Developing hybrid SharePoint apps that run on-premise and in the cloud - Bram de Jager - SPSNL 2013


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With the new SharePoint App model running outside the SharePoint worker process it introduces new authentication models. As a developer you don't want to build multiple versions of the same app implementing each authentication model separately. This session explains the differences between securing SharePoint apps with OAuth in Office 365 and S2S High Trust in on-premise deployments. You will learn how to build a single app that will run on-premise, online and hybrid SharePoint environments.

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  • Developing hybrid SharePoint apps that run on-premise and in the cloud - Bram de Jager - SPSNL 2013

    1. 1. Developing hybrid SharePoint apps that run on-premise and in the cloud
    2. 2. About Bram @bramdejager
    3. 3. Agenda
    4. 4. Another authentication model?! Why do we need a new authentication model?
    5. 5. Where does the new App model fit in?
    6. 6. Customization Options Sandbox  Hosted in isolated process  Limited server side SharePoint API access  No external service calls Farm SharePoint Apps  Full trust solutions  Customizations to file system of servers  Hosted in same process as SharePoint  Server side SharePoint API access  Classic model from 2007  New Apps model  Deployed from corporate catalog or Office Store  Runs outside of SharePoint process  Can be deployed on Azure, IIS, Apache,…  Simple install and upgrade process  Deprecated in SharePoint 2013
    7. 7. Hybrid Scenarios
    8. 8. Cloud, On-Premise, and Hybrid • • • Azure AD Office 365App App SharePoint
    9. 9. SharePoint-hosted apps on-prem and online
    10. 10. Inside OAuth
    11. 11. Access token and issuer
    12. 12. OAuth-authenticated request
    13. 13. Decoded access token
    14. 14. Online authentication
    15. 15. On-premise authentication
    16. 16. Building a High-Trust (S2S) app on-premise
    17. 17. Hybrid Apps
    18. 18. Hybrid app
    19. 19. Building a Hybrid app
    20. 20. Wrap up
    21. 21. Summary
    22. 22. Contact @bramdejager
    23. 23. THANK YOU