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Child self esteem
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Child self esteem


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  • 1. 5 Tips in Building Your Child’s Self Esteem By Henry
  • 2. W e lc o m e t o DeliveringHappiness to Your Family
  • 3. Parents, building yourchild’s self esteem is your responsibilityThe most obvious place for them to build confidence and self worth is from you at home.
  • 4. Why do you need to build your child’s self esteem? Because they’ll be1. Better in handling conflicts and stress.2. More optimistic, smiley and enjoy life.3. Well-rounded, respectful and getting along well with peers4. Able to excel in academics, extracurricular activities and hobbies.
  • 5. Low self esteem children will be1. Anxious and frustrated easily when encountering life’s challenges and difficulties2. Isolated, withdrawn and passive.3. Easily depressed for no apparent reasons.4. Finding difficulty in solving problems, especially issues relating to interpersonal skills.
  • 6. 5 Tips in building your child’s self esteem?1. Show your own Self Esteem2. Positive Praise3. Communicate Openly with Them4. “ Engineer” Successes5. Tell Them You Love Them
  • 7. Demonstrate your own Self Esteem• Speak positively about ourselves• It’s okay to be proud of their skills and abilities.• Never self-depreciate yourself or hurting your self worth or importance.
  • 8. Positive PraiseGive them honest and positive praise everyday
  • 9. Positive PraiseYou praise them when they• Take a right action.• Show a positive and good attitude.• Put in great effort though the end result may not be as well as you’ve expected.
  • 10. Positive PraiseHow to praise the child• Keep eye contact, use other body language• Tell the exact behavior or action worthy of praises• Don’t criticize immediately after your praises
  • 11. Communicate OpenlyWhen they’re angry, sad or depressed…..1. Listen intently2. Demonstrate patience and understanding3. No judging or laughing at them
  • 12. “ Engineer” SuccessesDesign achievable project goals:2. Setting realistic expectations and standards.3. Identify necessary traits and skills4. Encourage teamwork (siblings)5. Praise task completed during the project (process) instead of only at the end (results).
  • 13. Say “I love You”1. Say “I love you” each and every day, as many times throughout the day.2. Dislike the misbehavior; love the child
  • 14. Make A Differencein Your ChildsLife……….Build Self Esteem and Confidence
  • 15. Thank you for watchingIf you’d like to know more about this matters, please visit my or you can subscribe via RSSor Twitter from my WebBlog