Presentation on advertising execution styles


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Presentation on advertising execution styles

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Presentation on advertising execution styles

  1. 1. NaveenChopra MBA F S2 1106.12
  2. 2. An advertising message can be presented or executed in numerous ways:  Straight sell or factual message  Scientific/technical evidence  Demonstration  Comparison  Testimonial  Slice of Life  Animation  Personality Symbol  Imagery  Dramatization  Humor  Combinations
  3. 3.  Basic type of creative executions.  Relies on a straight forward presentation of information.  Often used with informational/rational appeals.  Focus of the message is the product or services and its attributes.
  4. 4.  In a variation of the straight sell, scientific or technical evidence is presented in the ad.  Advertisers often cite technical information, results of scientific or laboratory studies to support their advertising claims.
  5. 5.  It is illustrate the key advantages of the product by showing it in actual use or in some staged situations.  It can be very effective in convincing consumers of a product’s utility or quality and of the benefits of owning or using the brand.
  6. 6.  This type of execution involves a direct or indirect comparison of a brand against the competition.
  7. 7.  Many advertisers present their marketing communication messages in the form of a testimonial whereby a person speak on behalf of the product based on his or her personal use of and/or experiences with it.
  8. 8.  This type of execution is often based on a problem/solution type of format.The ad attempts to portray a real-life situation involving a problem, conflict or situation consumers may face in their daily lives.The ad then focuses on showing how the advertiser’s product can resolve the problem
  9. 9.  This technique used animated characters or scenes drawn by artists or on computer.
  10. 10.  This type of execution involves the use of a central character of personality symbol to deliver the marketing communication message and with which the product can be identified.The personality symbol can take the form of a person who is used as a spokesperson, animated characters or even animals.
  11. 11.  This type of appeal is often used for image marketing communication by showing an imaginary situation or illusion involving a consumer and the product
  12. 12.  This execution technique creates a suspenseful situation or scenario in the form of a short story.  Dramatizations often use the problem/solution approach as they show how the advertised brand can help resolve a problem.
  13. 13.  Humor can be used as the basis for an marketing communication appeal. However, humor can also be used as a way of executing the message and presenting other types of marketing communication appeals.
  14. 14.  Many of these execution techniques can be combined in presenting an marketing communication message.  For example, slice-of-life ads are often used to demonstrate a product or make brand comparisons.