Chap 5,source message & channel factor in IMC


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This slide will give overview regarding selection of source, screening message & identify the channel factor which will be best suited for advertising agency. for more visit

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Chap 5,source message & channel factor in IMC

  1. 1. .. ....
  2. 2. Promotional Planning 1 2 3 4Receiver/ Message/ Source/ Channel/ntationComprehension Channel/ yielding attention presentation Can the Which media What type of Who will be receiver will increase message will effective in comprehend presentation? create getting the ad? favorable consumers’ attitudes? attention?
  3. 3. The Communication Process:This process has three main Factor• Source Factor Source Credibility Source Attractiveness Source Power• Message Factor Message Structure Message Appeal• Channel factor
  4. 4. .. Source attribute Process Power Compliance Attractiveness Identification Credibility Internalization
  5. 5. Source:The term source in advertisement account for the person involved in communicating a message either directly or indirectly.Direct Source:It is a spokesperson who delivers a message & demonstrate a product or services.Like Sachin in AvivaIndirect Source:Here modal doesn’t actually deliver a message but draw attention to enhance the appearance of adLike Ad of PP jewelers, Sachin on Jaypee cementMix Source:Here there is no direct or indirect source. source is organization itselfLike: HCL, Tata group
  6. 6. Source Credibility:Recipient see source as knowledgeable, skillful, experienced & TrustworthyConsumer make strong trust on source, so information given by source should be unbiased, objective & trustworthyHe/she should be honest, ethical, BelievableLike: AB, Sachin,Following two main factor comes under credibility
  7. 7. Source Credibility . Knowledge. Source Skill Expertise Trustworthy Information Unbiased Objective
  8. 8. Applying Expertise:People believe those person easily, having deep expertise in respected field & on the basis of his opinion, it become belief. Hence marketer rope this kind of personLike Tiger woods on nike adApplying Trustworthiness:While expertise is important but at the same time the target audience also want the source should be believableLike News of Times(yes), News of India TV(No)
  9. 9. Source Characteristics:It is used by the advertiser frequently. It comprises three factorSimilarity:Marketer recognize those person whom they feel sense of similarity. Here the need of communicator is same as the need of consumer.Like : Tiger woods in NikeFamiliarity:It refers the knowledge of source & how familiar the source is with this knowledgeLike: Knowledge of SRK & Aamir Khan in entertainmentLikability:Here marketer identify the celebrity who has power to stop the crowed.Like: AB, Katrina, Sachin, SRK, Amir Khan
  10. 10. Source Attractiveness ..Similarity Familiarity Likeability Resemblance Knowledge of the Affection for the between the source through source resulting source and repeated or from physical recipient of the prolonged appearance, beha message exposure vior, or personal traits
  11. 11. Top Celebrity Endorsers . Top Male Endorsers • Tiger Woods. • Michael Jordan • David Beckham • Lance Armstrong Top Female Endorsers • Maria Sharapova • Jennifer Lopez • Jessica Simpson • Venus/Serena Williams • Annika Sorenstram
  12. 12. Popular Celebrities Help Attract Attention to Commercials ..
  13. 13. Factor to be consider before roping Celebrity:• Overshadowing the product• Overexposure• Target Audience reach• Risk to Advertiser
  14. 14. Pierce Brosnan and Anna Kournikova Why use celebrity spokespersons? ..
  15. 15. Advertising Risks of Using Celebrities . The celebrity may overshadow. the product being endorsed The celebrity may be overexposed, reducing his or her credibility The target audience may not be receptive to celebrity endorsers The celebrity’s behavior may pose a risk to the company
  16. 16. Source Power:A source has power when he/she actually endorse the thing. According to circumstances & condition source may get +ve or –ve responseLike: Sachin loose Britannia contract after early exit of the world cup cricket.
  17. 17. Source Power .. Perceived Perceived Perceived control concern scrutiny Compliance
  18. 18. Source Power ..
  19. 19. Energy & Power – The Athlete and the Product ..
  20. 20. Yao Ming is a Popular Endorser in China ..
  21. 21. Message Factor: Way of presentation of communication is very important to determine their effectiveness. It consists of two parts• Message Structure• Message Appeal
  22. 22. Message Structure:It is very important for marketer how to design the message structure & present it to consumer, by the same time marketer has to overcome the situation also. It has three factorOrder of presentation:Conclusion Drawing:Message Sidedness:
  23. 23. Message Structure .. Order of Presentation Recall Beginning Middle End
  24. 24. Order of presentation:When to present the messageMessage at beginning & last time make good impact compare to middleLike: Reliance network ad
  25. 25. Conclusion Drawing:• It is about open end & close end message• Both open & Close end are effective• No conclusion on open end• Strong conclusion in close end
  26. 26. Conclusion Drawing ..
  27. 27. Like:Close End questionAdvertisement of Airtel, Samsung etc, CloseOpen End QuestionAdvertisement of melody chocolate & Soya milk
  28. 28. .. Melody itni chocolaty kyon hai, Melody khao khud jan jaoHow did you know you like water before you try itSoya Milk
  29. 29. Message Sidedness:There are two types of message sidednessOne sided Message:It consists only positive benefits or character of the product.Like: all general ad, Rin, Liril, Reliance, Airtel
  30. 30. Two sided message:• It consists both positive & negative character of the product• It is more effective when target audience is educated• It enhance the credibility of source
  31. 31. .. Like: Buckley’s cough syrup: its taste awful, but it works Kimti hi sahi, bachche aur parivar ke liye samjhouta nahin. ZANDU: CHAYVANPRASH
  32. 32. Message Sidedness ..
  33. 33. Message Appeals:The choice of appeal is one of the most important & tedious work for marketer. It is designed according to logical as well other important factor. There are following types of appeal followed by marketers• Comparative Appeal• Fear Appeal• Humor Appeal• Emotional Appeal
  34. 34. Message Appeal Options . Comparative Fear Humor. Ads Appeals Appeals • Especially useful • May stress physical • Can attract and for new brands danger or threats to hold attention health • Often used for • Often the best brands with small • May identify remembered market share social threats • Put consumers in a • Used often in • Can backfire if level positive mood political of threat advertising is too high
  35. 35. Comparative Appeal:In this practice the marketer directly or indirectly use the name of competitors for comparing the advertisement. In general it happens for the new brand & Politics.Like: TVS & BajajCoca Cola & PepsiRin vs Tide
  36. 36. Miller Lite’s Comparative Advertising ..
  37. 37. Fear Appeal:• Emotional response of threats that express some danger• Company sometime use fear appeal to provoke consumer to erase their fear.• Low level fear attract the customer to take it as challenge way• High level of Appeal may prove lethalLike:Cigarette advertisementAdvertisement of Mountain Dew
  38. 38. Humor Appeal :• Strong way to attract the customer• Presented mostly through TV, Radio• Sometime in Newspaper• Advertiser use different kind of character to attract the customer• Different voice or shape can be usedLike: Zoo zoos of Vodafone
  39. 39. ..
  40. 40. .
  41. 41. Emotional Appeal:• Best way to attract the people• Show the scene of Bound• Mostly target audience are familyLike: Ad of ICICI, BSNL, MasterCard
  42. 42. .. Personal Nonpersonal •Flexible • No personal contact •Powerful • Geared to a large •Real time audience • Static
  43. 43. ..
  44. 44. The Image of a Magazine Can Enhance an Ad ..
  45. 45. ..
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