Message is confusing Why should I be alert at all times. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  6. 6. Loading screen can be used to give tips or onboard people In certain games they use this screen to give you some tips on how to play or new features Take advantage of everything Whether they want or not, the user has to go through this page and bear it. This box could be used to give other advices, randomly chosen to help you understand the game Don’t miss any step… Leverage all you can!
  7. 7. Make them learn the game :P Pokemon Go must be open to find pokemon while you walk Look at the circle when you throw a pokeball. Red means hard to catch, Green is easy... Alternative loading screen
  8. 8. What do they want from you is clear. The only three things that you see are pokemon around you surrounded by circles. You understand pretty quickly that you have to click on one of them since the map is empty. Catch a Pokemon Once you entered the game and you chose your name, this is the first screen that you can see. The action that you have to do is set in red on top of screen. It relates to the mission of Pokemon Go. Catch them all!
  9. 9. Show them the real mechanics of the game It’s a tutorial so show them how it works. You need to see the real mechanics of the game. First step will be “Find a pokemon” then “Touch a pokemon” and finally “Catch a pokemon” Don’t try to expedite things
  10. 10. Then it’s time for action An arrow and a finger You understand that you have to throw the pokeball to the pokemon to catch it Activate the Augmented Reality which place the pokemon in the real world The design is pretty slick and easy to understand. They didn’t overwhelm the user with options which is good.
  11. 11. Not easy to use and consume more battery They could have explained that it can be harder to catch a pokemon that way. And also the battery problem... Action ok… but more explanation or a step by step maybe They could explain the way to catch a pokemon and also what CP??? means
  12. 12. Pokemon profile Once you caught it, it loads a new screen which is the profile of the pokemon captured. The rewards are useful You can see pretty quickly that it’s used to power up or evolve your pokemon. Some rewards You notice on the top right corner that you got something else in top of that catch. Some candy and Stardust. Loads of information Is everything important you don’t know? You are just surrounded suddenly.
  13. 13. Be Generous in all Circumstances Just a little bit more... They should have give you enough stardust to power up your pokemon. You could have tried it and see the effect of it. The labels are explicit. They are unavailable so they can be used later First time here, try to assist the player (Tap to continue maybe…)
  14. 14. Consistency is key in UX You can see that along the screens they kept the action at the bottom of the screen and the information at the top. The focus stays in the middle of the screen. New screen new adventure! So you arrive now in the map screen but the game version not the onboarding one. You see new icons now. The screen is pretty clean. One symbol for important actions You notice also how they use the pokeball with different color to give you indication on the important actions available.
  15. 15. Two shapes for one point of interest Your map is alive, you see the different positions and also over animation. You can see the horizon of the map. It creates a feeling of infinite discoveries. Addictive effect The map is empty except for the pokestops. You can’t see the pokemon, you only discover them as you walk. Curiosity and surprise are the two main reason why people find it so addictive
  16. 16. Mix between a certain reward and a surprise one By visiting a place and turning the wheel, you will earn rewards without knowing what you could find.
  17. 17. Slick menu opened When you click on the pokeball in the middle it opens the menu. The same green screen as in the login is used to show the options you have. Again UX consistency You can see that again the pokeball shape is used to show you the important actions. The settings and tips options are not in pokeball shapes. Also notice that the “X” to come back is smaller than the other ones.
  18. 18. More information They could have give you a guided visit on those options for the first time you were triggering it. Let them try things Push them to do actions, let them try stuff. Give them items and coach/force them to use them right away to view the effects of it. Reward them also for each actions they take. You need to push the positive emotion at the highest point possible for the first experience.
  19. 19. Everything you can buy You have a good understanding you are in the shop. You can see your currency and the price of each item. The shop Putting first what you can buy with the game currency They put the things that player can buy with Pokecoins. You ask yourself how can I get those coins? (curiosity again) Unlike your inventory page, They didn’t surcharge that page with the description of each items.
  20. 20. Clarity & Consistency by design You can see how they use the same pattern, information at the top and actions at the bottom. Again you focus on the middle. You notice the shape of the table and the tab just by putting the underline under Pokemon and the slide on the right. Pokemon Page Everything you captured You can see the right information about everything you captured so far. Look how they display the right information for the player in a minimal space.
  21. 21. Consistency & Clarity again They took the same pattern as the Pokemon page which doesn't confuse the user. Without explaining how long it takes or how to do it. Every user can find easily what they have to do here. Eggs Page One page, one focus, one need Each page has a purpose and you make one certain action. Icons for icons? This icon doesn’t really mean anything to any user… Seems like a teleporter maybe…
  22. 22. Items Page Items you won This page contains all the items you possess. Here the number doesn't seem to work. Don’t break your pattern and don’t put information that will become irrelevant in your design In the shop or pokemon page, everything was ordered in a table look & feel. It was keeping the app clean and not surcharged. The trash icon seems the only one that doesn’t respect the brand. Is this page coming from the same designer?
  23. 23. Clear tips on basic games mechanics Tips activated in context When you activate the tips you have the information down but you can still see the map so you have a reference between the bubble with the explanation and how it look like on the map Tips
  24. 24. Nearby design is confusing You don’t understand the design and how it works from a player point of view. Where are my pokemon? Difference between pokemons you know and some you need to find out
  25. 25. You will discover over game mechanics by playing pokemon which will be useful for your product manager life. The downside: Don’t change the design midway and don’t forget to explain everything needed to the player to understand. The good point: Get the user story right and get the mechanics right who sticks to it. Pokemon is about your life as a trainer and they did it right.
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