how to connect your app to the activity stream with x-pages


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how to connect your app to the activity stream with x-pages

  1. 1. Bring your Domino applications intothe Activity StreamFrank van der Linden
  2. 2. Roadmap• Introduction• IBM Connections 4• Open standards• Setup the environment• Connect to the Activity Stream• Q and A Joost van Dongen 11/28/20 12
  3. 3. Frank van der Linden• I live in Utrecht in the Netherlands.• My role is XPages/Domino/Web developer at e- office since 2000. So I started with Lotus Notes 4.5.x.• I develop XPages application since the introduction of XPages in Lotus Notes 8.5.0.• In my sparetime I do a lot of running and then I mean a lot.• And I am married and have 2 daughters @flinden68
  4. 4. And he works at e-office• Celebrated in 2011 it’s 20ste anniversary• First Lotus Business Partner in the Netherlands• E-office is IBM Premier Business Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and RIM Alliance Elite partner
  5. 5. IBM Connections 4
  6. 6. IBM Connections 4
  7. 7. What is oAuth• OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard for authorization• It allows users to share their resources stored on one site with another site without having to hand out their credentials• OAuth allows users to hand out tokens instead of credentials to their data hosted by a given service provider.Source:
  8. 8. oAuth1.0, the 3 leg dance
  9. 9. oAuth in the real world
  10. 10. OpenSocial• Public specification that defines a component hosting environment (container)• Based on HTML and Javascript, as well as the Google gadgets framework• OpenSocial adopted support for Activity Streams format• OpenSocial API and oAuth support Source:
  11. 11. Activity Stream• Stream of information• Support of oAuth and OpenSocial gadget specification• API’s are available to connect external systems• Part of Connections 4 and IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition
  12. 12. Get started – step 1: get access• If you don’t have an account for Greenhouse, go get it (
  13. 13. Get started – step 2: register your app• oAuth is used, so you need to register your app.( urity/provider/appList?serviceProvider=vulcan Toolkit)
  14. 14. Get started – Register your app• oAuth is used, so you need to register your app.( ovider/appList?serviceProvider=vulcanToolkit)
  15. 15. Get started – Get the databases• Get the Extension Library of OpenNTF, the 8.5.3 code stream• Install the Extension Library on Designer and Domino server• Deploy the Social Enabler database to your Domino server• Deploy the WebsecurityStore database to the root of your Domino server• And sign both databases with the correct ID.
  16. 16. Get started – Go to the Websecurity store• The startpoint is KeysApplications.xsp
  17. 17. Get started – Fill in the oAuth keys•
  18. 18. In to the code – Faces-config.xml• This file lists bean resources and navigation rules• It is located in the WEB-INF folder in the package explorer.
  19. 19. Faces-config.xml - NSFStore• NSFStore managed bean is used for the location of the websecurity database• It will be used by other Managed beans to store oAuth data.
  20. 20. Faces-config.xml – greenHouse managedbean• greenHouse managed bean is used to specify the oAuthEndpoint, and were to store.• AppId is the id, who is used as Application name in the SBT application registration page
  21. 21. How to get the entries of the Activity Stream• Create a XPage, and name it ‘ActivityStream’• Drop a viewpanel on this XPage• Select Datasource later• Goto the all properties and select as datasource the ActivityStreamData.
  22. 22. How to get the entries of the Activity Stream• The service URL: /vulcan/shindig/rest/activitystreams• Endpoint: greenHouse, as stated in the Faces-config.xml• Give the datasource a variable name, so you can connect to it in your ViewPanel• Specify in your ViewPanel as value the variable name of the datasource• And give the ViewPanel also a variable name
  23. 23. Get the actual data out of the streamActivity Stream On Greenhouse Activity Stream in Yellow and Blue system
  24. 24. Get access to some usefull properties• Title: entry.title• Posted date: new java.util.Date(parseInt(entry.postedTime)• ID:• Image:• Body: entry.body• JSON of the links to the source: entry.standardLinks.alternate[0].inline
  25. 25. Post to the Activity Stream• Use the Objectdata• ObjectData has 2 components  CreateObject: to compose the object JSON  SaveObject: save the object to an url.
  26. 26. Developer tip: Embedded experiencewithout oAuth2• Activate the boostrap page on Connections• Add to your gadget.xml develop parameters &__dev_proxyPolicy__=intranet_access&__dev_policySet__=GADGET_BUILT IN_INTERNAL&__dev_appContexts__=EMBEDXP More details:
  27. 27. Sample JSON to post entry{"generator": {"image": { "url": ""},"id": "Demo app","displayName": "XPages Post - Demo app","url": ""},"actor": {"id": "@me"},"verb": "post","title": "Post from a XPages","content": " You have created a post from XPage.","updated": "2012-08-23T12:00:00.000Z","object": {"summary": "Post from a XPages","objectType": "note","id": "xpages12","displayName": "Post from a XPages","url": ""},"connections":{"actionable":"false","broadcast": "true","canUnFollow": "true","saved":"false"},"openSocial":{"embed": {"gadget": "","context": ""},"deliverTo":[{"objectType":"person","id":"@me"}]}}
  28. 28. Questions
  29. 29. Usefull resources• Extension Library –• Social Enabler –• Activity Stream Community (GreenHouse) – munityview?communityUuid=cab9d6f0-d6f0-4b71-ae49- 8cad85a454fd• Social Business Toolkit Community (DeveloperWorks) – ups/service/html/communityview?communityUuid=0f357879 -ccee-4927-98c1-7bb88d5dc81f
  30. 30. Contact details @flinden68