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    Faisa l  making job description hrm (kelompok 10) Faisa l making job description hrm (kelompok 10) Document Transcript

    • 1. EXECUTIVE CHEF The executive chef, also known as the executive chef or chef manager, is the person in charge of the kitchen. Everything that goes out of the kitchen is the responsibility of the executive chef in the eyes of the employer; therefore, it is essential for the person with this job to be able to maintain complete control of the kitchen at all times and to command the respect of his or her kitchen staff.Job Description - Executive chefs are found in a wide variety of work settings, from tiny restaurant kitchens staffed by a handful of chefs to large industrial kitchens staffed by a large number of chefs, culinary assistants, and apprentices. In all work settings, however, an executive chef must be able to spot problems and resolve them quickly and efficiently, maintain a level head, and delegate many kitchen tasks simultaneously. - An executive chef is also charged with maximizing the productivity of the kitchen staff, as well as managing the sous chef and chef de partie, whom are directly below them in the chef’s chain of command. - Maintaining impeccable personal hygiene as well as high work and safety standards in the workplace is incredibly important for all chefs, and the executive chef is expected to set an example for the chefs below him or her. An executive chef will have worked their way up the kitchen hierarchy in many different chef roles before assuming this particular chef title. Duties and Responsibilities - An executive chef has a huge range of duties and responsibilities within the kitchen. The most important of these is to ensure that quality culinary dishes are served on schedule and to see that any problems that arise are rectified. As such, the executive chef is responsible for approving all prepared food items that leave his or her kitchen. - When the restaurant is not occupied with actively serving patrons, as in between meal times, the executive chef is expected to modify and create new menus as needed so that they remain effective for the purposes for the restaurant or other establishment. The executive chef may also be called upon to use this time to create a wide variety of new dishes for his or her kitchen. In addition, the head chef also performs many administrative duties, including ordering supplies and reporting to the head of the establishment.2. SOUS CHEF A Sous Chef is second in command after the Executive Chef in a professional kitchen. This means he or she answers to the chef, but also has some authority over the other kitchen staff. Many of the terms that relate to cooking and cuisine in a professional setting are French. Sous is French for under, so you can see how the sous chef would work directly under the leader of the kitchen.Job Description
    • - If the Chef is unavailable or off for the night, the sous chef is in command, and the kitchen staff is expected to offer the same respect to him or her as they would to the boss. Oftentimes, a Sous Chef will work in the role for several years with the goal to move on to become an Executive Chef. In this way, the role is considered practical training for career growth. - It’s important that a sous chef be intimately familiar with all the activities of the kitchen and be prepared to do them in a pinch. He or she will prepare and cook food, and know all styles of cooking done in that kitchen, including such skills as French, Italian, and Fusion cooking. The Sous Chef is also responsible for overseeing the kitchen staff, which may involve scheduling or dealing with personnel conflict. Duties and Responsibilities - The Sous Chef of a kitchen will also make sure that the food a restaurant or commercial kitchen is using is of top quality, and that staff are being mindful of the cost standards that come with the food. For instance, if a steak costs $10 per 8 ounce serving, it is important that staff do not serve 12 ounces, costing the restaurant in oversight. - As assistant to the Executive Chef, the Sous Chef will help with menu planning, inventory, and managing of supplies. He or she may also aid in making sure the kitchen is up to safety standards, and that staff are obeying sanitation rules. - Being a Sous Chef is not an easy job. During mealtimes, it’s important for them to be quick on their feet and be able to make smart decisions instantly. They often work for long hours with little of the overall credit, but creativity will be the element that helps him or her shine on the way to becoming chef. -3. CDP (Chef de Partie) A chef de partie is responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen. This type of chef usually manages a small team of workers, which they are responsible for keeping organized so that meals go out on time and the work area remains clean and orderly. However, in smaller kitchens a chef de partie may work independently as the only person in their section. Also known as a line cook or station chef, the chef de partie has a very important role in any kitchen. The person in this station chef is third in command, with the head chef being first in command the sous chef being second in command.Job Description - A chef de partie job is not an entry-level position, and is obtainable only after a chef has gained considerable experience working in kitchen at a lower level. This is an important job in any kitchen that comes with a lot of independence. - A chef de partie is responsible for all culinary dishes that are prepared in their section. Because of this, a successful chef de partie must be very knowledgeable about his or her speciality, as well as culinary functions in general. A person in this role must also be very organized and comfortable working in a high-pressure environment. A chef de partie must also be able to give
    • orders within their section, as well as reliably carry out orders handed down to them by the sous chef and head chef. Duties and Responsibilities - A chef de partie’s primary role is to oversee the preparation, cooking, and presentation of meals in a restaurant. Duties associated with this role including directing chefs in their section in preparing, cooking, and presenting culinary dishes; enforcing strict health and hygiene standards in the kitchen; and trouble-shooting any problems that may arise.4. FIRST COOK Under the general guidance and supervision of the Executive Sous Chef, and within the limits of established Corporate Policies, Procedures and Food and Beverage Manual, responsible for assisting Chef de Partie in preparing, cooking and presenting food production of assigned section.Job Description - Report directly to the Chef de Partie. - Interacts and cooperates in coordinating function with all Kitchen section and staff, other food and beverage outlets and staff, storeroom, and other department as required or requested. Duties and Responsibilities - Assists participates and supervises the day-to-day function and activities of cooks, facilities and food production in assigned section and ensure that the standard performance are implemented and maintained according to the designated task. - Provides an overall high quality level of food production consistently. - Performs all mise-en-place work required appropriately, completely, efficiently and ensures that all equipment and areas of responsibilities are clean, neat, sanitize and presentable. - Conducts duties close supervisor of Chef de Partie in preparing, cooking, presenting food items according to recipe, in assigned section and maintain timing are adhered to designated procedures, regulations to ensure the hotels and guests requirement are met.- Complies with and ensures that the hotels :a.Health, Safety arb.House Rules and Regulations.c.Grooming and Appearance Standards are observed.d.Hygiene Policy.- Ensures punctual attendance and adheres to duty schedules as directed, by the Sous Chef orChef Partie.- Informs, notifies Chef de Partie and colleagues of special request and or other related matter.- Attends and participates formal training held by manpower or Kitchen in regard to the expectedfood quality standard production and future career development.
    • - Practices Basic Skills of Guest Courtesy as appropriate. - Maintain an effective working atmosphere in section assigned by means of good communication and cooperation system between Supervisors, colleagues, stewarding. banquet, restaurant and other kitchen section. - Attends and participates to regular kitchen meeting and/or briefings. - Routinely checks and identifies assigned section needs for maintenance work order, relays same to Chef de Partie and ensures the accomplishment are proper.- Conducts all administrative work required, including but not limited to :a.Attendance Record.b.Duty Roster.- Ensures, maintains and controls a complete arrangement and replenishment of buffet functions.- Performs related duties and special projects as assigned.5. SECOND COOK This is supervisory and skilled cooking work involving the preparation of a variety of complex foods for the dining halls, snack bars, restaurants, banquets, and/or catering events or (for various service areas) which is better. Cook II is distinguished from the Cook I in that the Cook II prepares a wide range of entrees using many different methods and supervises others. Work involves the supervision of and participation in preparation of foods in accordance with generally prescribed standards. Assignments are received in the form of menus and through conferences with a food service supervisor, but an employee has considerable independence in actual food preparation. All work is checked by observation of the results obtained, and by analysis of the costs incurred.Job Description - May cook various foods for the banquet area with emphasis on entrees and side vegetables and casseroles. - May cook for catered events - May supervise and participate in the work of preparing a large volume of meats, vegetables, and other foods - May consult with supervisor to determine best methods of preparation for individual food items - May assist in planning menus and in devising means of using left-over foods - May relieve cooks as needed - May prepare special menus - May inspect refrigerators and the work of other cooks to prevent food waste - May supervise the cleaning for kitchen, storeroom, and refrigerators - May perform related work as required. • EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE Completion of the eighth school grade, supplemented by completion of a vocational training course in food preparation and service; and considerable experience in large-scale institutional or
    • commercial cooking, including some supervisory experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience. • KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES - Thorough knowledge of the materials, methods, and equipment used in preparing food on a large scale - Considerable knowledge of health hazards in food preparation and service, and of necessary precautionary measures - Considerable knowledge of a large variety of food recipes - Considerable knowledge of food values, menu planning, and uses for left-over food - Some knowledge of effective supervisory methods and techniques - Ability to work from written menus and standard recipes - Ability to plan, lay out, and assign work to a staff of skilled and unskilled kitchen workers in a manner conductive to full performance and high morale - Ability to take inventory and keep records of foodstuffs used - Ability to give significant assistance in planning menus, devising ways of using left-over foods, and determining quantities of foodstuffs required in preparing banquets and regular meals - Ability to work long hours while standing6. COOK HELPER Cooks helpers work alongside the cook and kitchen staff in hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, cafeterias or anywhere food is prepared and served. The helper is expected to have a general knowledge of kitchen sanitation, as well as food preparation methods. Duties include preparing food for guests, ordering food, cleaning kitchen equipment, training new employees, and learning and executing new recipes. If the helper works in a larger cooking facility, the duties may increase and include assisting servers with food distribution. Job Description • Food Preparation A cooks helper prepares the food for the cooks. He washes, peels, and cuts fruit and vegetables, as well as marinates and portions meats. The cooks helper is responsible for expediting the cooking process and preparing the food according to the menu. Additionally, he must measure sauces and dressings into pre-portioned containers for servers. • Cleaning Cleaning is one of the cooks helpers major responsibilities. All equipment and appliances are sanitized daily, trash is removed and kitchen garbage containers are cleaned. The cooks helper oversees the maintenance of kitchen work areas and notifies the cook if appliances are broken. It is also the helpers responsibility to identify any health hazards in the kitchen and report accordingly to the cook. • Ordering
    • Inventory management falls under the responsibility of the cooks helper. Working directly with the cook, he is in charge of ordering food and tracking food orders, as well as checking the products for freshness when the order truck arrives. The helper then assists with stocking the food items. • Training The cooks helper trains new staff. Training includes proper food preparation techniques, menu knowledge and kitchen operations. Trainees are educated on company expectations for all kitchen procedures, including health regulations and sanitation guidelines. The kitchen helper then notifies the cook when the trainee is prepared for kitchen work.7. KITCHEN ADMINISTRATION Job Description You will work alongside the Executive Chef / Head Chefs and with the front line staff, performing admin function in a kitchen to admin back end paperwork. Duties and Responsibilities • Temperature controls • Purchasing / inventory / receiving / stocktaking • Daily shift paperwork • All other duties as assigned by the Executive Chef / Head Chefs • Provide Admin support to kitchen team • Ensure daily, weekly, monthly routines and deadlines met • Ensure completion off all admin tasks in line with company policies & procedures.