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  • 1. Wiki Business application [Enterprise 2.0]
  • 2. Hello, my name is Jessica Today, I’ll show you how I use wiki at work
  • 3. A wiki is a web page that can be seen and easily edited by a group of persons
  • 4. I was introduced to wiki at my first day of my new job First day
  • 5. There’s a wiki for new employees read by new employees and edited by new employees
  • 6. They are allowed to use that wiki for their first three months
  • 7. By that time, I’ve been asked to produce my wiki page to introduce myself to the group
  • 8. The magic is that everybody can add something on my page
  • 9. I’ve put the link in my email signature so it can be accessed very quickly
  • 10. When I have to hold a meeting , I use a wiki to describe the agenda and I send the link to the attendees
  • 11. They can edit it
  • 12. After, we use the same page to share the minutes
  • 13. If I have a problem to solve and I don’t know how…
  • 14. I can ask people around the world if they have suggestions by posting the problem on a wiki
  • 15. Frequent helpers would be advise automatically via RSS that I need their help
  • 16. I also often have great ideas to improve my work
  • 17. As soon as I get one, I edit the appropriate wiki work instruction - WWI with text , images or videos
  • 18. Few minutes later, via RSS, everybody that’s doing the same job as me in the compagny, all around the world , knows my tricks and can even add something to it
  • 19. Ten years ago, I was living without email
  • 20. Now nobody can imagine living without it
  • 21. wiki will be part of the next revolution …
  • 22. Enterprise 2.0 made simple by Pascal Veilleux and Caroline Gagnon