Don't Fear Change, Let Change Fear You


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My invited talk at ITREND2011

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Don't Fear Change, Let Change Fear You

  1. 1. Don’t Fear Change,Let Change Fear You by Zsolt Fabók November 17, 2011
  2. 2. What do you think was the biggestdevelopment budget I’ve seen spent on aproject where the result was never used?
  3. 3. It was more than576 000 EUR! (in 6 month)
  4. 4. Project’s vision Business needsThen al ue v eNow n o or as ym H n a
  5. 5. They follow different paths e ss in bus je ct p ro
  6. 6. My definition of change:“The effort an organisationhas to make in order to pull up tothe actual business needs”
  7. 7. The size of the change isdetermined by two factors: ss ti on change ine ec u s d ir b speed je ct p ro
  8. 8. The first thing to identify in orderto find the right direction, is yourreal customer!
  9. 9. Walmart lost millions of dollarsbecause it followed the feedback of thewrong customers
  10. 10. See how the customer uses the product
  11. 11. After spending 2 days with thecustomer my former colleague foundout that 87.5 % of our featureswere not used
  12. 12. Google analyticheatmap s for web /apps A/B testing
  13. 13. My friend whose app has over 250kdownloads at android market does notwaste even 1% on features, nobodyinterested in, and has >4.5 overall ratings
  14. 14. Now we knowwhere to go,let’s speed up!
  15. 15. Kanban provides the system, so that he’llreach his target faster (way of working)
  16. 16. Thanks to Kanban, I know exactly what happensin the organisation: 3 1 2 Queue Development Verification Live Deployment Ongoing Done Ongoing Done G D C B A E H I F lead time
  17. 17. ...and I can also see when we are slowing down. lead time (in days)86420week 3 week 4 week 5 week 5 week 6
  18. 18. eXtreme Programming provides the certaintyso that these nice baskets won’t fall down while speeding up Testing and fast feedback
  19. 19. As a result of 6 month long smallinvestment, we can now find outthe effect of any kind of change inour system in 7 minutes
  20. 20. Pair programming really pays off: Defects introduced in 3 months with my old teamsolo programmingpair programming 0 10 20 30 40
  21. 21. If you know your customer, and youalready have started to implementKanban and eXtremeProgramming, then you can rest,don’t worry about changes ;-)
  22. 22. http://zsoltfabok.comThank you verymuch for attention!
  23. 23. References (where available) of the used images: • treasure map: • google analytics: analytics-stats-that-can-help-improve-your-blog/ • A/B testing: victorias-secret • Cycling man: loaded-up-bicycles/ •TDD cycle: